Debating whether God is a Mac or a PC.


“Do you consider yourself a pastor?”

Someone asked me that once during a Q&A at a conference. That one threw me for a loop and I answered it the best way I knew:

“I consider myself terrified.”

That’s the truth. I don’t know how to do most of this, so these weird moments are a mix of abject fun and slight terror. Like the time I mentioned having struggled with porn in the past to a reporter. You know what the first line of his article was? “In addition to many other problems, Jon struggles with P.” Awesome. Thanks fella. “Many other problems.” Fantastic.

But no one tells you how to do smart interviews. So you do dumb ones and then realize later, that was dumb. And part of the reason this whole thing is so weird is because I’m boldly and bravely tackling such hard issues. Like today’s. I don’t see Mark Driscoll or Rick Warren stepping to the plate on this one. But I am. We are. Today we’re going to settle something that is divisive and critical and currently tearing the church asunder:

Is God Mac or PC?

That is, up in heaven, is he cranking away on a Mac or a PC? Does he love the iPhone or is he currently listening to Michael W. Smith’s greatest hits on a Zune? Does he have a little apple sticker stuck anywhere?

I feel like lists work well on blogs, so let’s break it down list style and weigh all the facts.

1. Macs are beautiful and glimmery white in their design. Christ and God are always represented as the “light of the world.” PCs are often dark. God is definitely a Mac.

2. As soon as you own an iPhone you start to feel a potpourri of pity and shame for anyone who does not own one. Someone whips out a Blackberry and you immediately, smugly think inside, “That poor person. Pushing on physical keys. The horror.” God doesn’t like that arrogance. God is a PC.

3. Apple makes real efforts to improve the planet and recycle their products. God loves that. God is a Mac.

4. Apple is notorious for rejecting apps that people try to put on the iPhone. God doesn’t reject anyone. God is definitely a PC.

5. PCs are often plagued by viruses and crashes. Much like sin, God hates that. God is definitely a Mac.

6. Mac commercials are constantly mocking people who use PCs. God hates mockery. God is definitely a PC.

7. You don’t have to learn a complicated operating system to use a Mac. You turn it on and go. Same with God. Repentance and salvation are not complex systems designed to confuse people. God’s a Mac.

8. PCs are constantly needing to be upgraded and updated with the latest software and operating systems. Just like sanctification. You are constantly changing and being renewed. God’s a PC.

9. Macs take a very holistic approach to computing. There’s iLife and iTunes and iPhone. They all work together seamlessly. Just the way God wants to be integrated into every part of our life. God’s a Mac.

10. Some people treat Apple’s Steve Jobs like he’s God in a mock turtle neck. Turns out God is not cool with that. God’s a PC.

11. Macs are very intuitive. When you want to do something, you don’t look up how to do it, you just do it. With a PC, things are often backwards. When you want to shut down for instance, you have to click “Start.” The Bible is very intuitive too. Proverbs lays out pages of simple wisdom that just makes sense. God is a Mac.

12. Macs are all about outside appearances. They look fantastic. But God cares more about what’s inside. Macs are too vain. God’s a PC.

13. Macs make music easy to enjoy. They’re more artistic and often the choice of graphic designers and photographers. God is a great fan of the arts, as evidence by the colorful sunsets and sunrises he paints each day. God’s a Mac.

14. Macs are really expensive. God’s not. He paid the cost. He paid the debt we owed to him. God’s a PC.

15. The Mac logo, an apple with a bite out of it, is reminiscent of our fall from grace in the garden of Eden and God’s forgiveness of us. God’s a Mac.

16. The Gates Foundation has given millions and millions of dollars to help people around the world. God’s all about generosity. God’s a PC.

17. Apple stores are not designed like traditional retail outlets, but are more like aesthetic sanctuaries. They’re practically consumer churches. God’s a Mac.

18. Mac is constantly teasing us with information. There is a tablet. There’s not a tablet. God, on the other hand, is much more direct with his love and purpose in our lives. God’s a PC.

There’s the list and I’ve got to tell you, I’m stuck. I have a PC desktop and an Apple laptop. I don’t know who to score this one as anything other than a tie. How about you?

Is God a Mac or a PC?

What evidence would you offer to support or deny either decision?

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  1. says

    Oh.MGoodness. That was HILARIOUS. And awesome. And I can't believe you got 9 different arguments for each – that's impressive. Especially for a Monday. But I agree with you on the whole tie thing. I only have a PC but have dreamed of having a Mac, my brother has one and I'm insanely jealous. Wait God doesn't like jealousy right? So he'd be a PC…

    • says

      But surly, Linux is too open to interpretations! It's just waiting for heresy to be created. Mac has it's developer program to keep people 'orthodox' to the Mac philosophy.

      Developers are given rules within which to operate,

      Similarly Scripture gives theologians and preachers limits to what can be believed and what is true

      God is a mac

      • says

        Another misunderstanding of Linux, sure the code is open and accessible, just like God, but there are limits to what can be done. All is permissible but not all is profitable. Moreover, as the technology and understanding grows the things that work are added to the kernel and into the code repository but that which doesn't work is not added, this is the heart of the project.

        • says

          You say that, but YaST failed me when I used openSUSE, and yet still Novell insist upon infecting their version of Linux with it!

          The idea of freely available apps and tools for whoever would ask (Synaptic, for example) does point to God being Linux though ;)

          (Used to be an Ubuntu user here)

    • Liz says

      Yes but one must know code and computer tech stuff to use linux and to fix a pc. God isn't into secret codes that leave people out, therefore God is a Mac

      • says

        I've found that Linux is easier to use than Mac or PC now. You can generally tell it how you want to access and it can present itself as a Mac looking GUI a Windows looking GUI or the standard Linux interface. You don't really need to know code or understand the difference between ext3 and swap anymore either. Ubuntu will even let you pop the CD in and load int the full environment before you install. Very "taste and see that the [OS] is good."

      • says

        Uh, Mac is an operating system not hardware. OS X, Windows, and Linux all run on PCs (Personal Computers). I seriously don't get this Mac vs PC thing – since when is a Mac not a PC?

        • says

          Thanks for the correction. I meant a MAC computer, which in my mind equals an Apple laptop or Apple desktop PC. I'm sure they're generally referred to as MACs, hence the usage.

  2. says

    PC's support a wider variety of peripherals than Mac's do. God is all about people regardless of who they are. God is a PC.

    The new iMac is touted as bring the "all-in-one." God is all (and the three-in-one). God is a Mac.

  3. says

    can't agree with point #12. Macs are NOT all abut outside appearances. Have you forgotten about Mac OS? The "guts"of a Mac are as important as the outside…

    • says

      I agree, the guts are good, but the reason people feel great about opening a Mac up at a coffee shop and showing off that laptop isn't because of the OS. I think of the two, Macs are more about outside appearances.

    • says

      It is all about having all the parts being of the same quality. Their shells now are made of Aluminum, the best shell for a computer to have. It is extremely conductive, and keeps the CPU, GPU, RAM, and HDD all cool. Apple has shown incredible knowledge of how to make a good operating system, and a very good knowledge of parts. I think, though, that God does not need a computer, but if he did he would be a MAC, since he can have both operating systems on there. And he uses Firefox and Google Chrome for his web browsers.

  4. says

    I'm going PC on this one. Mac is too arrogant… and I don't have one. I'd like to think I'm on the same side as God. Plus, God probably looked a little dumpy when He came to earth… more like the PC guy, not hype and cool like the Mac guy.

    -Marshall Jones Jr.

  5. savinggrc says

    Jon, you said: 6. Mac commercials are constantly mocking people who use PCs. God hates mockery. God is definitely a PC, yet God totally mocks people in the Bible (read in the OT), so I’m not sure you can score it on the PC side.

    If you either rescore it or pull it out of running, then Mac wins.

  6. says

    It soooo has to be a tie. But your best argument, IMO, is #2, God doesn't like arrogance. Mac "thinks" it can do anything, but ask one to add more than 2+2 and BIG FAIL! I deal with finances ALL – DAY – LONG and, so far, a Mac cannot keep up and do what we need it to do. We tried. No deal.

    Too bad that Mac and PC are both too hardheaded to get along like good little children, They both have wonderful strengths. What kind of amazing product would come from a joint effort? Nevermind, it would probably just blow up the economy and send us back into the dark ages…

    • says

      I love that second argument. Mac people think too highly of Mac, and they become arrogant and cocky. I use a PC since it is what I own, and I really don't care as long as it works.

      On a side note, Microsoft does every other Windows OS well, 7 should be a hit. Vista was pre-production 7.

      • says

        Ahh, but Christians also think very highly of God!

        And yes, 7 should be a hit. that just means Mac will step up their development a few notches to keep Windows far enough behind them

        • says

          Or so they'll say.

          I wonder what 10 year old technology they'll finally include this time (and pass off as new and exciting).

          Of course, they'll make up for that by having some new fun application bundled with. Whereas in PC land I'll have to hunt down and pay for something similar. :-(

  7. says

    God is a Mac, a PC, and whatever is it that Google comes out with in the future (a Chromey?). Like Paul, He is "all things to all men, so that some may be saved."

  8. says

    Some people think Bill Gates is the anti christ and windows is the mark of the beast. God's a Mac

    A few of the apples stores I've visited, the customer service reps didn't know what they were talking about. One told me if I wanted to use OS X, all I had to do was install it on my PC. Hmmm, I'm not sure that's right. God is not the God of confusion. God's a PC.

  9. says

    God is a PC – because that " little Apple sticker " ticks Him off each time he sees it. To Him it's a constant reminder of the first bite that Eve took from the Tree of Knowledge. he thinks "stupid girl, sheesh – they had it so good!"

    So God is a PC – he hates Apples. (imho)

  10. says

    For point #8, I didn't know where you were going… (constantly needing upgrades and updates) I thought you were going to say that God is never-changing, that he always stays the same.

    And Mac's are all about education and kids. God loves kids, right?

  11. Reedo says

    You young whipper-snappers tramping all over my front lawn are all wrong. God's an Amiga. The word even sounds like "Omega".

  12. says

    Since some Mac users I know blur the lines between liking a white computer and idol worship, I'd say God is a PC, because I gotta think He doesn't like that.

    Dear Mac User – Of course, I'm not talking about YOU, just that other guy…

  13. Eric F says

    I noted a couple typos. Corrections are denoted in quotes.

    2. As soon as you own an iPhone … inside, “That poor person. Pushing on physical keys. The horror.” "Mac ownership is so wonderous that it compels the Mac user to share the glory and proselytize the infidel." God is a "Mac".

    4. Apple is notorious for rejecting apps that people try to put on the iPhone. "While God's grace is accessible to all, only those that accept it through God's own EULA, Christ, will be beneficiaries of it." God is definitely a "Mac".

    6. Mac commercials are constantly "showing the benefits of Mac ownership to" people who use PCs. God "loves evangelism". God is definitely a "Mac".

    8. PCs are constantly … operating systems. "God and His word are timeless, and while some portions of His word (Pages?) are more or less applicable, its entirety is divine". God’s a "Mac".

    • Nicole says

      These corrections are awesome! I especially like #6, "God loves evangelism. God is definitely a Mac."

      I absolutely agree!

  14. Eric F says

    10. Some people treat Apple’s Steve Jobs like he’s God in a mock turtle neck. "Jobs would be the first to tell you, much like John the Baptist, that he is not in fact the Messiah". God’s a "Mac".

    12. Macs are all … fantastic. "We're told to use our wealth to influence people toward the Kingdom. The God-given gift of attractiveness to the lost is a powerful ally when used in conjunction with the perfect truth of God's word and His Holy Spirit to change lives". God’s a "Mac".

    14. Macs are really expensive, "similar to the incredibly high cost that Christ paid on the cross. Their value is not cheapened by fads and forces created by 'competing' products". God’s a "Mac".

    16. The Gates Foundation … world, "largely funded by proceeds from technologies stolen from Macintosh. God hates thievery and misrepresentation". God’s a "Mac".

    18. Mac is constantly … lives, "though the revelation of His word is revealed in pieces throughout our lives, as God deems us ready". God’s a "Mac".

  15. says

    With an iPhone you're always connected. You're always connected to God. God is a Mac.

    Love these arguments and Rebeccamh I'm amazed you got so many arguments for each. Very good:D

  16. Brian says

    hmmm…ever heard of the apple gestapo?

    what about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation?
    Based on the over all charitable contributions of each company and it's staff, God I feel would prefer PC.
    PC's are affordable to more people. God is accessible to all.
    Hmmm….no speak of Linux…I'm guessing ya'll don't think God may or may not be a geek?
    Honestly speaking…God don't need no stinking PC……God would be using Crays

    With 12 Quad core's and 64GB Ram per node ;)

  17. Scott C says

    God is an atari 2600, no doubt. Yet this is a whole other topic. It is amazingi how the consumer driven economical mind can make us think any different.

    • CITAC says

      Anyboy thought of just getting mac's and pc's……..tthat's what we have in church…use pc for what it's really good at at mac for what it's really good at

  18. Ross says

    Jon, I noticed that a lot the things you listed as "flaws" on the Mac side of things, were actually just backhanded compliments toward PCs (actually a Pro for Mac):

    2. As soon as you own an iPhone you start to feel a potpourri of pity and shame for anyone who does not own one. Someone whips out a Blackberry and you immediately, smugly think inside, “That poor person. Pushing on physical keys. The horror.” God doesn’t like that arrogance. God is a PC.

    6. Mac commercials are constantly mocking people who use PCs. God hates mockery. God is definitely a PC.

    Looks like you have already determined in you heart which God would prefer… andtrust me, He approves.

  19. Julie says

    If something happens to your Mac, Apple will do their best to fix it. If something happens to your PC, you'll have to contact the local computer store and then the store where you bought it and then the company that made it just to learn that you're going to need to ship to it Florida the week before finals. Then, they'll ship it back without fixing it. Repeat three times. God doesn't like confusion and wasted time. He's a Mac.

  20. says

    If you screw up on a PC and look at the wrong website, your computer is infected with all kinds of spyware and trojans and things like that. You have to completely redo your computer before you can use it again.

    If you screw up on a Mac, the blood of Jesus that was shed at Calvary covers you and blocks the spyware and trojans and things like that.

    Okay, I couldn't even type that with a straight face.

  21. Elisha Arlan says

    LOL, the truth is God is both Mac & PC. The genius of God is that he'll meet you at your technical level; knowing that he's willing to work under both imperfect systems in order to help you communicate, facilitate, or terminate the complex issues in your electronic life.

  22. Julie says

    Just a new follower to your site… but I have to make this comment. It sure sounds just like Christians… Calvinism or Wesleyan, Saved by Grace or Predestination, all those things we teach that seem to have two different sides to them.

  23. says

    PCs surf the web and allow all kinds of virus and malware into themselves. They refuse to keep after their protection updated, and are constantly having to start over. PCs are backsliders.

    Macs blithely surf the web thinking that there is no virus or malware that can attack them. Macs are athiests.

    God must be Linux. Free for all, a lighter "burden" on your system, slick and fancy when you want it, down and dirty when you need it. And penguins!

  24. says

    You may need to rethink #9…iLife, iTunes, iPhone, iPod. Macs are all about i and God doesn't like us being selfish. As Rick Warren would say, "It's not about i…um, er…me…" Well, you get the iDea.

  25. says

    I don't have time to read all the clever comments this morning, so I will hope I'm not about to be redundant…

    Macs are not, in fact, for everyone. They're really only for a certain demographic who desires to do one genre of computer activities… (For example, Macs aren't that great for word processing, imo.) God is definitely a PC: for everyone.

  26. says

    Unfortunately, I think God might be a PC (darn it, I wanted Him to be a Mac…)
    a) when I told my dad I would love to own a Mac, he told me I was going over to the dark side…. (And as we all know, fathers are never, ever wrong…)
    b) All of my friends with Macs make me jealous and greedy and make me wish I had one. God has clearly told us that jealousy and greed are sin. Something causing such sins is clearly not of the Lord.

    • James says

      That's like saying that we make people sin when they see us living with peace, contentment, and true happiness.
      However, as a father, I can tell you without a doubt that fathers are ALWAYS right… unless we are mistaken… but that never happens… much…. Not on purpose anyway.

  27. says

    God is a PC. Because every three months or so, when little things go "wrong" (like they tend to with Windows), you should–no, you MUST–erase everything that's happened in the past and start over.

    In short, PCs are a real life example of "Godly sorrow".

  28. Emily K. says

    Apple products continually make me say, "I didn't know phones (or computers, or iPods, etc) could even DO that!" God gives me the same sense of wonder and surprise. God's a Mac.

  29. reversePilgrim says

    God is definitely a Linux.
    Like Linux, God's grace is freely available to everyone, but only accepted by a chosen few.
    The solid, unbreakable security of Linux speaks of our eternal security.
    A child can not get lost on the way to salvation, but generations of theologians will never cease to wonder at the depths found in God. Just like you can run Linux from a flash drive and it just works, but serious geeks will never reach the ends of the inherent complexity of the penguin OS.
    God meets us where we are – so he must be using an OS that runs on any platform.

  30. says

    Not surprisingly, the reasons above that don't work are all PC reasons–

    #6. PC commercials are equally smug. "Windows Vista was my idea"? Really. (And btw, those commercials were created on Macs.)

    #10. Some people used to treat Jerry Falwell as God, too. If the behavior of the followers is used to judge the reality and goodness of that which they follow, God Himself is in trouble. Sorry, this one can't be used to condemn Macs.

    #12. Yes, the Mac's outward appearance is cool. But Macs are not *all* about outward appearances, as #7, #8, #9, #11 and more on this list point out. Another point for the PC that doesn't hold up.

    #14. Yes, God paid the cost for our salvation, but it was an incredibly expensive cost.

    Mac all the way, baby…

  31. says

    Can we please acknowledge that much of what Windows now runs was blatantly stolen from Apple? (Graphical-user interface anyone? Windows 96 = Mac 85, etc.)

    Who is it who cannot create anything new of his own, but only corrupts that which God has already created?

    I think we can make a very good case that PC is satan.

  32. Karyn says

    In the past, when teaching, I've compared being a Christian in the world to being a Mac. Normal software doesn't install because of the different operating system, being a Mac in a PC-dominated world, etc. The first time I used this example, I asked a room full of about 100 women how many owned a Mac. Maybe 5 raised their hand. Not sure the illustration would be as meaningful today with the growth of Apple.

  33. says

    My evidence is that every case you made for PC had nothing to do with the computer.
    Like: "PCs are constantly needing to be upgraded and updated with the latest software and operating systems. Just like sanctification. You are constantly changing and being renewed. God’s a PC."

    That seems to be more of a negative thing to me then positive.
    God is a mac

  34. says

    Very funny post. One correction — it's not Apple who teases us with "There's a tablet. There's not a tablet." Apple doesn't comment on products that are not released. LOL!

    I'm an avid Mac user but I think God is his own computer.

  35. says

    ha. I was the one who asked you that question. (Do you consider yourself a pastor?) at the Cultivate conf in Chicago at Park Community Church. I asked it because I often think through who really is a pastor even though they may not have the title but they are doing great ministry AND leading others in developing their own ministry. when i think of answering that question; I'm terrified too.

    god loves making complex creations simple: much like apple.

  36. Jesse Allen says

    I say God is a user of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Beyond being freely available, Ubuntu derives it's name from an African principle which reflects God's love for all and his command to love our neighbors. This was the very principle which Archbishop Desmond Tutu armed himself with as he did God's work to fight apartheid. QED

  37. Liz says

    When I use my dark PC that sometimes wigs out at Adobe at work I get frustrated and angry, however when I get home and use my gleaming white Mac I get a warm fuzzy feeling of peace and love, God is a Mac.

    When a friend of my mom's asked me to turn her Blackberry off before she got on a plane because she couldn't figure it out and then I couldn't either, I got angry and frustrated, but when I pulled my iphone out and turned it off easily I was restored to peace, God is again a Mac.

    Of course I guess the next post should be: When I can't get 3G service to use my beautiful Iphone I get angry at AT&T so God must also be Verizon?

  38. Matt Olson says

    God is Mac no doubt. Apple rejects apps that are buggy (and therefore do not love apple or its users) ; God rejects people who do not love Him and His Church above all else.

  39. says

    You only have to know the basics to start using, say, Ubuntu – kinda like you need to know the gospel in order to know God, eh?

    'sides, there's a "Christian" version of Ubuntu. Clearly, God is a Linux box! :)

  40. says

    In my old life, when I had a full-time paid job I had the desktop PC and laptop Mac…a marriage made in Heaven… now as I am home from the full-time mission field, I try to find my 8 inch PC laptop, but it seems lost in my piles of unlimited laundry, all that to say, My PC died in a foreign land, only to be resurrected… when that happens I think there is only one way this can go… God is a PC

  41. pbj says

    Both require tech support, need to recharge and be plugged in…God does not (Sabbath for us not Him) run out of energy and is completely self-sufficient

    He's neither, He's a book…inviting, challenging, dependable, timeless, etc. etc. etc.

  42. Cam says

    Macs can also run Windows software. That means Macs can be two in one….like the trinity is three in one. God is definitely a Mac.

  43. drake says

    No matter how hard you try you can't get it to do exactly what you want. God is a PC.

    You can never figure out what its doing or why it's doing it. God is a PC.

    It's way more complicated than you wished it was. God is a PC

  44. says

    Fun stuff!!

    I think God is a Super Computer, too grand to be confined to either a Mac, a PC, or whichever other kind of computing machine that currently exists. There are facets of His personality that could be considered Mac and others that could be PC. He has amazing powers of computation yet He is also able to process answers to the simplest requests.

  45. Haggie says

    God is a HAL 9000:

    1.) Completely fictional
    2.) Secret agenda that completely contradicts stated mission
    3.) Responsible for many deaths

  46. says

    So I missed Shameless saturday. So I thought i would plug my comment on that post. Please check it out or check out my intense debate profile.

    macs are reliable and user friendly, they are straight forward, they are white to signify purity, and there is only one mac.

    PC is plagued with problems there are a hundred companies out there making pc's you never know which is the real one. and they are complicated as all get out.


  47. says

    I don't know if God's a Mac or PC, but I do know that within the local church ecosystem, all Worship Leaders are Macs: overpriced and a one-trick pony! ;)

    *grabs coat and runs screaming "Just kidding! Just kidding!"

  48. says

    We visited the Apple store to verify that the store is a type for heaven. You know just to make sure. And our eight-year-old had a list. The visit verified his list. The staff practically float, so they are angels. The simplicity of design shows the focus isn't on the place it is on worship.


  49. michele says

    you are incorrect with this statement: "12. Macs are all about outside appearances. They look fantastic. But God cares more about what’s inside. Macs are too vain. God’s a PC."
    macs are NOT all about outside appearances, though they are beautiful machines on the outside. with all the other compliments you gave macs about how intuitive they are and such, i would think that you would come to the conclusion that they are very much about what's on the inside too. and, since God is about what's on the inside, i believe this statement would make God a mac…and therefore, mac wins this debate by one point.

  50. says

    Macs may be beautiful machines on the outside… but nowadays their guts are the same as a PC. Since PC enthusiasts look at the inside of the PC for its specs before looking at its exterior, just like God looks at the intent of one's heart, God has to be a PC.

  51. John says

    4.Apple is notorious for rejecting apps that people try to put on the iPhone. God doesn’t reject anyone. God is definitely a PC.

    Actually, I'd say Apple rejects apps that are doing things they aren't supposed to do, but it doesn't reject the developer of the app–they can always try again. God loves the sinner and hates the sin, so God is definitely a Mac.

  52. Mohammad says

    Well, The problem is both PC and MAC has a father (Gates & Jobs) so I think that maybe we should consider them as Christ and the Anti-christ. In a way both have believers that follow them, and no one can tell which one is the righteous one. I think God would be Intel (get it? Intel is the soul of both computers) (“,)

  53. Jen says

    My husband's response (he's a CTO at a web-based company) : "Shame on him…. God has a computer of every type, and he loves and uses them all equally. God is a Mac, a PC, a Linux box, DEC, alpha, Sun, RISC/6000……. The list goes on….."

  54. God says

    Remember I am all things to all people. I am a Mac, PC, and Linux Box at the same time. (I do use multiple monitors on each…of course.)

  55. says

    God is multifaceted and meets whatever needs you might have. God is VMWare.

    And boy do I wish I could come up with something regarding VXWorks, not that anyone would know what I'm talking about.

  56. Katherine says

    Is it just me, or does it seem like all the PC arguments still are about how good, awesome, superior or beautiful the Mac is… and God really is all these things!

  57. Brian says

    Sorry Jon, can't agree with point #8 either technically or theologically. On a technical standpoint, Macs have had far more OS releases and upgrades than PCs, which is evident by comparing their respective Wikipedia pages.

    Theologically, sanctification involves human Christians being "upgraded", not God. God doesn't need upgrading, nor can He be. So this point falls flat, sorry.

  58. Kevin says

    a PC is a personal computer, a mac is a specialised form of a personal computer, so therefor it's a PC.

    having said that, the article focuses on the things that make up the dominant operating systems for each (Windows and OS X).

    firstly, point #5:
    OS X is currently one of the most insecure operating systems on the market – far more so than newer versions Windows (admittedly Microsoft has improved tremendously in this apartment).
    This point should be on the PC side, especially if you consider all the alternative operating systems you can use instead of Windows, and the inherent security in them (see Linux)

    secondly, point #13 I'd like to point out that iTunes is bloated, and has poor support for open royalty free formats such as Ogg Vorbis and FLAC. Plenty of Linux distros ship with media players that integrate very well wit your workflow, and is built with support for "iPods" and what not. and to my knowledge, OS X's only real merit in this area is the presense of IEEE 1394, AKA firewire. Photoshop is also available for windows, and I'm certain there are plenty of decent video editors available for Windows and Linux among other operating systems.

    One of your readers stated something along the lines of "there's 1 true mac", and "thousands of different PCs".
    I personally don't know what God looks like, so personally saying to m, "this is the appearance of the one true God", would instantly convince me that this appearance is that of a false god.
    Since the appearance of God would be subject to interpretation, the many different kinds of PCs shows us our own interpretation of God.
    If the bible contains any passages pertaining to the appearance of God, I'd like to know of them.

    another reader named "Brain" stated above that " Macs have had far more OS releases and upgrades than PCs"

    this is false.
    below is a short listing of the allows operating systems

    * OSX

    * Windows
    * Thousands of Linux Distributions
    * BSD
    * Solaris

    considering these alternative operating systems, the "PC" has literally thousands of releases and updates every year, most of which aren't relevant to everyone. The amount of updates available for the Mac's operating systems still pales in comparison.

    and my final point comes around as a hobbyist programmer.
    I've met plenty of people who program for Windows, and even more people who do coding work on Linux.
    What of OS X? Just one single developer!
    Till it gets to OS X users, I've also had next to no trouble getting non-programmers/non-developers to compile code.
    to me that says pitifully few OS X users even ponder how computers work.
    in a religious manner I'd say they operated on blind unquestioning faith.

    Make of the above what you will, personally, God is a PC.

  59. says

    Ha! As far as #2 goes… God may be a PC but Christians in general are most definitely Macs. It's not good enough to just own a Mac and be happy with it, but they have to share with everyone how great the Mac is and feel sorry for those who don't have one. They can only hope everyone will let Mac into their lives before it's too late. For one can never truly experience computing if they do not accept Mac as the superior product.

  60. michael says

    I'm sure God's neither. He probably has some super advanced holographic microchipped wireless device with unlimited storage and internet

  61. says

    Oh this so way too funny!!! He's gotta be a MAC user. My husband calls me a MACSNOB and every time he is having PC issues he grumbles something about wishing he had the money for a large screen iMAC. :)

  62. robin says

    Jon, I think you should do a post on how Christians say OMGoodness instead of OMG.
    P.S. I know your mom. She is a good friend.

  63. Garrett says

    God is neither Mac nor PC. If God were anything, He would be linux. Open, and caring – virus free… and best of all available to everyone for nothing.

  64. Tiffany says

    I hate Macs. Way too hard to figure out for someone who’s always used a PC. As soon as they make it easier to find what I’m looking for, I’ll be a fan.


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