Christmas Month – Let's hear some ideas.

It’s Christmas time in Hollis, Queens, mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens. And Alpharetta, Georgia too, but that RUN DMC line just wouldn’t have sounded the same with my own location thrown in.

Let’s talk holidays. Let’s throw around fun ideas like hating on the word “x-mas” and preschool Christmas plays where Clifford the big red dog gets saved at the end and gifts and all things merriment. Out of more than 445 posts, only a few have been dedicated to Christmas. We’ve got a gold mine of awesomeness to tap into. I re-posted the love letter to the crock pot to help you get started, because this is the season o’ crock pottery.

What Christmas ideas do you think should be celebrated on Stuff Christians Like this month?

P.S. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are funny and insightful and generous with your words.

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  1. sunnyhoney246 says

    My church at home always attempted to have the most random animals at the Christmas Eve service, as though seeing a zebra outside the sanctuary would somehow remind visitors of their overwhelming need for salvation. One particularly good memory I have of this is watching 5 of the respectable church elders chase a rebellious rooster around the parking lot for 45 minutes before they finally caught him and hastily put him back in the cage, looking around furtively to see if anyone had seen their nearly unsuccessful pursuit.

    Oh Christmas petting zoos…

  2. Anonymous says

    Holiday (Christmas cards) along with everyone has written about decorating them and having the picture perfect card- the fact that it seems now a days you have to include a 5 pg. single spaced letter on everything your family has done in the past year… on half the time you get the cards from people you haven’t spoken to in years. This always makes me laugh. You then throw there old picture away and put up the new one, just in case they were to ever come over (eventhough you haven’t seen them in years) or another friend comes over and said- didn’t you get that card from so and so? wasn’t it beautiful- wait where is the picture?

  3. Anonymous says

    how about those aweful food baskets you get from people in the office or other random people that cost 50-60 dollars and are filled with weird cheeses, meats and jellies… and you think to yourself, “what am I going to do with this.. my dog won’t even get near it”
    ha makes me laugh everytime

  4. scott b says

    us christians REALLY need a new slogan besides “jesus is the reason for the season.” we’ve truly worn it out, but is there any hope that another bumper sticker phrase could replace it? i’d like to know!

  5. JennyM says

    I loathe all the “shepherds wear dishtowels” and “Mary was 9 years old” crappy church pageants. For pete’s sake, but some brown fabric, try to look authentic. The shepherds probably didn’t have cute little cows saying “eat chicken” wrapped around their heads.

    And darnit, why CAN’T we encourage that wayward pregnant teenage girl and give HER the Big Part??? Huh? And a hottie young Joseph?? You never know…it might lead to a nice relationship after the play is over?

    What? Like no one has a pregnant teenage girl at their church they want to put on stage??? Come ON!! She’d just LOVE having hundreds of peole whispering about her on Christmas Eve!! Maybe the hottie Joseph guy can sing Christmas Shoes to her while she weeps authentic looking tears and silently curses herself for agreeing to this stupid idea.

    So. I’m wondering now how many people will read this and think I am serious?

  6. Dustin says

    Live animals in a nativity scene, sans poop. We love that stuff. We love feeling like we were “really there” at the nativity, except Mary isn’t a teenager, the room doesn’t smell like month-old excrement, and the choirs of angels definitely sounded better than the tone-deaf choir.

  7. Richard says

    Well, don’t know how you would incorporate this into your posts, but what about the churches that are built with Christmas and Easter in mind?

    I played guitar for a pentecostal church of about 500 people, which met in a geodesic dome structure and was therefore called “The Dome” in our small town. It was built with three long steel contraptions connected to the ceiling, coming from the center and from both sides, with small balconies on the sides.

    These contraptions were made specifically for angels to fly during our Christmas and Easter dramas.

    We dressed girls from 6-20 years of age like angels, strapped them to the ceiling on carabeaners from this contraption, and had one or two men use the ropes and pulleys to bring them back and forth with a practiced (yes, there was angel practice) graceful movement.

    If that isn’t a triumph of the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is.

  8. Emily says

    I love Christmas music, but the songs with only children singing… that’s a little much for me. I wouldn’t normally listen to a “Bob the Builder” CD or a children’s choir’s “Best of Barney” or a station that only played little voices singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” all day. What makes Christmas season an exception? The month of December (though magical, I’m sure) cannot suddenly revolutionize music tastes. I’m sure everyone loves children just as much as the next person, but you don’t need to make them your new “holiday-themed” cell phone ring just to prove it to the world. We believe you.

  9. Erin K. says

    I don’t know if this is an idea or not, but it is funny. A few years ago, my husband and I were teaching the kindergarten Sunday school class during December. One little girl “outed” Santa, and I thought we were going to have a five-year-old mob scene. We had asked them a question about what Christmas means to them, and a girl mentioned Santa, which is when the other little girl said, “MY MOM AND DAD SAID THERE IS NO SANTA!” The first girl said, “YES THERE IS!!” and a war of “unh-uh’s” and “yuh-huh’s” erupted from there.

    The whole situation was hilarious, but it was also quite a dilemma – how is a Sunday school teacher supposed to handle a situation like that?? Thankfully, my husband, who is very good at thinking on his feet, somehow got things under control and steered the conversation back to something manageable without having to address whether or not Santa is real.

  10. Anonymous says

    Ok, I don’t know if this has been discussed yet, but Christmas cookies of the sweet baby Jesus. As I was making christmas cookies last night, I noticed the manager scene in cookie cutters and had a debate. If I make baby Jesus as a cookie, will people eat them? Is that sacriligious? Or communion?When I eat a gingerbread man cookie, I like to eat the limbs first but could I dismember the Soveriegn Lord that is a cookie? Why did someone give me this cookie set? Because I am a Pastor’s wife, Does that mean I can’t make Santa cookies and have to make Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus cookies? Oh boy too many questions.

  11. mya-in-ab says

    Ha, these are fun ideas to read for me coming out of our church’s big Christmas production! Definitely we need some debate on how easy it can be to forget why we’ve been slaving away since September- not just about having an awesome time or fulfilling that need to get up and act out in front of a big crowd, but to put on a performance that has a message of hope and love for people to hear at this time of year.

  12. Stretch Mark Mama says

    Hubs and I always talk about how our small country churches used to “go caroling.” Complete with scorching hot (yet watered down) hot chocolate (from a homemade mix!) and cookies back at the church. We’d only go to old folks’ homes, and then have to stand 5 minutes at the door waiting for them to answer. Then we’d squish 20 people in a small, WARM, ummm stinky (sorry! it’s true!) living room — only to annoy them with songs.

    Of course there are always teens in the back who are changing the words to the songs. And getting the evil eye from their moms.

  13. Stretch Mark Mama says

    Also. Christmas pageants. (referring to the olden days, not currently. though i may be wrong about that.)

    Angels with clothes-hanger wings, shepherds with bathrobes.

    My best memory was the year my Dad was in charge of the pageant, and being the “techy” forward-thinking guy that he was — cut a star shape out of black paper and laid that down on an overhead projector to make The Star. I MEAN, IS THAT COOL OR WHAT?

  14. Stretch Mark Mama says

    The singing Christmas tree – OH HELP US ALL.

    “Mary Did You Know” and THE special music song of the month.

    Amy Grant’s “tennessee christmas” album. A CLASSIC.


  15. Elizabeth says

    “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

    Christian radio stations playing secular songs (including, but not limited to “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer”) I assume in an attempt to “hook” people in and then keep them listening in order to play God-glorifying songs.