Creating the holiest church logo possible. A how to guide.

Everyone knows that if you have the letter “t” in your church name/logo, it better be spelled out in the shape of a cross. I know through Christ we are free from the law, but the “t law” is still in effect. If you refuse to adhere to that, a team of Christian graphic designers come to your church and confiscate your copy of Photoshop and Illustrator and take all your fonts except for Comic Sans.

But what about the other symbols of faith? If you wanted to create the ultimate, super holiest Church logo, what would it include? And how would you judge it? If only there were a …

Stuff Christians Like Church Logo Holiness Guide:

1. You have a sun rising over a horizon, possibly spreading light through the “O” in the name of your church = + 3 points

2. A dove is flying gracefully through your logo = +1 point

3. A dove is flying gracefully through your logo with an olive branch in its mouth = +2 points

4. A dove is flying gracefully through your logo with an olive branch in its mouth and a “Jesus loves you” tattoo on one of its wings = +3 points

5. A swirl of flame is erupting somewhere on your logo = +1 point

6. There is an open Bible in your logo = +1 point

7. There is an open Bible in your logo and in tiny print you can actually see the words to John 3:16 on the page. = +2 points

8. A lion and a lamb are hanging out together on your logo = +1 point

9. A lion and a lamb are playing Frisbee golf together on your logo = +2 points

10. Crown of thorns = +2 points

11. Bedazzled crown befitting the King of Kings = +2 points

12. A worship eagle is high fiving a dove mid air = +5 points

13. There is a cluster of grapes or collection of wheat = +3 points

14. There is a chalice on the logo = +1 point

15. The chalice is encrusted with bling better suited to lil Jon, not Sweet Baby Jesus = – 3 points.

16. A big blue globe is floating somewhere in the background = +1 point

17. The scene were Elisha calls the bears down on some teenagers is somehow worked into your logo = +10 points

18. Ichthus or Jesus Fish is present = + 2 points for each

19. Instead of the letter A, you used an Icthus that kind of looks like it is walking on its tail in your church name = +3 points

The church I attend got a 0 which clearly concerns me. I think God said, “where at least two Christian symbols are gathered in a logo, there also will I be.” That’s not an exact translation but I’m pretty sure that’s in the Bible. I’ll have to counterbalance their low scoring logo by making the Stuff Christians Like logo jam packed with Christian goodness. Both “t’s” will be crosses. The “f’s” will actually be shepherd crooks. And the C will be the open mouth of a bear from the Elisha story. It’s all coming together, it’s all coming together now.

How did your church score?

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  1. Andy Rennie says

    My church also got a 0… Eep! Maybe I should change churches! Although our logo is the same sort of font as Hillsong which surely gains some sort of points?

  2. Thursday says

    I was wondering about this a few weeks ago: what do Christians do with their logos in places where the written language doesn’t have t’s?

  3. Ed says

    You stopped at 19. I think you forgot the +5 points for:

    15. There is a chalice on the logo filled with skittles = +5 point

    That would round it out to a nice twenty, which everyone knows is a much holier number than 19. Twenty is half of forty which is one of the most holy numbers in the bible.

  4. Nick and Rosemary Cady says

    Our church got a 3 – but with a few minor modifications we could easily be pushing 10 in no time!

  5. vanityofvanities says

    Mine scored a painful zero. I’m going to a membership class tonight, though, so I’ll definitely bring a printout of the list with the bear thing starred and highlighted.

  6. Prodigal Jon says

    Ed -
    Well played. 19 is an awkward number and I have to confess I did not see the “half holy 40 idea.” Brilliant

  7. Nick the Geek says

    Our church scored a zero, but not because we are super hip cutting edge … we just don’t have a logo, but I’m working on it.

    I”m thinking a flaming dove settling onto a cross with a sun rising in the horizon over a river of life flowing from a throne with a lamb and crown on it … how many points is that worth?

  8. laurelaggie says

    My church got a “0”, too. That’s OK, I like the logo and its different than other churches so it stands out anyway.

  9. katdish says

    Our church scored a big, fat goose egg. However, the “o” in our church name, Convergence, doubles as the head of our mascot “Zeke”, and that “o” represents our love of God. For me, obscure references al la Dennis Miller are the way to go…

    And could someone please explain to me how you insert links within a comment? I don’t get it.

  10. mistymorningmountain says

    Despite constant and continual efforts to convince the powers that be to incorporate a 2 Kings, Elisha/bear reference into our logo, or at the very least a giant mural in the youth dept. depicting same, my efforts have to date been unsuccessful.

  11. martdy says

    My church just uses a worship eagle which doesn’t score any points, which is just a shame. Here are some I found which score big time:

    Example 1
    dove with olive branch – 2 points
    globe – 1 point
    jesus fish – 2 points
    human hands double high fiving a dove – how many points for that?? I think at least 5.
    I make that 10 points.

    Example 2
    dove with olive branch (I think) – 2 points
    big globe – 1 point
    open bible – 1 point
    jesus fish x14 – 28 points
    I make that 32 points!

    Example 3
    No score. But they deserve some points for creating a logo that looks like a headless yeti.

    • Shari Ann says

      Oh my word…that last one DOES look like a headless yeti. And this one… …my mother used to say “The key to creating art is knowing when to stop. Sometimes more is just more.” That logo is so “more” it’s disturbing. Someone really needs to back away from the graphic art software.

  12. Beth says

    Aw, snap. We used to have a globe…but we changed the logo. That gets us a big fat goose egg. BUT, I was told our new logo was modeled after a chicken restaurant in the south…our pastor is from Louisiana and came to Indiana to plant the church. I don’t even know the name of the restaurant. I only wish it was Chik-Fil-A because that would have to be worth 1,000 points. If anyone wants to look at the website and tell me which restaurant it is, I will owe you gratitute and a big bag o’ Skittles.
    Katdish, I’m with you. I can’t do links..argh.

    • Leila says

      Raising Cane's chicken fingers in Baton Rouge.
      Which in turn is named after the owner's dog – Raising Cane.

  13. Mella DP says

    I went back over the last four churches I’ve attended (I’m not one of those church hoppin’ heathen, I just move a lot) and every single one of them scored zero. But now I’m tempted to do a drive-by church-scoring tour of my town.

  14. €urtis Honeycutt says

    My church actually made a cross inside an uppercase “G”…which stands for Grace…

    …but everyone knows the only true big G is God. He’s the original big G.

    (This comment has been brought to you by the letter G.)

  15. Kristan says

    To Beth,
    Your Pastor is cool — that logo is from Raising Cane’s. The only thing you can get there is chicken fingers, fries and toast — and delicious sweet tea.
    Check out the web site at Oh, and so you know, that’s a euphemism down here for starting trouble.
    What’s your pastor’s name? Which church did he come from?
    Kristan — in Louisiana

  16. Beth says

    Curtis and Kristan,

    Thanks!! I will send you BOTH skittles if you email me an address. I promise not to TP your yard. And yes, our pastor is rather cool. He’d have to be, coming from a church named Eagle Heights….

  17. Bill says

    My church scores a zero as well. What is Christianity coming to!

    Did anyone think of what points the picture of Jesus gets, especially the Jesus looking like Charles Manson without the swastikas?

  18. Jude says

    Can’t we get the gimme point for following the “t law”? Also, if I could get a point for having worshipful looking stick people in the logo, we’d be up to 2. Please?

  19. My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving says

    We get a zero as well. But we have a star– can we get points if we pretend it is the star of Bethlehem?

  20. Rosie de Riveter says

    We follow the T law. We get 1 point for the flame. We also get 40 bonus points because our logo points out that we’re

    aCross from the park

    Location, baby. It’s all about location.

  21. Richard says

    Well, see, you never gave a point value for a cross in the logo. Without a point value for that, we have 0, but we have a stinkin huge cross in our logo, so I think that gets us at least 5.

  22. Paul says

    Out of place comment here, I’m just catching up after a few days out of town. A fair number of folks have commented recently about missing 97 Seconds With God. Perhaps you might consider asking readers for appropriate submissions. Never know what we might come up with. You might end up with some postable content.

  23. T and T Livesay says

    Laughing out loud … mostly at this:
    “where at least two Christian symbols are gathered in a logo, there also will I be”

    We go to “Port au Prince Fellowship” and we have no signage and no bulletins and no logo … we use a building that belongs to a school and we also scored the big Zero. Sad. I am going to see what we can do about getting a lion and a lamb painted somewhere on the truck that the Pastor drives … he carries half the congregation to church in the back so that would serve as excellent promotion of the church.

  24. Lisa Law says

    Our church just got a new logo, so you should have posted this sooner. We scored 1…for having an open Bible. My (pastor) husband shot down the idea of adding text to the page…alas, that could have scored us 2 more points if we used John 3:16.

  25. Melina Hunt says

    before our church decided to become more culturally relevant, our logo had a cross for a T. it’s still on the sides of most of our vans and trailers, though.

    that being said, we scored 0. i know the people in charge of design and stuff though, so maybe i can work something out..

  26. johngf says

    we just piggy back our denomination’s burning bush (and the bush is still living :O , with latin under it, too)

  27. John says

    I just launched this website: (shameless plug), and hopefully can steer some of the Body away from mundane design. I worked in secular ad agencies for quite awhile and want to build up my Christian portfolio, so if you have a poor logo you want improved, click on the contact page and send me an e-mail.

  28. zanne says


    we DO have the cross-T. we have fruit–but it's pear & plum, no grapes, no wheat. no holy birdlife. no marine life. no mammals that start with L. no flames. and no, no bible, either.

    holy cow.

    oh–no, not that one either.


  29. Murph says

    I’m thinking you should get at least a couple points for the use of papyrus, which is obviously Jesus’ favorite font.

  30. thedomesticfringe says

    ok, this post cracked me up! Thanks for the laugh. I think my church needs a few lessons in logos…maybe I’ll refer them to you blog.

  31. JennyM says

    I go to Saint Peter’s Baptistolic Basilica of Holy Watered Down Dove and Lamb Stew..ards of the Celebrated Ichthusian Community Way Cathedral.

    We don’t do logos. We can barely afford the sign out front of our live year long manger scene and 10 Commandments theme park.

  32. Polartribe says

    Ok – so today I stumbled across your blog via a link on Collide Magazine’s site – and the quip about Elisha’s mauling bears caught my attention – then, not an hour later, one of the articles on had a headline that reads “Survivor’s tale –
    Teen mauled by bear: ‘Mostly it was scared'” – the timing was brillant.

  33. Beth says

    Ooooo….jennym….where is that 10 Commandments theme park? I want to know what the “Do not commit adultry” ride is!

  34. Jen S. says

    Our church has a globe, but it’s not blue. Does that count?

    Brandon at 8:39 am…I love your 44 point logo; it’s breathtaking. It totally reminds me of those emails that grandmas like to send that have an encouraging note or verse, accompanied by about 36 random pictures of Jesus, or as I like to call them, “RPOJs.” Put a few more RPOJs in your logo and it’ll be perfect.

  35. Amanda J. says

    Hmmmm, my home church logo is 3 crosses, with the middle one being the biggest i.e. most important, so 9 points, right?
    College church is a cross that wraps around a blue sphere (which could be a globe *cough*) So more points! Hurray, we’re holy!

    By the way, I just spent and hour reading these comments. My day is now happy :)

  36. Jake says

    Speaking of the worship eagle, were you responsible for the one outside at the beginning of Catalyst? If not, you could sue.

  37. Patrick says

    I forwarded this to our church secretary – she laughed till she cried.

    She was particularly horrified by the idea of only having the comic sans font to work with.

  38. ashleyp says

    My church has a sun rising (ok, could be setting, but I’m going with rising) behind two mountains with a stream (dare I say River of Life as Nick the Geek mentioned?) flowing in between, so although it counts for 3 points as #1, I’m thinking the ROL makes it worth more like 5 at least.

    Also–driving to church yesterday I saw business named “Razzle Dazzle”! I laughed so hard when I saw that! :)

  39. Candace Jean July 16 says

    I think I got some points!!! Elisha points!! We have only 33 youths on the road in our logo, so I’m sure the bears musta got the rest. Did I win??? Did I win???

    And a cross made from three spikes should count for something!

  40. Anonymous says

    My church got a 0. But that’s not a shock. The guy who I think designed our logo is really anti-cliche so there’s no way he would have turned the T into a cross.

  41. SouthAsiaRocks says

    You forgot the “window/stained-glass window” logo… or just the “big cross in the background” logo… or the “three crosses on a hill” logo :)

  42. Salar says

    Dove with olive branch +2
    Blue globe +1
    including continents(got to be worth another +1)
    Scripture(Jesus is the Way, John 14:6) larger than actual church name = priceless

  43. Brenda says

    Oooh, I’m excited….. my church has a sun rising over a horizon, but there is no spreading light. So, I suppose I can’t claim the entire 3 points but what about 2 points?

  44. GramCrackers says

    My church got a big fat 0! And I am not at all surprised, which ought to bother me, but I was just happy we didn’t end up with a negative score. Is there any way we could work “Booty, God, Booty” into the two Bs in “Bible”?

    Sorry if I’ve repeated anyone’s comments. I don’t have time to read them right now because I am supposed to be working (at the aforementiond church, no less!)

  45. Stretch Mark Mama says

    I wanna go to a church where the logo is a Talking Donkey. But only if the tag line is equally as catchy.

  46. Sayward says

    Man! You totally nailed me. I’ve fell victim to the first rule…the “cross t’s”! I REALLY enjoy your blog! Thanks for helping me through my day.

  47. Andrew says

    A friend of mine turned me on to this blog a few weeks ago and I’ve been laughing ever since. My best experience thus far was when I finished reading this post and within minutes received an email from a client asking for us to put a cross/T in one of their graphics – I have a great relationship with them so I sent them this post.

  48. eicher says

    I’m sorry, but you’ve forgotten one of the most holy traditions in the realm of church logos. None other than the gratuitous Church Steeple iconography! I mean.. c’mon people, how else will they know it’s a church if we don’t show the steeple??!?!!

  49. Robert Lewis + says

    We do not have any of those in your list, but we do have a Lutheran Rose in our logo – how many points is that worth?

  50. Scott Gould says

    This is sooo true!

    I run a Church Media company and the number of clients who INSIST on having “t law” is unbelievable.

    No matter how much I try to explain branding, they don’t get it!

  51. Cush says

    Oh that is hilarious – and a tad tragic.

    thankfully we score zero, but boy its funny. Surely surely that doesn’t still exist????

  52. Church of the Shepherd says

    I’m sure glad I came across this blog to set me straight. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve been holding my church back from the “t law.” I’ve actually sat in several creative meetings where someone has said, “I know! Let’s make the “t” into a cross!” And, forgive me, I resisted! No skittles for me. :-(

  53. retsof says

    Beat THIS one I found out on the web, you gutless logo designers!!
    Hint: It’s from Ambassadors of the Flame of Mercy Ministries
    You won’t let me show it…even more spineless. I’ll go back to be a Seventh Day Agnostic for that.
    A F M crest

  54. retsof says

    Another local church has a butterfly sitting on a cross. I’d like to convince them to change it to a pupae hanging from one of the arms….more permanent, don’t you think?

  55. Benja says

    I was laughing at this really hard until you mocked the crown of thorns. i’m sure it was all in good fun, but please respect the Cross that saved my life.

  56. Jonathan Ferguson says

    Official Score of the youth Group Logo – 1 point. Our logo is just a three color flame with the word Ignite in front of it. The font is called Illegal Edding, and looks like Graffiti. Of course, our graphics guy did change the t into a cross…

  57. says

    Personally, I think churches should revamp their church logo design to come up with something modern yet at the same time being able to reflect some of the fundamentals of the church belief (ie, the ‘t’ of the cross somewhere or other symbols that Christianity is easily identified with). It’s always advisable to have the church logo designed by a professional logo design company that is able to provide copyright and trademark services along with a 100% guarantee for work done. Besides, a worker deserves his wages and it pays to have a proper logo created.

  58. says

    When I was a kid, I was in a black metal band and the “t” was an inverted cross. Our band logo was way cooler than my modern church logo.. Sigh’

  59. says

    My church got a 0! LOL….. our Logo is a big “C” for Celebration Church! LOL… I even thought I was going to to look to the children’s ministry or the youth… NOPE…. 0’s all around hahahahahahah

  60. Jennifer Grealish says

    I go to The Bridge Bible Church and this may blow your minds but the cross is actually made out of the “d” extra credit??

  61. says

    Could we get The Sketch Effect or Wes Molebash or someone to draw an epic church logo that incorporates as many of these elements as possible?

  62. Johanna says

    Our church logo should get some kind of bonus points for have used a font and color scheme similar enough to the Starbucks logo to have attracted 4 sleepyheads for a cup of morning java one Sunday. They wandered in to our 2nd floor storefront, craning their necks and inspecting the place intently. The pastor greeted them and they asked, rather stupefied, “Where’s the coffee?” so he graciously showed them the welcome area. Serving themselves, they exclaimed, “This is the weirdest Starbucks we’ve ever seen…”
    “Starbucks?” asked pastor.
    “Yeah. Isn’t this a Starbucks? We saw the sign out front!” [there is no Starbucks in this entire county ]I don’t know how the rest of the conversation went, but one of them went back out to the foyer to reinspect the misleading “Starbucks” sign which clearly says “The Message Church”, albeit in green letters.
    For whatever reason, the befuddled visitors did not stay for the entire service and declined to fill out our visitor information cards.
    True Story!!

    • Jo Fick says

      Our latest campus intentionally connected a coffee shop to it, that is always open. Come for the coffee, stay for the service. Or…just get a decaf chocolate mocha latte. And one of the reasons they did that; there are no coffee shops anywhere near there!

  63. Kris says

    I guess my church got a ‘0’. The title of the church itself is just…letters. No extras. There’ a box next to it though, with a path leading to a cross. That has to count for something…

  64. Jason says

    Logos are important. It’s in the bible.

    In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God.

  65. Jo Fick says

    Our church scored a zero as well. Which is why I was forced to go the tattoo route, and now have a scripture quote on my right foot, the proverbial dove with an olive branch (in color!) on my right shoulder, and a small cross on the inside of my right wrist. Next up will be a tattoo of an anchor above my left ankle. But! You should see our stage setup! Flowing curtains, multi colored backlights, misty smoke. Our prop area takes up the basement of an enormous building.

  66. Lara says

    The worship eagle high-fiving the dove mid air should be worth at least as much as Elisha calling down bears!!
    And my church scored 0.

  67. Tiffany says

    Yep that’s a big fat “0” for us too. We have a circle with an arrow point up to heaven. But just the triangular part. We do have our own font though. Does that count for something?

  68. Maddy says

    My church got – 3. I’ll talk to someone about getting the bling better suited to lil Jon, not Sweet Baby Jesus removed.

  69. Layne says

    That’s really offensive. The proper term is “disc golf.” Frisbee golf is a pejorative term used by ignorant racists.

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