Desiring Chick-fil-A more on Sunday than any other day of the week.

I don’t know how they do it. Despite writing branding for Chick-fil-A for 3 years and working closely with President Dan Cathy, I never learned one really important secret about that company.

How do they make you want Chick-fil-A on Sunday when they’re closed more than any other day of the week?

I’ve written about Chick-fil-A before and their West Coast Rival, In-n-Out, before. (They’re like Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. of Christian food.) We’ve talked about them a few times, but never have we gotten to the bottom of this unexplainable phenomenon.

Today, I want to walk us through the five steps you go through on a Sunday when you think about Chick-fil-A.

Step 1: Excitement

You wake up and in your stomach does a little, “Chicken Biscuit” dance. I know McDonald’s is trying to pretend they’re all southern serving sweet tea and biscuits, but they’re just carpet bagging. We want Chick-fil-A!

Step 2: The Drive

You actually get in the car and head to Chick-fil-A. Today is the day! It’s going to be great. Maybe you missed breakfast but now you can get lunch. It’s all coming up Milhouse!

Step 3: The Thrill

Look how empty the parking lot is! Hooray, this is going to be the best trip to Chick-fil-A ever. Nobody is here, you’ve got the whole restaurant to yourself. That guy who refills your drink is going to be like a personal butler today. Awesome.

Step 4: The Disappointment

Wait, what? Why is the door locked? Why are the lights off? Oh no, it’s Sunday or “the Sabbath” if you will. The horrow, the horror. Popular comedian Aziz Ansari, from the drastically improved “Parks & Recreation” and “Flight of the Conchords,” recently said on the radio, “I’m always excited to get a Chick-fil-A on Sunday and then it’s like ‘nooooo they’re closed!’ It’s always heartbreaking.”

Step 5: The Idea

Could you buy some Chikc-fil-A on a Saturday and then eat it on a Sunday? Would that work or would that be like when the Israelites tried to gather up double portions of manna? Didn’t that work for them on Sunday? Are you really comparing Chick-fil-A to manna? Yes, yes you are and that feels about right.

Step 6: The Substitute

You’re still hungry. Even though you respect Chick-fil-A for being all Hobby Lobbied and closing on Sunday, you’re still hungry and you want to get a spicy chicken sandwich. So you begrudgingly go to Wendy’s and look at that sweaty heathen with her Pippy Longstocking braids. You may have lost today but tomorrow is Monday and you can fil-a all day long if you so desire.

Am I the only one that this happens to?

Have you ever wanted to eat Chick-fil-A on a Sunday?

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  1. lauren says

    Wonder if they'd consider selling partially precooked reheatable chicken biscuit portions for Sunday consumption??? Bet there would eb a HUGE market for that…

    I luv chk fila :)

    • says

      I remember the Braves, Falcons, Hawks, and possibly the Thrashers (Atlanta y'all) used to buy up tons of chicken sandwiches from CFA on Saturdays for Sunday games, but CFA put a stop to it. That was a sad day.

  2. Thea says

    What's worse? Being pregnant and CRAVING chicken mini's on Sunday morning before church. No Hardee's sausage biscuit can ever come close to those tiny morsels of perfection.

  3. khug says

    it's terrible when you're driving home from a weekend vacation/trip thinking to yourself "YES there's a chick-fil-a on the next exit!!" then you drive up and remember it's Sunday. That'll put a bit of a damper on your weekend….*sigh*

  4. says

    Truett Cathy, the founder of Chik Fil A, has been scorned for years in the restaurant industry as a foolish businessman for losing all the potential Sunday profits. My stomach wishes they were open on Sundays but my spirit admires a man who closes his company's doors so his employees can worship and serve at local churches. Interestingly, Chik Fil A's profits continue to rise even with all the business they lose on Sundays. Here's a hilarious look at Chik Fil A by Tim Hawkins:
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  5. jeffluce says

    There is one bright side to this. If you go and park near a chik fil a drive through for about 30 minutes, you will inevitably witness someone drive through and try to order…and then start yelling. Chik fil a junkies!

  6. says

    EVERY time I want to have Chick-fil-A it's on a Sunday! argh.

    It's a KFC conspiracy, maybe something with radio waves or something in the water. They know there's one less game in town on Sundays.

    btw, I thought I was the only one who remembered Coming Up Milhouse:

    Edit: Crap I completely had the wrong post link above. I promise it wasn't a shameless spam! Fixed it :)

    • says

      Or will it?… It's closed on Sunday because that's the day everyone goes to church to worship God, right? Well, in Heaven we will be worshiping God pretty much all the time, Right? So, it stands to reason that it would be closed all the time, which would be pretty much like hell (see the lowercase middle finger I gave hell..). So, maybe they will be open all the time… ahhhhhrgghhh.. my head is about to explode just contemplating it…

  7. Emily E says

    My husband thinks they need to have a chicken biscuit vending machine on sundays. Load it up Saturday before closing the store and then everyone can still have chicken biscuits on Sunday.

    Surely someone can come up with a chicken biscuit vending machine. It's for the sake of humanity!

  8. paul says

    Surely it must be satan tempting you. He loves to take something good and turn it against us. He's probably telling you it's okay to wear white after labor day too. Don't listen. You must resist.

    • Tricia says

      No wonder the state of Michigan is in the toilet. I thought it was the unions, but in reality it's no Chick-fil-A. I would seriously consider relocating…things will never get better there until the little red and white restaurants and Happy Cows show up.

    • dorkboat says

      Bless your heart. My inlaws don't know about Chick Fil A either. The horror of going through life without such sweetness. It's a handicap really.

  9. says

    this happens to me 5-6 times a year! Only I usually am already in the car when it sounds good, so my "steps" are more like 1) realize you're hungry and that chick-fil-a would hit the spot. 2) think about where closest one is and when I can fit it in. 3) Start going in that direction. 4) Get about a stoplight away and realize it's closed.
    When this happens, I usually get to 2, sometimes 3, and occasionally 4. I have yet to make it all the way to the parking lot, but my husband's done that one a few times, LoL.

  10. says

    Due to the constant Sunday teasings of an old friend, I have ceased to actually seek out Chik-fil-A on Sundays. XD

    I think it's that old "you want what you can't have" addage. Most days of the week, I don't crave it. But when I -know- I can't have it…that's when I want it the most! lol

  11. says

    I wonder if they have security cameras to capture all those disappointed souls…that would be funny to watch. Excitement and then the drive of shame through the lot.
    One time we made it to the roadway beside the Chickfila before we realized it was closed. Sitting at the light then Bam! it's not open. Nothing else satisfies after that.

  12. says

    Sunday is usually the only day that I actually crave Chick-fil-A. If I'm blessed enough to crave it any other day of the week, it's a sign from God that I need to drop everything and a make a Chick-fil-A run. At. once.

  13. says

    I've never even heard of this chain. From the website, it looks like nothing more than chicken sandwiches, of the sort that other fast-food chains use in order to pad out their menu for people who don't like hamburgers. What's the big deal?

        • says

          This isn't normal chicken, Mike. It's, like, super-chicken from the land of milk and honey.

          So. Friggin'. Good.

          [For the record, I -hate- KFC. It's nothing like KFC.]

        • says

          honestly not only is the chicken a-mazing, but i think they also butter the inside of the buns and so it makes everything DELICIOUS!! very popular in the south… I go to a center in the university that has four restaurants and i'm usually like "oh i'm gonna try one of the others today", but then i get in there and chick fil a is there and it's all over and then i'm sooo happy" bahahahha… plus the waffle fries are fantastic too.. and the lemonade is so lemony and sugary it's ridiculous…. like… now i'm really sad b/c i don't have any right now!! hahahhahaa

          and i do love some good beef, but wow… now i want chicken immediately!!!!!!!

        • Melba Kitchens says

          Well, beef over Chic- fil- a proves you have never been to a Chic-fil-a! Thank goodness, I live in the south where I can eat there at least 3 times a week! The service, food, and people are outstanding!
          May the Lord Bless you soon with a Chic-fil-a in your future!

    • Craigr says

      You are asking us to describe the deliciousness of Chic-fil-a? That is like trying to describe the most beautiful sunset over the most beautiful mountains in the world to a person that has been blind since birth. Impossible to describe.

    • KMR says

      I go because it's one of the healthier fast food restaurants around. Good kid's meals with a variety of fruit, nice salads, and the people who work there are super nice and friendly. They've got great employee satisfaction.

    • 4Him1st says

      Michael, if ever on a trip and you see one – PULL OVER!!! The food is great. The service is incredible. And every Chick-fil-a is consistently clean and good.

      I was working at our corporate HQ in IL when the announcement came that our food court was adding a Chick-fil-a. My boss (from NC) and I (from LA) met in the hallway and high-fived with tears in our eyes! Everybody looked at us like we were crazy – until they experienced it. Chicken biscuits! Waffle fries! Chicken sandwiches! Awesome lemonade!

      Oh man, be back in a few…… There's one a block away!!!!!

    • Matt T. says

      Chik-fil-A has been blessed by God. It is truly the only possible explanation. Something happens to the chicken that shows up there. I think an angel wearing an "Eat more chikin" T-shirt personally delivers it to them every day.

      Hey, that would also explain why they're closed on Sundays… No delivery service.

      I must investigate this matter further.

    • jeff says

      Actually Michael, you are right. Their chicken sandwich is a tiny miserable little thing. It's the chicken version of White Castle. You gotta eat at least five to feel like you really ate a meal.

    • Matt T. says

      I was totally going to post that, but then I scrolled down and saw this.

      If you ever get the chance to see him do just regular stand-up, do so. I haven't laughed that hard in years.

  14. says

    I want it on Sunday because that is the day that I'm in the town where it IS. I've got the kids with me and YAY! I'm gonna' get some awesome chicken food. And our bulletin just included a coupon for a free drink with any purchase. Sweet!

    But no. Oh, you've got it down.

  15. says

    Yes, yes, yes! We talk about this phenomenon all the time. I'm even convinced it would taste that much better on Sundays even though there is no way to test the theory. The real bummer is the occasional Sunday roadtrip – and we all know roadtrips need Chick-Fil-A.

  16. Dawn says

    I drove a 1/2 hour away and through tolls for Chik Fil A on a Sunday because I forgot they were closed. Talk about heartbreak!

  17. says

    Darnit, you just made me hungry for Chik-Fil-A. And I live in Japan, where the closest substitute would be a chicken sandwich at McD's. :( Boooooo.

    When I was in living Texas, I would get these cravings for CFA milkshakes on Sundays. It always made me a little sad because their cookies and cream milkshakes are the best I've ever tasted, and there is no substitute.

  18. jberkheimer says

    We have a Chick-fil-A opening here on Oct. 28th. I'm pumped! I should go get in line to get my free year's worth of value meals.

  19. says

    I'm inevitably thinking about it as I leave the church parking lot on Sundays…I appreciate their faith stand, or how they Hobby Lobby-it though.

  20. says

    I hate them for being closed on Sunday, and then all my convictions take over. I think about how nice it is for all their employees to get a day off on Sunday. But I still want to break into the store and make myself a chicken sandwich and sweet tea and leave five dollars on the counter.

    Maybe there's nicotine in their chicken.

  21. LauraT99 says

    I also love that the kid's meals have decent toys or gasp, books. My closest Chik-fil-a is at the mall, and I must overcome my intense hatred of the mall for some Chicken Mini's. They will give VBS completion certificates (with a coupon good for a free kid's meal) for the asking.

  22. Rich says

    I used to work at Chick-Fil-A and the one day we could have meetings with everyone present and not distracted by their duties was… Sunday. However, a new distraction would then occur. People would drive by and see cars in the lot and people in building and translate these observations into simultaneous confirmation of their greatest delight and their worst fear: It's Sunday and this Chick-Fil-A is open! But the door is locked. No one answered at the drive-thru speaker. And those people, they look just like the people that usually serve me that sweet southern goodness, but they are wearing normal clothes! I think it was like being in the twilight zone for them.

  23. says

    My wife and I planned our wedding at 11:00am on a Sunday in a remote location. We had the private ceremony videotaped and played at the reception later that day. The brilliant and loving woman that she is, my wife had the forethought to see my Sunday Chick-Fil-A craving well in advance (she could tell my nugget desire would be monstrous on this Holiest of days for us). In addition to picking up my tux and the rental car the day before, she had planned for me to drive across the street for a nugget tray! We stored it in the fridge overnight and took it with us to the ceremony. After the ceremony was over, we all congregated in the kitchen of the cabin and celebrated our Christian heritage with that of another Christian family, the Cathy's, and their glorious honey-mustard (that I know is somehow derived from the land of milk and honey).

  24. Rachel says

    Oh my, when old 10-year-old was two, she would not believe me that they were closed on Sunday. So, I had to take her to the door and let her try to open it. When she realized it was locked she broke down in tears. It's taken 8 years, and now every Sunday as we leave church and I ask her where she wants to go she says, "I want Chick-Fil-A, but it's Sunday and they're closed." Her younger sister is only 7, and still asks every Sunday for Chick-Fil-A…I figure three more years and she may get it!

  25. crazy awesome world says

    I just put this on my fb the other day. It never fails that I always want Chick Fil A on a Sunday after church. It's almost like you feel unchristian going somewhere else since CFA is a Christian establishment. You don't want to ruin your awesome Sunday by going to the heathen McDonalds or what not

  26. csippy says

    I always crave it on Sundays! I used to drive back to college from home on Sundays, and there would be a Chick-Fil-A in the town that was convenient to stop at just before arriving back at school. I would get all excited thinking about it, and then BAM!

    Chick-Fil-A was closed and I had to settle for McDonald's or Taco Bell. :(

    Sooooo disappointing

  27. Kristin says

    I generally can't stomach any fast food with meat on it. However, these posts have made me very curious. Could this Chick Fil A you speak of really be that wondrous? Are there any in/around New Jersey? (First person who makes a Jersey Shore reference gets a Holy Throat Punch).

    • Carrie says

      Kristin, I know what you mean. There are many places I can't eat meat from, but it is 100% white meat and 100% deliciousness. As far as finding one near year – you can check out their locations on their website. A road trip is well worth it!

      • Kristin says

        After I posted this, I realized that their website would list locations. Duh!

        If I tell the kids we're piling in the car and driving 40 minutes for fast food, they will be mightily confused. Could this be one of the signs of the Apocalypse?

    • Albree says

      I live in Jersey and I've only seen one and it was at the Moorestown Mall. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere near there anymore….

  28. sbmcfaddin says

    This is compounded to a whole other level when your pregnant (i.e., extremely nauseated) wife craves Chick-fil-a after dragging herself out of bed to attend church Sunday morning. NOOOO!!!!

  29. says

    I've always lived in the upper midwest (WI and MN), and it's just so crazy to me that companies would actually close on Sunday. As awesome as I think that is, it would never fly here. Just another way it's a little different living up here.

  30. says

    ugh, this always happens when I'm bringing students home from a retreat. I sometimes want to make the retreat one day longer just so we can eat at Chick Fil A instead of the Red Headed heathen's place……

    Sad times…

    I also tell my students that the feast in heaven will be catered by Chck Fil A and In and Out…..

  31. imwright9 says

    I can't tell you how many times I have gotten pumped to see the Chick-Fil-A sign only to pull in and realize it's Sunday. I came close to shedding actual tears in front of my children on vacation one year over this very issue. We had been on the road for days traveling from our home in Birmingham to Houston and back. I had eaten every child friendly fast food place at least twice and had reached my limit! My husband lovingly declared we would make the sacrificial double-stop so I could have a grown up chicken biscuit and the kids could have McDonalds (AGAIN). It was going to be the fast food breakfast I had always dreamed off too because I was going to have the biscuit sweet like manna AND an iced coffee from McDonalds – together in one meal! It's been a year since that mishap and I've yet to achieve that combination. Oh well, something to reach for.

  32. says

    The absolute worst is when you're traveling with small children on a Sunday. Play spaces are hit-and-miss with all the other chains, but they're always there at Chik-fil-a. So you plan your drive around stopping for an hour for lunch/dinner at a CFA to allow the kids to let loose on the play area…………and then it's closed….and McDs doesn't have one…..and the kids are miserable……and your plan is ruined…..and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth the rest of the way home.

  33. says

    I've been a vegetarian for two years, but this post made me miss Chick-Fil-A. (I stopped eating red meat years before that, so it was my favorite fast food place.) I used to love their cookies and cream milkshakes, too…

    … I need to go off and find an adequate substitute for Chick-Fil-A nuggets to stave off these cravings!

  34. Leanne says

    One just opened in my neighborhood. Even when we don't drive past it on the way home from church, my thought processes go: "Hmm, Chick-fil-A for lunch. *savors the thought* Oh darn, it's Sunday." It's too bad these thoughts don't occur on other days of the week, else I might eat at Chick-fil-A more often. Hmmm, wonder what's for dinner……

  35. Barb McLennan says

    My 20-something nephew purchased a cow-suit/costume while in his teens, specifically for wearing to Chik-Fil-A. Once or twice a year they offer free meals to anyone who comes in dressed like a cow. So he goes to three different ones throughout the day. Three free meals.

  36. Kris says

    I have gone to the drive thru on a Sunday…only to sit and wait and wait and wait, get mildly annoyed because it doesn't look busy so what is taking so long. Oh, right! Closed on Sunday. Bummer! So embarrasing.

  37. says

    They don't have Chik-Fil-A in Rhode Island, so when we road trip south, we like to stop there. Inevitably, though, we're driving home on a Sunday, so we're like, "Oh, look, that's probably the last Chik-Fil-A we'll hit on this journey north! Let's stop and get awesome chicken and let the kids play in the 'prayground'!" (If Christian waterparks have praygrounds, so do Chik-Fil-A's.) And then we pull in and it's all… "Oh, FRICK. It's Sunday."

    Also, "it's all Hobby Lobbied" and "fil-a all day" are amazing lines. Nice work.

  38. says

    Ahhhhhhhhh yes. BTDT felt like a loser.

    One Sunday I tried to keep the Sabbath. I tried not to go out, not to patronize "heathen" establishments. I was not successful.

    I remember growing up in the South nothing was open. Ahhhh the good old days of Blue Laws.

  39. says

    I work in a mall and this happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! I will be heading out on my break thinking "Yummy chicken here I come!" Then I turn the corner for the food court and "NNNNNOOOOOO the gate is down, What is….Why?….I wonder….OH! It's Sunday dummy! I guess I could just get free samples from all 4 of the Chinese places instead…What about the not so fresh Subway or I could try the Sabbaro's Pizza…EWW. Gross. Bummer, should have brought a PB&J sandwich from home. :(

  40. noelle says

    I am also in Michigan and have never tasted this Chik-fil-a you speak of. I guess you can't crave what you've never had. Nobody here can move because they can't sell their homes to go live in another state. We can't afford gas money up here to drive to Ohio for chicken.

    We have a real pretty state and the leaves are turning out some nice colors. Please come visit.
    And bring chicken.

  41. says

    Recently my friend told me that you can now order 1 chicken nugget at CFA.

    Props on comparing stocking up CFA on Saturday for Sunday to the Israelites doubling up their manna.

  42. Michaela says

    I have never yet been to a Chick-fil-A as they do not exist here in Reno. I was passing through Sacramento about a month ago, and thought "now is the perfect time to try this deliciousness I've heard so much about". Unlucky for me, it was a Sunday.

  43. says

    You can't fool me… you've got some kind of sweet synergistic deal with Chik-fil-a for free food for a year if you mention them to torture us every few months. (if you don't you should get them to hook you up.) It is kind of weird that I normally think of them on Sunday too. They should just put all the "sweaty heathens" that work for them on Sundays so they could get a twofer… the christians could get their more holy chicken fix and evangelize their employees at the same time. :) There's always a work around.

  44. visitor says

    Brilliant marketing. It works just like NFP. You crave it most when you can't have it. It makes you appreciate it all the more when you can have it, and you make sure to get it when you can. It probably drives a lot more business on Mondays and Saturdays!

  45. Ernie says

    Here's an interesting note: In my town, the Chik-Fil-A and an In N Our Burger are in the same shopping center–literally yards away from each other. No turf war……yet.

  46. pbj says

    That's what makes the west coast so amazing…

    Chik-fil-A 6 days of the week
    In n Out 7 days of the week so you just turn that mourning into dancing by going to In n Out
    (sadly there are no Chik-fil-As near my city yet)

    I guess it's like having Tupac and Biggie on side-by-side stages at a summer concert festival only without the bling and fear of rivalry/fighting…don't think I've ever heard of an actual In-n-Out vs Chik-fil-A rumble (and if there were it would problably more like the one in Beat It where there's a lot of singing and dancing but not really any fighting)

  47. LauraD says

    Oh the many days of getting excited about eating Chick-fil-a and then realizing it is Sunday. Especially when driving on the highway, coming home from a weekend trip or vacation.

    But some of our Chick-fil-a's give you free food on Monday if you bring in your church bulletin!

  48. says

    All the time!

    But for the record, Chik-fil-a does pretty well if refrigerated and re-heated. It is not as good as fresh, but it'll do in a pinch. (Provided you get the original, and not lettuce and tomato that'll go all wilty on you).

    I used to do it all the time, I'd get 3 or 4 sandwiches at once, eat one, put the rest in the fridge and then I could have them through the rest of the week without having to drive all the way out to the edge of town to get one.

  49. Justin says

    The worst was getting home from South America, and the odd way my flight worked, I left on a Saturday but landed in ATL on a Sunday. In the plane all this anticipation for the glorious return of CFA was building up, only to be ripped from me as I realized they were closed. Dunkin Donuts was a poor substitute.

  50. says

    For the longest time, our nearest Chik-Fil-A was ninety minutes away. Now it is 45 minutes away. I have never eaten at Chik-Fil-A. I'm holding out for one half an hour away.

  51. says

    too funny! my dad owns a chick-fil-a, so sometimes he'll bring us leftovers on a sunday — cold things that were made on saturday (cool wraps, chicken salad sandwiches, salads) and would be discarded before monday anyway. it's the bomb diggety :)

  52. justin says

    when i was in college in asheville NC, i used to work at Journey's in the mall. our chick-fil-a apparently went rogue or had a crazy manager or something because they were ACTUALLY OPEN ON SUNDAYS for about 5 hours. just long enough to stave off the chicken biscuit fiends and satisfy the fresh-outta-church crowd.

    so awesome.

  53. jason says

    ChicFila story: Driving through Memphis, the youth group stopped at ChicFila and picked up the mega-load of nuggets and 50 or so bags of fries. The manager tried with all his might to talk us out of the waffle fries because they would not be at the height of crispy, hot deliciousness by the time we ate them. Who does that? nicest CFA i've ever been in. sometimes i dream that i'm eating there, usually on Saturday nights of course.

  54. says

    I work at an Apple store at a mall with a chick-fill-a. Thankfully I don’t have to work Sundays so I can lead at church..
    BUT on the rare sunday that I DO work, I get real excited for an original Chicken Sandwich + Waffle fry + large Arnold Palmer about an hour before lunch.
    On my walk down to the food court I must be in some kind of daze of happiness.
    Once I get there, I see no huge line (that looks like the Apple Store), no giant cow, and the lights off.
    And i have a “NOOOOOOO!!!” moment.

  55. Zack says

    Let me begin with an apology. This is an issue that resonates deeply in my soul……especially since I have some family history involved.

    This is probably one of those things that you'll find too hard to believe, especially with all the credibility that the internet lends us when we post a random comment on a blog, but you can, at least in part, cast some of the blame for Chick-fil-a being closed on Sundays on my great-grandmother Bonnie.

    I realize this probably sounds far fetched, but my great-grandmother Bonnie lived next to Truett Cathy when he was first developing his wonderful chicken sandwich, or as I prefer to think about it, when the hand of God reached down and gave him that delicious meal. As he was working on his recipe he would stop by the house and let her try the various incarnations in order to get some feedback. Along the way, being the good Christian woman that she was, Bonnie would remind him that if he was a man of God and was going to open up this new restaurant then he better make sure it was closed on the Sabbath.

    Now, I'm sure Mr. Cathy was probably thinking the same thing, and, even though she died before I was born, I'm sure Bonnie would never take the credit (or blame) for the idea. But, for whatever role she did play, on behalf of my great-grandmother I offer our apologies.

  56. Albree says

    My husband and I won free Chick-Fil-A for a year when we lived in Mississippi. It was one of the best years of our lives. However the only Chick-Fil-A close to us was across the street from our church. We were always so excited to grab a free and delicious lunch afterwards. Somehow we never failed to forget that they would be closed. :(

  57. theoldthenew says

    I drove from Buffalo, NY to Erie, PA just for Chick-Fil-a… On the way there I dreamed heavily about a #1 with a sweet tea.. and some Polynesian sauce…. MMMMmmmMM

    When I arrived. I quickly realized it was Sunday…


  58. Ashley says

    i live an hour and a half from the nearest chic-a-filet and inevitably the only time that i can drive past one is on a sunday. always happens and i'm always sad. :(

  59. verity3 says

    "I know McDonald’s is trying to pretend they’re all southern serving sweet tea and biscuits, but they’re just carpet bagging." Hilarious.

    Though I do prefer McD's biscuits. I prefer almost anyone's biscuits to Chik-fil-A's. They're too strangely sweet. And I prefer almost anyone else's chicken too. Too many weird spices. BK's grilled chicken sandwich is the bomb. But I do love me some Chik-fil-A tea. And their cookies-&-cream milkshake is beyond description. Can totally wait til Monday though. Chik-fil-A is the CCM of Christian food. That is all.

  60. says

    I totally agree! I can't even tell you how many times I have suggested Chick-Fil-A to a group as an idea on where to eat after church on Sundays… Only to have them shout, in unison, "It's Sunday! They're closed!", and then point and laugh as I start to break down in tears from the humiliation. Okay, maybe not from the humiliation…

  61. John Ferguson says

    The Israelites tried to store their manna, but it went off. It had to be gathered fresh each morning, but they were supposed to gather double on the day of preparation and make half into bread so it would last through the Shabbas.

    Since so many of your US southerners came from Northern Ireland I'm hoping you send back some Chick-fil-A restaurants for all of us who stayed. And hopefully they'd do better than Quiznos. I love their subs, but the only one I've seen in Northern Ireland only lasted a few months. We have Subways on every street corner (nearly) and sure those sandwiches are tasty and good value for your 5 fruit and veg per day, but Quiznos kicks a lot of ass.

  62. John Ferguson says

    OK, not being from the USA, I think I get that Chick-fil-A is nice and all, but I'm not quite getting the overwhelming desire to eat out as soon as you get out of church. Don't you have cookers (apparently called stoves over there, I believe), and microwave ovens. Those are awesome!

    • verity3 says

      Noon to about 2 p.m. on Sunday is the busiest time for restaurants in the American South. You go to church, you go out for Sunday brunch. Keeps the luvfest flowin'. Or something.

      And if you skip church, you totally plan to avoid the restaurants around those hours.

  63. ctygrett says

    Yes, Wendy is a "sweaty heathen" and let's not forget the McDonald fellow with his shifty eyes…

    brilliant as always.

  64. rosbergs3 says

    I've never been that into chick fil a and i dont know why cuz they are really, really good. Maybe its something to do with their french fries. I'm not a big fan of the waffle fries. When i was working a few months ago i would go to wendys across from the hotel i worked to grab a chicken grilled sandwich even they there was a chick fil a right next to the wendys. I'm going to make an effort to eat at chick fil a more often i think.

  65. Jim says

    I didn't bother me a great deal when you said "Oh no, it's Sunday or "the Sabbath if you will". Even though the Seventh day of the week is the Sabbath, I can understand why those who keep Sunday rather than the day God sanctified would call it that.

    But to imply that the Israelites in wilderness gathered manna to hold on Sunday is just not Biblical at all. They gathered a double portion of manna on the sixth day (Friday) because God didn't send manna on the Seventh, the Sabbath (Saturday). (See Exodus 16:4-35). And lest you say, no the Seventh day is Sunday. Remember that Jesus rose on the first day of the week (which is why most Protestants claim they go to Church on Sunday). (See Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20.

    I love "Stuff Christians Like". You are poignant, relevant, and funny. Obviously we don't see eye-to-eye on some theological issues. But that isn't a big deal to me. But when you misrepresent scripture, that is a problem.

    • rosbergs3 says

      This particular entry is about chick fil a not which day is the seventh day. What difference does it make anyway to you?

      • Phoeniceus says

        This blog comments on Christian pop culture rather than Christian theology. Jon Acuff is a good writer and entertainer, but he does not discuss theology in great detail.

        That being said, I think he was comparing CFA to manna, not commenting on the sabbath. There are many different interpretations of the proper sabbath day, but no one can definitively say whether it's Saturday or Sunday, ends at nightfall or sunset, etc. Determination of the sabbath is a doctrinal issue issue, not necessarily a theological one.

  66. BlairT says

    I always think about it after I get out of church. And we're really spoiled on the West Coast now. We have Chick-fil-a AND In-N-Out. What now?

  67. Chickpastor says

    Nearly every Sunday. I have been driving past their empty buildings on Sundays for nearly 10 years (which, not coincidentally, is how long I have been ordained) and cursing the darkness. And what I wonder is how they still manage for you to have that teeny little bit of hope! Even though you know there's no possible way it's going to happen! How???

  68. Carrie says

    There's only one Chick Fil A in my state, so I don't get to eat it any day of the week. Making a note to visit when I'm back in the South next month… but not on a Sunday :)

  69. says

    Yes, I have often thought of Chick-fil-a on Sunday but my respect for their being closed always triumphs over my disappointment. My guess is that this helps make Monday a big day for C-F-A.

  70. LidiDi says

    I worked at a Chik-Fil-A for a summer. It was an awesome job. Even then, when I got out of church one day I drove to Chik-Fil-A and then remembered. Oh yeah…

    Also, our favorite response to "Don't you sell burgers" was "Only on Sundays." :-)

  71. says

    I dated a former long-time employee of C-F-A. He told me that the secret to the charbroiled chicken sandwich is pickle juice. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have used his directions to nearly perfect my own Sunday substitute. ok… I have to deny it. I'm still working on it. I could use some divine inspiration.

  72. says

    Sunday morning when I'm running late to Church, I start pulling through the drive thru half a sleep and then realize that it is closed…it has happened numerous times….

    Jon as a lover of hip-hop was wondering if you saw Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Fallon's show singing the History of Rap….Thought it was hilarious and you would enjoy,

  73. says

    When I was a kid we would go to the mall once a year for school shopping. I always wanted to eat at Chick-fil-A but one year we went they were closed. I figured they went out of business. It must have been a Sunday.

  74. Kara says

    Thankfully I eat Chick-Fil-A a lot. There is one like a minute from my house and the new spicy nuggets are TO DIE FOR yummy. I often have cravings especially for the breakfast that I can't have because I am a nurse and they don't open early enough. :.(

  75. Leanne says

    It's sad.. I've been over here long enough that I really have to think hard about having a biscuit with tea as opposed to slathered with gravy or containing a piece of fried chicken.

    In fact, I still think it's quite decadent to have fried chicken for breakfast! Whoever came up with that was a genius…..

  76. clgrawburg says

    I actually come down with my "Saturday Night Craving" almost every week. Right around 9:55pm on Saturday night, I suddenly start to crave Chick-fil-A. Then there is the "DAAAAAAANGIT!!!! They are about to close and I'm going to have a seeeerious hankerin for Chick-fil-A all. day. long. tomorrow." moment. Its a weekly travesty.

  77. DaveRC says

    What Chik-Fil-A should do is have a certain percentage of restaurants where they only hire Jewish workers and Seventh-Day-Adventists. Then those restaurants could close on Saturday and be open on Sunday.

  78. hannahruthie says

    I'm from Washington (state) and we don't have Chik-fil-A. I've been to Missouri and while I was there, I fell in love with those tasty chicken burgers and sweet tea. Coming home I found out we do actually have one. It's 2 hours away. And it's express. All they serve is the basic chicken burger, waffle fries, and lemonade.

    Though I'm on the westcoast, we don't have In-N-Out either. Something needs to change up here in the Northwest. I'm tired of wanting Chik-fil-A any day of the week and not being able to get it.

  79. says

    On Monday I tweeted that I wondered if Chick-fil-a was busier on Mondays because people crave them on Sunday when they're closed. The store I was at was packed and a friend tweeted back to me that the one they went to was packed also. I think my estimation is true.

  80. says

    My husband and I have never eaten at Chik-Fil-A. before. Look's like were really missing out. We read your article in the Indeed magazine entitled Being Lazy for the Lord. That's how we found your blog.

  81. Dan from Newnan, GA says

    I will probably get a few thumbs-down here, but, although I like Chick-Fil-A, I don't think they are a big deal. Beside, there are no Chick-Fil-A's from where I hail from (Minnesota).

    For Minnesota, it was more "Baker's Square" after church (and hopefully with the appropriate tip!).

  82. says

    Although I’ve never heard of them, my cousin in Elmira swears up and down that there no better french fries than Lutheran fries. Must be because they’re sprinkled, rather than fully immersed.

  83. says

    When I moved to MA from NJ, I actually looked up online to see where the closest Chik-fil-A would be. It was the one I went to in NJ. : |

    I get MAD Chik-Fil-A cravings up here in the frozen north… I've actually thought a few times about #5, wondering if I could stock up when I go home to visit my parents and bring some back, but never did it because, yes, like manna, it just wouldn't work on Day 2. (And yes, I have, previous to reading this post, compared Chik-Fil-A to manna in just this context. It was like reading my secret thoughts on someone else's blog. Get out of my brain, Jon Acuff!!)

  84. Patty says

    When we build our new church, we want to give Chik-Fil-A part of our land so they can build right next to us. But that would just be so sad on Sunday morning. Maybe our Saturday night service would really pick up though!

  85. Julie R. says

    I would like to join this support group… Hi, My name is Julie, and I crave Chik-Fil-A on the Sabbath. Its been one week since I have experienced this craving, last Monday I was still at the window (in my Church clothes!) when they opened for business…. BUT I GOT MY BISCUIT!!!!
    Is there like a 12 step program for this? Do I want one? Really?? Maybe I should consider buys chicken on Saturday in preparation for Sunday… I dunno… I may need counseling, now… Thanks Jon! You're SWELL!

  86. says

    Unfortunately for us Northwesterners (I'm of the Seattle-ite variety) the closest Chik-fil-A is in SACRAMENTO or SALT LAKE CITY!! I lived in Texas for one year while attending A&M and must say it is a travesty that those delectable waffle fries haven't made it to the coffee mecca of the country.

    I cry a little every Sunday because I long for their heavenly chicken sandwiches and there is no redemption for my longings come Monday at lunch.

  87. says

    YES I have! I thought I was the only one. I LOVE CHic-fil-a. Nothing like them, no comparison, no other sandwich in the world that needs no condiment – There is therefore now no codement for those who eat Chic-fil-a. :)

  88. Brandon says

    We dont have one in our town of Wichita Falls, but if we did we would pray over it because they use peanut oil to fry with. Not very Christian if you ask me, my daughters allergic to peanuts and so to not make her feel any guiltier than I already do by keeping peanut-butter in the house, we don't eat there. I mean, yea, if she isnt around and Im out for lunch….thats different. But since we don't have a Chick-Fil-A here, its like an empty lustful craving, which God can handle…God can handle….

  89. B. Day says

    I always want CFA on Sundays…but let's not be mean – Wendy's has the best spicy chicken sandwich of anywhere. CFA's regular sandwich is better overall, though.

  90. Rhonda says

    My daughter ( who is 3) gets in the car every week after church and says "I want to go to Chik-Fil-A" and I have to explain to her every week that Chik-Fil-A is closed on Sundays. She asks why and I explain and then the next week we have the exact conversation. I am waiting for my husband to make up a remark and have her remember it.

  91. s_a says

    Thank Christ for Chic-fil-A's witness to His Resurrection celebration. The Sabbath was made for man, why do we not keep it holy unto the Lord?

  92. says

    I LOVE CFA! Used to work there and still love it.
    Bummer, tho, because I no longer live by one :(
    However, I was personally BLESSED to accidentally drive by one on the way home from a roadtrip this summer…. and it was a SATURDAY!!! :) Praise the Lord!
    (Literlly, I did.)

    Did they switch oils?!? Canola doesn't have anything on Peanut for that extra flavor kick.

  93. says

    We own a Chick-fil-A and I can't tell you how many times we will be at the store getting work done on a Sunday and people drive up to the speaker (which says, "Closed Sunday," mind you) and wait…. and wait…. and wait. I feel bad because they are probably thinking our service is terrible, especially since then parking lot is so empty… Oh right. Chick-fil-A is closed. Then they drive off, super fast, like they're afraid someone might find them. As Operators of a Chick-fil-A, we love having Sunday as a guaranteed day off, but we totally appreciate the 24/7 loyalty of our fans! We HAVE to let you eat somewhere else at least once a week… and it helps make you appreciate us more!

    Thanks for the LOVE!

  94. says

    "Grew a moustache and a mullet, got a job at Chick-Fil-A
    Citing artistic differences, the band broke up in May
    and in June reformed without me, and they got a different name
    I nuked another Grandma's apple pie and hung my head in shame." – Ben Folds

  95. says

    I've never actually had Chik-Fil-A. I've lived in WA my whole life, and there aren't any up here. No In-N-Outs either!

    Taco Time is closed on Sundays too though!

  96. Gord says

    I have to represent the Canadian population here. We have no Chick-Fill-A. And pretty much everything in my city is open Sunday except for the Christian bookstores!

  97. John B says

    Being a West-Coaster, I have never eaten at Chick-fil-A. It seems to me to be borderline heathen, like sprinkling a baptism, vs dunking. I only eat at the Most Holy In-n-Out. I mean, c’mon…we have Scriptures on the food! Everyone knows I-n-O eaters will be raptures first.

  98. LB06 says

    So, after reading your blog for a while, THIS is the post that demands my comment! This phenomenon also affects the young and innocent! Occasionally when my 6 year-old asks for Chick Fil A as we're leaving church, I forget and follow your listed steps. Oh, the disappointment for each of us! But also a time to applaud Dan Cathy for standing up for his beliefs. …I think I'll try "The Idea".

  99. says

    Sometimes i wonder if the way to avoid desiring Chick-fil-A on a Sunday is to start attending a church with service on Saturday. I don't know if anyone else has this thought process but mine basically goes like this: "Oh, it's Sunday, it's time for church! *fast forward to end of service* "Where should I get lunch?" I think subconsciously I say "wouldn't it be great if I could eat somewhere Christian? Where they play worship music on the radio?" And what better place for that?! Chick-fil-A. Plus I'll get some good sweet tea!

    So I drive over…and it's closed. I can spend an hour deciding what I want to eat on a bad day and decide Chick-fil-A would be best…then quickly remember…"NOOOO! It's SUNDAY!"
    So no Jon, of course you're not alone.

  100. says

    I do not understand this Chik-Fil-A craze you speak of. I even had to scroll up to make sure I spelled it right. Why are they only in the south? I feel jipped. I also have never eaten at an In-N-Out…I feel like I'm missing out on some miracle food here.

  101. oppurplebrat says

    Ya know, in reading this post, I realized that I never did a lot of eating at the Chikky-Fill until I really joined a good youth group and Teen Advisors. It's almost like CFA is made specifically for the Christians. (I know its not, but its funny to me how my eating there more coincides directly with my serious growth in faith)

  102. andywoo says

    so true! i once drove 20 min to the closest chick-fil-a, only to be reminded by their locked door that it's sunday….the funniest thing is, i drove there straight from church after sunday service…

  103. bubbleskid says

    "So you begrudgingly go to Wendy’s and look at that sweaty heathen with her Pippy Longstocking braids."

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is hilarious!!

  104. says

    Freakin' chicken mini lover here. I will drive far distances to get them. I always make them sticker my breakfast card too. Love those minis…yes I do.


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