Rob Bell

If you’ve ever read Rob Bell,

then you know,

that this is how he writes.

His sentences are like shotgun blasts,

because whole paragraphs

are for old people.

But regardless of that,

we love his books,

and find them interesting

and challenging.

Read Velvet Elvis.

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  1. Mya says

    So with all this new controversy, is this post going to have to change to Stuff Christians Don’t Like Anymore. lol

  2. s.e. coleman says

    “we love his books” , I think not!! The latest, denying the existence of HELL!! I would say who buys this idea is following another “jesus” and not a “christian” at all. IS that what itchy ears want to hear?? HE IS A FALSE teacher!!

    • Devon H. says

      Just to be clear, he never denies the existence of hell. In fact, he acknowledges its existence as eternal separation from God. I’m telling you this simply because I know it means you haven’t read the book and are therefore judging it unfairly.

  3. c. says

    I’d heard the buzz about Rob Bell, and developed a great deal of respect for him based on his videos and what I’ve heard on the Slacktivist site. But I’m very disappointed to read this. Non-mainstream readings of the Bible? Deeply fascinating and informative. A system of faith that emphasizes love over fear? Appealing and refreshing. Using carriage returns to evoke depth? THAT’S blasphemy.

  4. L says

    What a waste of paper, with all that extra space! Paragraphs are much more eco-friendly! 😉

  5. Agarman says

    I just finished reading your book (that I accidentally stumbled upon on my kindle) and I am happily reading everything you have written. I am also trying to get my family on board, but I’m not sure if they “got” your post on five questions for the Noah movie. No worries, I’ll keep trying with the blurred lines parody, that’s what good Mennonites love–perseverance