The Jesus Juke.

Weird things happen to me when I fly. If you followed me on Twitter you would know this because I tend to have “tweet explosions,” when I’m at airports.

Last Sunday morning, as our plane lifted off the ground, the person behind me started to play what sounded like a pan flute. Just as we began to soar above the clouds, we were greeted with a Zamfir melody from what I can only assume was some sort of satyr. In his defense, the flight attendant did not say, “Please return your seats to their upright position, carefully stow your carry on luggage and put your pan flute back in its elk skin satchel.” He had every right to play that beautiful wooden instrument and play he did.

At another airport I went to, a humongous bodybuilder spent his time in the terminal doing ferocious push ups right beside me. I tweeted about it and folks told me to prove it with a photo. Not likely. One of my rules for twitter is never snap photos of people who can snap you. And this guy could have broken me in half like a thin blogger branch.

But in all the responses from people asking me questions about the terminal B2 bodybuilder, one stuck out. It was different than the rest, but is something I am growing familiar with.

I call it the “Jesus Juke.”

Like a football player juking you at the last second and going a different direction, the Jesus Juke is when someone takes what is clearly a joke filled conversation and completely reverses direction into something serious and holy.

In this particular case, when I tweeted a joke about the guy doing pushups, someone tweeted me back, “Imagine If we were that dedicated in our faith, family, and finances?”

I was fine with that idea, I was, but it was a Jesus Juke. We went from, “Whoa, there’s a mountain of a man doing pushups next to the Starbucks at the airport,” to a serious statement about the lack of discipline we have in our faith and our family and our finances.

I don’t know how to spell it, but in my head I heard that sad trumpet sound of “whaaaa, waaaa.”

And that wasn’t even a bad Jesus Juke. I didn’t mind that statement at all. That guy seemed fine. I’ve heard much worse. I once tweeted about going to see Conan O’Brien live and how big the crowd was. Someone wrote back, “If we held a concert for Jesus and gave away free tickets, no one would come.” Whaaa, waaaa.

Chances are you’ve experienced this. Someone pulled the Christian version of the Debbie Downer, they threw out a bit of Jesus Juke on you. If you have, or even if you haven’t, there are three things we all need to know about this particular move.

1. It generates shame.

The Jesus Juke is a great way to tell a friend, “I wish you possessed the uber holiness I do and were instead talking about sweet baby Jesus in this conversation.” It’s like a tiny little “shame grenade,” you throw it into an otherwise harmless conversation and then watch it splatter everyone in guilt and condemnation.

2. It never leads to good conversation.

I’ve been Jesus Juked dozens of times in my life and I’ve never once seen it lead to a productive, healthy conversation. You might think it will before you juke, but what usually happens is just raw amounts of awkwardness, similar to how I felt sitting in a theater watching the Last Airbender.

3. I’ve never met someone who was “juked to Jesus.”

I once tweeted, “No one’s ever said: ‘The way you bitterly mock other Christians helped me begin a life-changing love of Jesus’ (Be kind).” I wrote that because I wanted to remind us that our jerkiness never led folks to Christ. I don’t think our jukes do either. I don’t really see it as a conversion technique. It’s more of a conversation killer technique.

I hope we all keep talking about Jesus. I hope we talk about him lots and lots. I hope he defines our life and conversations. But if I tell you that when it comes to My Little Pony, I tend to prefer Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie and that Toola Roola has been riding their coattails for years, please don’t respond, “You know who created ponies? Our Lord God did, that’s who.”

Has anyone ever pulled a “Jesus Juke” on you?

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  1. Sanjay and mandy suckoo says

    I’ve been Jesus Juked and I have Jesus sucks either way..i’ve never seen it be beneficial either.

  2. says

    Haha, I love the “whaaa whaaaaa” trumpet sound, I can hear it in my head even now. I might actually make that noise if someone Jesus Jukes me just to break the awkward silence: “Hey, guys, guess where I’m going today?” “The only thing that really matters is where you go when you die.” … “Whaaaa Whaaaaaa.” :D

    • says

      Just so I can visualize it correctly: Is the second ‘Whaaaaa’ a higher pitch than the first, or lower? I’m thinking lower.

      And do you know when a trumpet sound will have the most affect on your life? Well, I’ll tell you when. It’s that great day. The last day. That day when . . .

      • Jon G says

        If there were a Jesus App I wonder if anybody would download it, even if it was free. Now I’m going to be looking for opportunities to Jesus Juke!

        • Tori says

          That’s what I was thinking! Phew! Glad it was you that said it.
          And unfortunately, the sick way my mind works I will now be thinking up a juke. All. The. Time.
          Too bad I don’t think about Jesus as much.

        • okie says

          I was just thinking something along the lines of: “the only app that matters is the application of the blood of Jesus to your sinful heart.”

    • says

      Any comments like that, at work, would be the perfect time for our ‘cue dead frames’ script to fire off. It detects any frames on the render farm that have died with whatever errors, and plays a ‘fail’ sound, one of which is in fact the sad trombone. We also have the Wilhelm scream, Darth Vader’s infamous ‘noooooooooooooooooo,’ Pac Man dying, Mario dying, among many many others in an ever expanding collection. Its timing is occasionally impeccable, too, and it has added much hilarity to my work day.

  3. LauraT99 says

    “sweet baby Jesus” makes me think of the Ricky Bobby prayer…

    You forgot to mention that you have to look down your nose when you Jesus Juke.

    • Cristy says

      Laughed out loud at the reference to Ricky Bobby!

      I’m thinking a lot of times it’s not even a sanctimonious holier than thou thing it’s more of I know I suck as a follower of Jesus and I just thought I’d point out how terrible we are kind of thing. Same outcome though shame, guilt, and a poor witness to the reality.

    • Cristy says

      Not sure it’s always a holier that thou sanctimonious thing. I think a lot of time it’s thrown out as I’m a terrible at this walking with Christ thing and I want other people to know. Same end result though, guilt and a bad reflection of what Jesus desires for us.

  4. says

    Being groomed in hardcore fundamentalism for many years, the Jesus Juke was a requirement for us. As a matter of fact, for those who were not into juking, there was grave suspicion. Everything was meant to be elevated to the sublime. If you had a pet at home, you were robbing the kingdom of soul-building wealth one can of Alpo at a time. They would frown upon your blog, Jon, as being. Jovial Juke…daring to exhale, laugh and be human. The nerve!

    • says

      The sad thing is I HAVE thought about the whole “$40 in cat food/litter a month = how many hot meals for homeless people” equation… and when Whitey Ford is sticking his kitten nose in my eye at 6:45am it seems like a great trade.

      • says

        I’m fine with someone having that conviction for themselves but it’s the assumption that someone else must share it that is irritating. Someone once told me that, since animals wouldn’t be in heaven, why invest them on earth? Playing devil’s advocate, I asked about the horses that Jesus and the saints ride on in the book of revelation. I wonder if that counted as a juke.

        • says

          Or what about the donkey he rode into Jerusalem? Or Balaam’s donkey? Or…David’s….cat….

          [Ok, that last one was made up.]

          Would it be acceptable to just ignore the juke and get the conversation back on track as if it had never happened? I think I’ve tried that a couple of times.

        • Dale Brueggemann says

          Yep, but that was a totally edifying juke–and yes “edifying” is a much more jukey term than “hilarious,” which is far too secular of a sentiment to ever admit having

    • says

      Perfect JJ for Harry Potter:

      Father to kid reading HP: “You know who was the real Boy Who Lived? Jesus. Go read your Bible.” (Tosses book in trash.)

      Guess who got that particular Jesus Juke over and over growing up?

      • says

        And how about saying to a child, “Superman? Batman? Why would you want to talk about superheroes? You have the REAL Superhero living right there in your heart!” Oh yeah, that one’s real. Credit to the adults in my young life, who taught me how to juke around the clock. ;)

  5. says

    So Jon, here’s a question. Is there ever a time in a conversation to suggest that it might be wise to move from the banal to the more profound?

    And how would one do it without creating shame?

  6. J-Dub says

    Nailed it! I try to assume others are more committed followers of Jesus than I am before making any statement about Jesus…because #1) it’s probably true and #2) it’s takes pressure off and #3) it removes any notion of judgment that most everyone is weary of.

  7. Greta Luisa says

    Yeah, my last church was just like that… about everything. “Sure that movie is fun and harmless, but it would be a better use of my time to read my Bible”, etc., etc., etc.

    I loved the Debbie Downer reference- so true!

  8. says

    The only time I can appreciate a Jesus Juke is when the conversation turns mean-spirited. I love sarcasm and I love to laugh but when it starts getting hurtful, a good Jesus Juke will brake your sanctimonious ankles (I really just wanted to write sanctimonious in a sentence twice this week).

  9. says

    Oh, man! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen books on “evangelism” that recommended this as a practical technique for “steering conversations to the Lord.” My mind is blocking out the specifics, apparently through a subliminal desire to preserve my sanity.

    You know somebody who loves you way too much to Jesus Juke you? Jesus.

    (Yeah, doesn’t even work there.)

  10. says

    Oh, Lord, I hate those! The people who most often seem to pull them are desperate malcontents who hate happiness.

    Seriously; a happy, peace-filled, spirit-led person doesn’t perform Jesus Jukes. Angry people looking for a “spiritual” way to take their aggression out on others do.

    I always want to snark back at them, but I usually hold my tongue. :P

  11. Jesusfreak says

    I have, and probably will. My aim in life is not entertainment but truth. I dont like being a kill joy but often i find that when it happens to me i do sit and think about what that person said, and often pray for forgiveness that i’ve been side tracked

  12. KMR says

    You know when I’m most guilty of Jesus joking folks (by the way, fantastic term)? When I’m talking to my kids. In fact, your juke response to the I little pony conversation at the end of your post? I made that very response just last night. And I was feeling pretty good about it until I read your blog this morning. Thanks.

    • says

      To be fair, I think it’s important to bring up God with the kiddos as much as possible. It does lead to conversations about God, which is good. My kids are 3 and 5 months, and so could use a strong foundation of “God is everywhere, even in PonyLand.” Jon, probably not so much.

      • Larksilver says

        The issue here is context. Recently, my son (11) and I had a conversation where we discussed the comparisons made between Jesus’ story and the last Harry Potter book. This conversation was meaningful, fairly deep for a tween, and full of talk about Jesus, sacrifice, love, and selflessness.

        If he’d come in to say “hey Mom, I want to wear a Harry Potter costume to this party!” and I’d dumped all over his idea with how Jesus is better than Harry Potter? Jesus juke, and a real buzzkill for me AND the kid.

        • MG says

          This comment is a little late in the game, but I liked your comment. I would describe your discussion as a healthy way to develop critical thinking skills. You’re not sucking the enjoyment out of a good read or shaming at all. I also totally agree that what you described (about trashing a costume,etc.) would not be the right thing to do. : )

  13. says

    I think we should do a lot more living in Jesus’ name and less speaking in His name.
    Colossians 3:17 — “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

    Whaaaa, waaaaa… — Me blog, mateys. Aaaarrrrr.

  14. says

    I’ve been Jesus juked. My favorite – it is my favorite because it is clearly the worst instance I’ve experienced – is when something I said in an interview for a church was Jesus juked in my face 6 months after I got the job! Apparently this person that in on the interview (not a boss, not even close) didn’t like it and wanted to juke me in the future. So they did. They were in the process of telling me why they didn’t like me (always a fun conversation to have), and they said, “Well, in your interview, you said…” Then they juked me.

    And yes, on the chance they read your blog and comments, I’m keeping gender neutral and purposely vague.

    • says

      Yikes! O_o

      Why on earth would they go on a spiel of all the reasons why they don’t like you? That’s such a weird thing to say to someone [unless they are a relative or a stalker].

      • Larksilver says

        Sadly, many people seem to think that people working for the church, whether they are clergy or serve in some other capacity, have no feelings, and therefore they can talk to them however they like. I have been mortified at the way some of my fellow church-goers have treated the volunteers and employees of the church on more than one occasion.

    • says

      That’s incredibly lame of them to wait 6 months if they had a problem =P

      but in the spirit of pedantically defining terms, I dunno if it fits exactly into the Juke classification.

      Now if they quoted your interview at you and you responded with, “Maybe instead of memorizing my interview you should spend that energy memorizing the WORD of the LORD” that would have been an epic defensive juke.

  15. says

    When the PS3 and XBox360 came out and people were waiting all night in the cold at Best Buy and Walmart. Someone will say, “Imagine if people were that dedicated to the Lord and lined up at our churches for his word which is free?!”

  16. Becky says

    Great message but my favorite part is the My Little Pony bit! It’s nice to know that my house is not the only one taken over by the wee little ponies…Star Song, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash are the favored ones in our house!

  17. says

    Ooh, there’s an epic Jesus Juke (although it was before Jesus’ time, so technically it’s not a ‘Jesus Juke’) in 2 Samuel, when Nathan tells David a story to make him angry at the skeezy guy in the story, then springs it on him that he IS the skeezy guy…

    Hmmm… A thought just occurred to me… Does it count as a Jesus Juke if you bring up a story from scripture in the comments section on a humor blog?

  18. Matt T. says

    I get so aggravated by these. Not “Westboro Baptist Church” aggravated, mind you, more like “fly buzzing around my head while I’m trying to sleep” aggravated.

    It happens to me a lot. The Pennsylvania Bible Belt, and all that.

    I don’t think they mean any harm or think they’re better than me, though. I think it’s just their programming. But it’s still one of those things that’s so annoying, it’s borderline amusing.

    I find it ironic, though, that most of us here are pretty guilty of turning your posts into Jesus Jukes, though. ;)

    • Matt T. says

      Also, I was going to fake Jesus Juke you by turning your mention of “The Last Airbender” into a metaphor for Judas Iscariot, but then I thought, “Nah, Judas doesn’t deserve that.” ;)

    • Matt T. says

      That’s not so much a Jesus Juke as it is a REALLY overused joke primarily employed by people who think they’re hilarious but aren’t.

      Kind of like shouting, “Grace!” when someone says, “Let’s say grace.” *

      *That should be a post on this website, because I’m totally planning on (lovingly, mind you) BLINDSIDING the next person who does that around me. ;)

      • Larksilver says

        aw. But in some families (like mine), that’s practically a tradition. My Dad was the king “Grace!” shouter. Now when we all gather, since he’s gone, it’s a kind of sweet but not overly sappy way to feel like he’s with us for a moment.

    • Holly W. says

      Haha – at church I ask my junior highers the same question when their phone buzzes during group time. Once I said “Is that Jesus??!” and she said — no, it’s my DAD.” woops.

      • says

        A guest preacher told us of the time someone’s phone went off while he was speaking. He said, ‘you’d better answer that, it might be Jesus calling.’ The lady looked at her phone and went pale. Then she laughed in relief, ‘oh, it’s CHRIS…!’

  19. tom reusch says

    No I have never been Jesus Juked, but that’s only because I spend all my time reading the Bible and praying. (did I get it right?)

  20. says

    Not to shame her, or anything, but my awesome wife Jesus jukes me all the time. It’s just how she was raised–with a lot of shame. So I show her grace, but sometimes I gotta offer the beard of judgment–cause it just gets too thick.

    Oops, was that whole comment a Jesus juke? My bad!

    If so inclined, please checkout

  21. says

    Love this post. I was recently Jesus Juked on Twitter, following someone’s casual question about what we were eating. (Like any of us put much thought into such random tweets.) It ended with me and Kely Braswell discussing the finer points of peanut butter. To which someone else replied, “How can you call yourselves Christians when you eat hydrogenated fats?” Ha! The Jesus Jukerer didn’t stick around long, but blocked me within half an hour. :)

  22. Mark says

    Just think that if you’ve read this far in the comments you could have led 82 abused puppies to Christ with the time you’ve wasted…

  23. David Jarrett says

    I tend to be sarcastic and think I’m funny, but we used to do this all the time, just for fun, not for serious. Kind of like a Jokey Jesus Juke. Like the time I said that the day I got to ride this huge swing (the kind that takes you clear up in a tree and you have to wear a harness) was the best day of my life and my buddy replied, “Mine was when I met Jesus, but whatever.” But we understood each other and it was cool. He wasn’t serious, but I was, or not.

  24. says

    This wasn’t exactly a Jesus Juke, but your story made me think of it. The other day I posted on facebook that my husband and I had gone to Walmart and bought pirate swords for our sons’ halloween costumes, and that was our “hot date” for the week. And one of my friends was all “I wish I could go to Walmart with my husband, but he’s in Oregon for the military for a year.” And then another one of my friends was all “Well I wish I had a husband at all to go on dates with to Walmart. Being single stinks.” And I was thinking, you know, having your husband gone would stink, and so does being single I’m sure, but don’t get all serious and cry for sympathy on my stupid facebook post.

    I totally should have Jesus Juked them back. “Imagine if you spent that much time and energy longing after Jesus instead of a man.”

    Yeah. That would have shown them.

    • huggiesgirl says

      I miss the thumbs up button…now I have to write real replies when I like a comment. Sigh. ;)

      If only I spent as much time fishing for people as I do fishing for sympathy… Heheh, this is a fun game :D

      • Leslie says

        I totally agree about missing the thumbs up (though not the thumbs down)! As a single person if I say something about being single I get “its better than being married to the wrong one!” and stuff like that… so yep, Erin, those are absolutely annoying!

  25. Sally says

    Comedian Michael Junior does a funny bit on this: You ask the person, “Are you thirsty?” and they respond, “Thirsty for the Lord.” Tell them that you’ve lost your keys, and they say, “Seek first the kingdom of God…”

  26. says

    I know where you are coming from and that there is a time for every thing, but what about those who perceive “every thing” as a Jesus Juke.

    There are times when spiritual pearls of wisdom can be handed out, but some people don’t want wisdom. They just want to be “happy” all the time not having to think about important things of life.

    If you are this type of person, I will kindly take my pearls to others and let you get back to putting your snout in the ground.

    What if Peter turned to Jesus and said, “Please not a juke again, I just wanted to know why the man was lame”.

    (Ouch, this is Wednesday, right?) :)

  27. says

    I see nothing wrong with it. In twitter, it’s easy to misread a tweet. You’ve got 140 characters and lots of misunderstandings that are generated from that tweet. It’s hard to tell where that person was standing and what they were thinking when they read your tweet. Your tweet probaly made them think aloud. I know I have written blogs inspired from tweets; and there were some odd tweets.

  28. says

    This is so so true. If I had a nickel for every time someone Jesus Juked me I would be a rich man. When I started reading this I almost died laughing at my desk at work.

    It’s so absurd that we feel the need to verbally tear down others in the faith, rather than encourage them to “press on towards the goal that we might receive the prize.”

    Thanks for writing this to give me a good laugh today, and also bring to light how ridiculous we can be when we let human pride masked by hyper-spirituality to coat our speech.

  29. @jenochej says

    Am I the only person who’s never heard the term “juke” before? All through this post, I kept thinking about jukeboxes…

  30. says

    Yes! I reposted what I thought was a hilarious picture via my blog. It was of so kids dressed up like the Jersery Shore people, they had them down! It was really funny. Then, a dear friend, whom I love…”juked me”. They meant well, they were talking about how sad family values are these days and how sad a person would dress thier child up like that. After a long talk, they felt bad, I felt bad, etc. I then felt the need to blog about how I didnt condone that, sorry I laughed, it was just simple humor, etc. It was a mess.

    • says

      I don’t that one of the requirements for a Jesus Juke is that you make a realllly forced segue to make something totally trivial into a spiritual guilt-trip (either just using the trivial thing as a strained metaphor, or else by pointing out that the trivial thing is a waste of time better spent being holy).

      Commenting on how ***the joke itself*** is representative of bad morals or low standards, that’s not a Jesus Juke, that’s just a commentary. I don’t know who Jersey Shore is so I don’t know if it was a justified commentary…but I think a Jesus Juke in this scenario would be more like,

      “It’s such a shame that people will dress their kids up like Jersey Shore when they won’t even dress their kids up like the Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ. Is this really the best use of costume to glorify God?”

  31. ImmaDale says

    This is magically delicious … I’ve been getting the big JJ a lot lately since we haven’t thought of a name yet for our unborn child, which apparently invites a lot of “Well, what does JESUS think her name should be?” I’ll admit, I’ve told people we’re going with Jezebel.

  32. says

    This has been alluded to in other comments but I would like to make the official recommendation that Serious Wednesday becomes Jesus Juke Wednesday…because that’s what happens every time I am reading through old posts here and don’t realize I found a Wednesday one. =P

  33. says

    I remember tweeting that I’d gone out of the house for the day with 2 different shoes on. The fb comments on it were great and hilarious, but at one point, an elderly man from my church reminded us all that we’re so blessed to have 2 pairs of shoes to mix-up. That was a Jesus Juke I had to respectfully let kill the conversation.

  34. K8YBug says

    Parents do this ALL the time!! ” Hey mom, I saw there are paper towels on sale at Safeway, ten for ten!” ” Yes, I saw that Sally, but do you know who could really use your money??? Jesus.” … whaa WAAAAAAAA… !

  35. paul says

    A few years back we had a plumbing disaster that required us to dig up the entire front yard and replace the sewer line. Once we finished the foreman on the job looked me straight in the face and said “now that we’ve got your sewer fixed up how’s your soul?” Seriously. Worst segue ever.

  36. says

    Are “Serious Wednesday” posts really Jesus Jukes?

    My brothers-in-law and I jokingly JJ each other constantly as a running joke, then end it with “Amen?”

    Also, what about the SKIAJ? (Starving Kids In Africa Juke)

  37. says

    I just remembered the Jesus Juke e-mail about cell phones and Bibles. It’s a really long juke that I delete as soon as I see what it is.

  38. says

    i was selling candy bars for school to some friends at church. i got cornered by one “friend” who said if he were jesus, he’d take my box of candy bars and throw them out the window for selling “wares” in the church. i was 9. my mom clothes-lined his jesus juke.

  39. says

    I found one! I found a real live Jesus Juke! My uncle posted on Facebook today how much he likes Stephen Lawhead books and asking which one to read next… and the first comment says, “I like reading the BIBLE cause it give us WISDOM and the truth.” Waaaaah waaaaaaaah. She did realize that Stephen Lawhead’s a Christian author, right?

    • says

      Having read most of the Pendragon cycle and a few other books, I am surprised to hear you say he’s a Christian author. He writes books about the Holy Grail and the Crusades, certianly. But in what sense, a Christian author? (Maybe it was a later transformation that I never read).

      • says

        I think it’s fairer to say that Lawhead is a Christian who is an author. Subtle distinction, I know, but there it is. (Bad analogy following–best I could do off the top of my head). If Strobel is today’s C.S. Lewis, then Lawhead is akin to Tolkien.

      • Paige says

        Lawhead is definitely a Christian. His earlier books were more overt. He was one of the few Christian sci/fi & fantasy authors I could find growing up. (Not that I only read Christian authors.)

  40. Josh W. says

    Jesus juke. That’s a good name for it. I hate it too. Nothing like a pious guilt-laden, finely crafted, proverbial smack in the face. Honestly, how do you respond when someone hits you with one of those? “Thank you for your holiness.”?

    And yeah, I felt quite awkward watching The Last Airbender as well. It was probably the lamest movie I have ever seen. Good call Jon.

  41. says

    I pulled this the other day on Facebook…
    I mentioned playing Christmas music.
    A bunch of people were disliking my status
    I pulled a baby Jesus in the manger so fast they all had whiplash.
    Don’t mess with my Christmas music!
    or my baby Jesus in the manger!

    • says

      Sweet little 8lb. baby Jesus…
      I do love me some Christmas music…listening to me some Bela Fleck at this very moment. Mess with my Christmas music and I will fight you! Jesus loves you! :)

  42. mellowpear says

    Once, a group of my Christian friends and I were discussing the ingenuity of TOMS shoes, and how it was a cleverly awesome humanitarian effort. Then my friend pipes up “That doesn’t mean [Tom] is going to heaven.”

    I should feel worse about how we all proceeded to rip into him a little…

  43. says

    i friggin’ LOVE this!!!!! you took the words right out of my mouth, well, not literally, but you have put into words what i’ve tried to say to so many. you post something about having the runs and someone responds, “i will pray for your healing in jesus’ name.” WHAT!!!??!!! are you kidding me!?! i am going to print this, email it, make copies to hand out to people at church. heck, i may even eat it so it’s always inside….well, that won’t work because it’ll end up come out with the runs. you rock. keep being real. that’s what it’s all about. RELATIONSHIP. NOT RELIGION! ps….just so someone doesn’t think i’m one of those christian totally modern cult-like people, i’m not. i serve in full time ministry and my whole message is about not being “religious”…just chillax and know when to “HOLLAH!!!!” and know when to zip it!

    in jesus name,

  44. Jennifer says

    Hundreds of times. So much I’m affectionately known as a Jesus Juke punch- bag. JJp for short. T-shirt will be available for the holiday season…oops Christmas. Whaaaaa waaaa. Juked again.

  45. says

    Here’s my favorite:

    Me: I’m hungry.

    JJ: Jesus is the bread of life.

    Me: Well if Jesus wants to conjure me some bread, I’d be down with that.

    JJ: You only need faith.

    Me: What about $5 and a Wendy’s?

    [These are things I’d WANT to say. XD XD XD]

  46. Zastrow says

    This happened to me when I was in jr. high. I was at a week of bible camp and had just won a contest in which I was the fastest to down a sloppy joe. One of the counselors informed me that I would do great things if I could “eat the word of God like I just ate that sandwich”. All I could do was give a “thumbs up”.

  47. @JesseMSmith says

    My friend Sam- “Dude, I really wish I could grow a mustache for November”
    Me- “Yeah, I don’t think I’ll grow one this year”
    Sam- “Oh come on! You NEED to grow one!”
    Me- “whoa, ok then, maybe I will”
    Sam-“..well good thing our facial hair doesn’t get us into heaven Jesse!”

    …The Jesus Juke is a daily occurrence in our group of friends.

  48. says

    Years ago, I was talking to someone and mentioned that something was “awesome”. She went in to how she doesn’t use that word anymore because there’s nothing more awesome than God and she just doesn’t feel right using a word to describe, say, a sunset that you could use to describe God.
    Yup. I heard the “waaa waaa waaa” trumpet, too!

  49. says

    Dude, this is an awesome post! The Jesus Juke can be an enormous annoyance even if the juke is a mild one. Last I checked, it was okay to be human…wonder if Jesus ever pulled an “Himself” juke?

    • says

      All the pharasses were like “Man we’re gonna stone this adulterous chick down, son!.. Hey, Jesus, You wanna help us throw rocks at this sin bag?” And Jesus was all like, “Sure… Whoever is without sin get’s to go first.”

      I’m pretty sure the Hebrew script has one of the pharassees mumbling “waaaa waaaaa” as he walked away.

  50. says

    This happened to me during the baseball playoffs. When the Yankees came back late and beat the Rangers, I posted on FB, “I hate the Yankees.” Which led to something like a Madden-cheat-code-Mike-Vick Jesus Juke of 1. my uncharitable use of language, 2. my unacceptable bias against Northerners, and 3. the probable demonic stronghold sports has over me. It was one awesome stutter-step juke, let me tell you. (Btw, I still hate the Yankees – the New York baseball Yankees.)

  51. says

    Regarding point #3: If only we could quote scripture the way you quote your Twitter updates… “Whaaa, Waaa”. Sorry, but that was a fastball down the middle.

    Great post. I appreciate it, and will avoid all future “juking”…

  52. says

    Dude, as a pastor this has happened WAY TO MANY TIMES! It’s so pretentious. Jon, how do we deflect the Jesus Juke without coming off like (too much of) a jerk?

  53. Charlie says

    I usually do a similar version of this to make my friend feel lame.
    We will be too tired to continue our studies, complaining about the next paper we have to write. Sometimes we will even talk about how bored we are of Bible college and how exhausted we are feeling from the arduous pile of assignments: exegeticals, capstone paper, projects, exegeticals, and term papers.

    I will bust out some response like, “Dude, Paul was shipwrecked for three months,” or “Yeah, Jesus hung on a cross for 6 hours, so he probably wasn’t exhausted or anything,” or “Peter was crucified upside-down.” These responses typically get a humored response because my friends know I am sarcastic with them. But being serious about the “Jesus Juke” is like listening to country music and enjoying it: simply strange.

  54. says

    i stand by my statement: That’s like being stuck on a plane in front of a centaur with poor social skills.

    Seriously, who does that?! Who plays a pan flute in an enclosed space where no one can get away. I mean, what if the sound of a pan flute reminds you of the time your Mom was gored to death by a unicorn? Insensitive.

    As far as I’m concerned, the pan flute guy *should* be ashamed.

    Oh, and all that other stuff you said was good. I liked it.

  55. says

    guilty!!! omg! is it because i know it is the maximum amount of damage for the maximum amount of time.

    of course i have had it done to me but i never thought of it in such a picturesque way.


  56. says

    LOVE this post. I have always felt kind of sorry for “Jesus jukers.” It’s because most of them don’t really seem to “get it” in a particular conversation, so they just start spouting Sunday School jargon. I guess sometimes they really MEAN to make everyone feel like jerks for not being 100% pious 100% of the time, but sometimes I just get the vibe that people pull “Jesus jukes” because they really don’t have anything else to add to the conversation. That’s when I want to pat them on the head.

    Some people don’t seem to understand that it’s okay for Christians to have senses of humor and that it’s okay for them to talk about something that’s not directly related to God. They don’t “get it,” and that’s sad.

    If only more people would write blogs about being compassionate to “Jesus jukers.” Tee hee.

  57. says

    really? this is a bad thing? i might be a little lost but seeing spiritual things in the seemingly non-spiritual can’t be all that bad, can it?

    Isn’t this “juke” just a metaphor? The good book uses metaphors and parables all the time.

    Perhaps you’re talking about OVERLY spiritualizing everything. If so, I get that. but as I read it, it just sounds like someone is seeing something spiritual in the world. Doesn’t seem so bad to me.

  58. says

    Oops, I just thought of a Jesus Juke I committed over 30 years ago and it is forever documented in my memoir. I never really thought about it much but your really have opened my eyes to times when I HAVE experienced this. Let us be senstive to the Holy Spirit as we look for opportunites to share Jesus–without juking!! :)

  59. Amy says

    **snicker** this made me think of the way people here in the PacNW do a different kind of juke – the Eco-Juke. Everything you say/do around here is met with a “You could recycle that”, or “You just killed a baby seal by doing that”, or “Another tree died so you could drink that”. waaa waaaa. Excellent post – makes you think how often we take the fun out of life by refusing to see that God also has a sense of humor :)

  60. Rebekah says

    Let me just say in defense of Avatar: The Last Airbender that the show the movie is based on is far and away one of the best shows I have ever seen. I haven’t seen the movie and based on peoples reactions I tend to pretend that it just doesn’t exist. They explore a lot of complex themes of friendship, forgiveness, abuse, loyalty, war and family but in a very kid-friendly way (the show is aimed for 9-12 yrolds) while not taking away from the seriousness and depth that these topics encompass. Also theres really cool (but kid friendly!) fight scenes and awesome animation and the story is very well put together (ie not random like every other kids show on the planet). I love this show and I’m a soon-to-be 22 yr old college student.

    As for the jesus jukes, my friends and I do tend to go from goofy conversation to serious in seconds but it never seems to be in an awkward, condemnation type of way. Also I’ve never tried to or seen it used on non-christians, I suspect it wouldn’t go over terribly well. This is stuff that needs to be worked into conversation more gradually and naturally.

    • Beccy says

      Well, yes, Avatar: The Last Airbender is/was the greatest thing ever to happen to television. That’s what makes the movie such a travesty. In the words of my 10 year old daughter, “even the Ember Island Players did it better”

    • Michelle says

      My daughter (16) enjoyed Airbender, but only because she and her friends treated it like the abridged series of other manga – that is, totally unrelated to the original, except character names.

      • says

        Um, Avatar: The Last Airbender was an AMERICAN cartoon. Even though it was inspired by Japanese anime with it’s style and humor, it has nothing to do with manga. That is unless there was COMIC (mangas are Japanese) that I missed.

  61. Mishael says

    #1 – I have a tendency to Jesus Juke myself. I’ll realize that I’m strongly committed to something that, although it’s enjoyable, I know it’s not important in the grand scheme of things. Then I’ll think, “Now, why can’t I show committment in my faith like that?” Because I’m doing it to myself, I think Jesus Juking is pretty constructive.

    #2 – I especially hate when non-believers try to Jesus Juke believers in order to guilt-trip them into doing what they want, and then acting like they’ve proven Christianity false when we don’t do what they want.

    • says

      Ooooh, #2 has happened to me A LOT. My sister, back when she was a drug addict and all kinds of other stuff would say to me, after I turned her down for doing something for her, “Yeah, ’cause that’s what a REAL Christian would do.” or when I got angry with her and said something I probably shouldn’t have: “And you call yourself a Christian. *laughter*”

      I used to get so furious at her for doing that. We’re to a point now that she understands and is honestly trying to do better, so I’m rid of it. Thank God.

  62. Kathy says

    I was enthused about starting yoga, and needed it. When I shared my new video (yes, VCR video of Raquel Welch, it was 1992), she looked concerned, frowned, and said, “Physical fitness is fine, but do you think Jesus wants you to worship false idols in exercise?”

    Wha??? Juke!

  63. says

    I made the mistake of telling a clerk at a Christian Book Store that I was “killing time” until a meeting. He then proceeded to lecture me about how we should never waste time because every minute is a minute God gave us. I just wanted to say “Dude, I just wanted to look at this Francis Chan book” but no, now you’ve ruined my day.

  64. Debbie Ann says

    I find the term “Debbie Downer” to be offensive. I mean I’m not trying to be a Negative Nancy here, but you should really try to be more sensitive to the Debbie’s of the world who are very positive and pleasant people. :p

  65. Shana says

    thanks jon.
    i get ‘juked’ constantly – by my friends! know why? i don’t speak Christian-ese – i speak from my heart. i say things like ‘feel’ instead of ‘led by the holy spirit’ – i even once said ‘decide’ instead of ‘discern’. oops!
    waaa waaa waaa

  66. DEL says

    The “Jesus Juke Joint” where snarky little, side-hugging, spiritual pedophiles gather in the shadows waiting to verbally molest just about anyone that walks by. This sounds like most churches I’ve been to. Worst yet, I’ve been in the shadows myself.

  67. Erica M. says

    This post was great! One of the funniest in my opinion. “you know who created ponies? Our Lord God did, that’s who.” So funny.

  68. DoubleD says

    “I wish all of these kids were as devoted to the Lord the other 364 days each year.” -overheard at a packed out Carman concert, 1993, Worcester, Mass.

    Really? J.Juking people at a Carman concert?

    Jon, this had to be said. And you said it. Thanks.

  69. Mike says

    What would the opposite be called, like, you are being serious and somethrows a joke in, would that still be a Jesus Juke or a REverse JEsus Juke?

  70. says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is one of those things that drives me nuts — specifically the guilt aspect.

    “What if we cared just 10% as much for Jesus as we did for the new IPhone” is a popular one on Facebook every time Apple makes an announcement. My response is usually “I guess we’d be looking to replace Him every 9-24 months, too.” It’s probably a good thing we don’t react like girls screaming their heads off at the Beatles one week and Chad and Jeremy the next. (and yes, all my musical references are before my time)

    This also works when you’re caught saying something stupid on your blog, in person, or in church. A cheap defense is “I can blog/preach/talk about Jesus 100 days a year and get a little response — I say one thing out of line and I’m bashed for it.” It’s an attempt to guilt someone and it usually shows more of the writer than they intended.

  71. Josh says

    Matt 4:2 “After fasting 40 days and 40 nights He was hungry. The tempter came to him and said, ‘if you are the son of God, tell these stones to become bread.’ Jesus answered, ‘It is written, Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God'”

    BOOM!!! Jesus just “Jesus Juked” the Devil!!!

    Awesome Jon. and i guess the moral is it’s okay to Jesus Juke the Prince of Darkness.

    are there any other instances where people were Jesus Juked in the bible???

  72. Phil E. says

    For those of you not on The Twitter, you just missed this set of tweets related to the Jesus Juke that made me thankful I was on mute on a conference call right now :)

    @prodigaljohn says: “Until the vows are officially said, there are girls the world over thinking, “I’ve still got a shot with William.””
    RT @JamieTheVWM: @prodigaljohn “If only they put as much thought into getting a shot at Heaven through our Lord, Jesus Christ. #JesusJuke”

    Beautifully played guys.. gave me a true LOL for the day (and I don’t mean lots of love) ;)

  73. Katie says

    ALl I could think of while reading this were the Debbie Downer sketches on SNL. I guess someone will probably Jesus Juke me for watching SNL now :)

  74. Lisa Grant says

    Some situations demand a Jesus Juke. In college, I went on a date with a young man who appeared to be “Mr. Right.” He was handsome, athletic, and a Bible college student studying to become a pastor. On our first (and only) date, he took me to a drive-in movie (yes, this was a few years ago) and tried to convince me to have sex with him. I was young and naive, so this behavior caught me completely off guard. My response? “What do you think Jesus would think of us right now?” He let out a deep sigh, head-butted the steering wheel, and drove me home. :)

    • jveronicafrench says

      I think you were justified in that situation. The difference is that your date was being a real jerk, and therefore needed to be reminded of who he was, who you are, and who God is. Most of the time, Jesus jukers are just small, petty killjoys with poor social skills.

  75. arpa+nc says

    This is a trick, right Jon!!?? You were speaking of something light heartedly and it’s a tease to get us to spiritualize it, right!!! You’re so funny…
    Seriously though, (watch out, here comes the juke) reading through the responses it’s amazing that, like Jesus, what He said was missed by those who have ears but do not hear and eyes but do not see…but keep speaking the truth, Jon…if the parable of the sower is any indication, about 25% WILL get it!!

  76. David W. says

    Yeah, it’s happened to me. That’s one reason I boast w/Romans 8:1 in my email address – because there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!

  77. says

    I used to attend a young adult Sunday School class where we started every class with some sort of light-hearted ice-breaker to learn everyone’s names and maybe something about them.
    You know the stuff,
    “If you could have any super power what would it be? And say your name.”
    “What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? And your name.”
    “Who’s hotter, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?”

    But there was one guy who refused to participate, every week, because it was church and if we weren’t talking about Jesus in church – well we just shouldn’t be talking.

    There was also an occasion where I was at a Christian college soccer game and one of the professors (who was South American I think and very serious about his soccer) started heckling the players a bit. That was awkward, but more awkward was the girl who started singing, “And They’re Know We’re Christians by Our Love” in response.

    Yeah, I’m sure that changed his life.

  78. says

    I’ve been guilty of this, but I’m not ashamed of my brilliant Jesus Juke. It’s convicting and at the same time quite funny, so I’ve never felt it was too over the top. Here’s the scenario:

    You’re in a group of people, chatting back and forth about meaningless things. And then, just as it always happens…. the conversation goes south. A dirty joke is said, an innuendo was brought to life, or some girl mentions taking a shower in front of a group of guys. Just as everyone starts awkwardly chuckling and losing eye contact, I simply say: “I’m here on behalf of Jesus and he–” Then, straight-faced, I turn and walk away. Usually I turn back to smile and laugh, and then return to the group. Subject is changed, crisis averted.

    I’ve only done this a few times, mostly with young people who get that it’s a joke and don’t get offended. They laugh too. I’m not proud of the possibility of making people feel ashamed. I am hoping that instead it got them to think about how meaningful their meaningless conversations really are.
    I think the difference b/t my Jesus Juke and others is the fact that it’s not blatant and completely self-righteous in it’s delivery. It just lets people know, “Hey, I’m not continuing this conversation.” or “We need to talk about something else.”

    I have been Jesus Juked WAY worse than that though. And it sucks. It makes you want to say something back that’s really mean… but you know that they’re right… so you can’t say anything.
    I have a friend who does it all the time, but because we all know he does it on purpose, just to be sarcastic, we laugh at it together. I don’t take it too seriously.

  79. Brenda says

    Oh yes. This is such a great article. I have seen this happen so many times; especially on Facebook. When the new season of Glee started and everyone was so excited & talking it up on FB, a teen posted on their status “imagine if teenagers got excited and gathered together to pray like they do to watch glee. our world would be so different.” While I am not a fan of Glee, I certainly don’t see how teens watching an hour of Glee is something to be publicly shamed for. I find this very pretentious and self righteous. I think it would make Jesus cringe. Great article.

  80. Kathy says

    My 6 year old has Jesus juked me. Most recently we happened to be discussing Mary delivering Baby Jesus (and the song that inspired the conversation mentioned her crying). She wanted to know why Mary would be crying and I told her that Mary was probably a little scared and it usually hurt to have a baby. She replied, “Mom. I don’t think it hurt to have Baby Jesus because with God, anything, ANYTHING is possible.” How do you argue THAT point?

    • Paul says

      Did you know that according to Wikipedia, Juke is among other things, a sexualized form of dancing. Have you not read 2 Corinthians 6:15, which reminds us “what concord hath Christ with Belial”? How could you even associate the name of Jesus with such trash? If you spent more time studying God’s given Word in the appropriate version, you would have known this and be able to discern more suitable pursuits.

  81. Deb says

    So, I read this post yesterday and today on Facebook a friend of mine totally got Jesus Juked.

    She made a comment about getting called up for jury duty and that when her husband had to serve jury duty he got to serve with Steven Curtis Chapman & Bob Hartman from Petra. So, she wondered who she’d get to serve with.

    Someone came up as the first comment and said, “God, so you make the right decision.”

    Although, she like his comment, so I don’t know if that weakens the “Jesus Juke” or not…but still, I nearly fell out of my chair laughing, pointing at the computer saying “Jesus Juke! Jesus Juke!”

    *giggle* I soooooo needed this laugh today (it’s been a terrible day…but probably not as bad as the day Jesus was crucified *whaaaaa whaaaaa*)

  82. says

    A Jesus Juke on FB or Twitter is annoying, but a JJ in person is just downright aggravating! I often have to sit with people in the hospital (my husband is a pastor) and my way of helping them cope is to keep the conversation light and say things to make them laugh so they will not dwell on their worries. However, if other Christians are also visiting, they don’t even let the giggles trickle out before once again bringing up the details of their upcoming surgery. Don’t people realize that laughter is good medicine but making people worry and the pastor feel guilty for not being “spiritual” enough is a good way to get smacked upside the head.

  83. says

    I’ve read your blog for a while, but this is the post that has drawn me out of the shadows to comment. As a pastor, and one who is active on Twitter (@dmosley), I get “Jesus Juked” a lot… and it drives me crazy!!!

    One other thing, I’m curious why you know the My Little Pony characters. ;-)

  84. says

    I know exactly what you are talking about and I’m so excited to finally have a term for it. I too have never seen it bring about a spiritual conversation. I am unsure of their motive but it never fails you are sitting around talking about what you did that week or sharing some lighthearted small talk and someone comes into the conversation and interrupts (because if it’s spiritual somehow its not rude) and asks “So who read something good in their devotions this week?” and then about 30 sec of *crickets chirping* and no one wants to answer.

  85. says

    I am so giggling right now. I read this a couple of days ago, but couldn’t think of anything to contribute.

    Then I just saw someone put this on facebook:

    “People are rushing to “Like” Queen Elizabeth on Facebook I wonder how many would rush to “Like” Jesus if he was on Facebook!”

    Thank you SCL, for bringing this juke to my attention. ;)

  86. Jen A Spa says

    This is stupid. Yeah,I get the point of it, but really? I mean, REALLY? Isn’t a bulk of “SCL” rough analogies to real life? One of my favorite posts was about silly bands and bad trades. Why knock on someone else’s bad analogy? Can’t we all just get along? Sometimes ‘Jesus Jukes’ are the best attempts at keeping a conversation from going south. If it’s about intentions, then who are we to judge?

    I agree though, that no one was ever converted because of an argument, and no one (that I know of) was taught the love of Christ through jerkiness, but I think even jerks can be treated with some love.

    • Patrick says

      Sooo you will argue against the post whilst agreeing that arguments don’t lead people to Jesus, and like the previous responder said, you pull the Jesus Juke yourself. And then you tell Jon that his post was stupid and I would say that is being a jerk…remember you said jerks don’t lead people to Christ? But don’t worry, im not being a jerk. I’m just being an edifyer which means I love you– the way jerks need love.

  87. julie says

    omgoodness this is so right on. i have a friend that does this and it has always made me sad when she pulls it on me. thanks for helping me realize im not alone and she is not the only one that does it. your insight is truly appreciated! God Bless You! :)

  88. Lexxi says

    on facebook a few days ago, a friend of mine posted that she wanted John Hughes to direct her life then someone commented JOHN HUGHES WAS NOT A CHRISTIAN NOT TO MENTION A IMPERFECT HUMAN BEING. GOD IS HOLY AND FAULTLESS NOW WHO DO YOU WANT DIRECTING YOUR LIFE GOD OR JOHN HUGHES?
    my friend responded “I apologize for spiritually immaturity could you please teach me to be as perfect as you?”

  89. Renee says

    So, Sara Groves retweeted this and I can say is that I can so relate to this! Does anyone have a sense of humor anymore? Not only did I find this post relavant, I found it extremely funny. Oh and I am going to start following you on twitter as your reward. :)


  90. Monika says

    Oh my goodness! This has happened for sure! That granade you were referring to? Yeah, BLEW me up! I still have PTSD from it I’m sure. I always feel bad for doing certain things and then feel like I have to compensate by reading my Bible twice as long as I watched a football game or pray forever using large words and poetic language.

    Thank you for this. Really. You don’t even know!

  91. Terry (apostlethatroks) says

    Yes, I have been Jesus juked, but since God knows my heart and I know that Jesus didn’t die so that I may be condemned, the juke was on them! (^_^)

  92. Noah says

    Happened just yesterday. I put on my FB status that I liked a movie I just saw. Minutes later, a pastor had a status asking why a Christian man can promote war and murder in movies and get all religious when a breast is shown. It knocked the air out of me, and made me feel guilty for talking about how I liked the movie.

    • Erik H~ says

      “Go figure,” right?

      I feel like that pastor raises a good point and a dubious point.

      It is rather arbitrary for anyone to throw a fit just because a movie “shows breasts” (anatomy isn’t as important as lust, but unlike anatomy, you can’t ‘censor’ the ways of the heart), but at the same time, I think there’s a big difference between glorifying war (both the Old and New Testaments demonstrate the unfortunate necessity thereof) and glorifying murder. Context is key, just as it would be if we were studying Scripture.

      Sorry for that rant. I’m thankful that several friends of mine have mentioned StuffChristiansLike on their Facebook pages or whatever, because this site is hilarious. God bless!

  93. Tiffany says

    Just read this last night, and on my FB today I saw..
    Music Minister:
    “I am trying to talk the choir into letting me direct from the top of the tree this year seeing I am soooo the star of the show!!”
    Person who realized it was a joke:
    “Oh wait I think i just threw up in my mouth a lil :) JUST KIDDING :) I MISS YOU HAHAHA”
    Jesus Juker: “I don’t see a problem with that…just one quick question; did you clear it with Jesus? Just asking.”
    Person noticing teh akward:

    I think I’m going to link this article for fun. see what happens.

  94. acorbett30 says

    I have a Facebook friend whose status is ALWAYS a Bible verse or mini-sermon. I finally hid that person, because I have other sources for those items. I go on Facebook to find out what’s happening in my friends’ lives.

  95. says

    As much as I hate to admit it, I have thrown a few “shame grenades” in my early Christian life. In my zeal to turn every thought toward God, more than a few blew up in my face! Only the immature and/or self-righteous use this tactic, so I will have a few tossed at me from time to time. You helped clarify this issue, and for that I am grateful…but, if you spent as much time praying as you do blogging…(just kidding)

  96. Randy Curtin says

    Maybe these folks are just simply people who like to express what they can even if it isn’t clever or “productive”. I am sure there are those who are being pharisees but some might just have a limited understanding or or socially inept(not a sin mind you)or they just love Christ. Be patient brother. Many of these hearts many be simple and sincere and are expressing their love of their Savior the way they know how.

  97. Wendy says

    OHH mann.. I loved this! I could say so much right now but suffice to say ‘Mr. Pompous Pious’ just needs to chill out. Btw best laugh today :)

  98. says

    Is there a Jesus Juk playbook where people learn these? Or are they spontaneously generated? If so, is there a computer algorithm that you might be able to use to generate a Jesus Juke?

    You’re right, though. Making people feel akward alienates and deflates them. We are supposed to be building one another up in Christ. What’s worse is when we do this to new believers or unchurched, because we could turn them away from wanting a relationship with God. If our relationship with God changes us, and people think that it changes us into self righteous snobs, who would want to become that?

    Umm, I hope that last paragraph wasn’t a Jesus Juke…

    • teatimer says

      No, the best Jesus jukes have to follow from and relate to something the first person said. Like this:
      Person A to Person B: Oh wow, did you see that guy in the Student Center just now? So hot.
      Person C: And yet the Lord had no beauty or majesty to make us desire him…
      (implying that Person A is shallow by focusing on looks alone – ya, thanks a bunch, oh holy one, can’t even admire one of God’s handsome creatures without getting juked.)

  99. says

    You know, My Little Pony characters are so much like how God created us, all unique and special and colorful. We should all just enjoy each others wonderful vibrant differences, Jesus would.


  100. says

    My mom does this ALL the time. I once put on my Facebook status, “After extended observation of the way most people fold laundry, I am convinced that the human race is doomed.” My mom replied with, “We would be, if not for the grace of God!”

    I ended up deleting the status.

    • Leah says

      This made me laugh. Are you sure you aren’t my sister lol? My mom is the queen of “Jesus Jukes.” I usually feel annoyed and respond with, “Mom, c’mon…it’s not that serious.” *shrugs* Maybe it is…to her. :-)

    • Joseph Mancuso says

      This must be a rule of motherhood….my mother seems to think it is especially important to do this since I went to school to be a pastor.

  101. Derick says

    Amazing. I aspire to blog this well :) But you know who’s really good at Jesus Jukes? The man who bled and died on a cross. Then rose again to bring salvation to all mankind. That’s who. :)

  102. says

    I saw a guy that kept tweeting about people caring more about the Harry Potter premier than they did about writing papers about Jesus for class. This is exactly what I thought of. Well said Jon.

  103. Derrick DeLain says

    I got juked earlier this past summer. Me and my wife went bowling and when we walked in, Chris Paul was in there with Stefan Curry and a few other NBA and college basketball players. So i tweeted “just shook hands with Chris Paul and Steph Curry, pretty good day.” Someone juked me with a “Just spent time and spoke with the God of Heaven, even better day.”

    ouchies :(

  104. Joseph Mancuso says

    Is there a reverse Jesus Juke? Like you are talking about something “serious” about God, about His holiness, humility, repentence, etc., then someone gives you the “Worldly Waffle.” Just sayin…

  105. GLuisa88 says

    Ohmygosh! My dad just Jesus juked someone! I was so shocked- I wanted to call him out… his friend was saying how he’s been listening to Tarzan audio books on his way to work and my dad’s like, “Huh. If I listen to anything it’s Bible Studies.”

  106. Debbie says

    I take offense to the term “Downer Debbie”. Would Jesus be ridiculing someone’s name like that?

    I love “Jesus Juke” – my dad has a habit of doing that on Facebook to our mutual friends. I’m gonna use it. Mua ha ha ha ha.

    In a respectful way that honors my father, of course.

  107. says

    Aaah! Love this post. I have just left Pastoral ministry to go back into teaching and, in my experience, Pastors often get juked because everything we say has to be spiritual and if it isn’t, no fear: the holiest among us will make sure that we know the things of which we speak are wordly trivialities.

    Gonna RT this a million gazillion times.

    • Elaine says

      I have a LOT of favorites on this blog, but this one is undoubtedly towards the top of the list. Right next to “Side Hugs”.

  108. @NateThiry says

    Sometimes I like to be the guy that excessively Jesus Jukes all my friends, but it’s only because I love awkward moments, and my friends all know that’s why I’m doing it.

  109. ARelator says

    Oh Jesus Juking. Now that’s what it’s called. Oh yes, I’ve been Jesus Juked, my aunt has a knack for doing it to me and my sister’s facebook statusus on a constant basis.

  110. Charis says

    OH MY GOD! I was just thinking of a friend I have the other day, and I couldn’t find a word that described the way he threw the wet-Jesus blanket all over everything! Thank you for creating a word for him. I wish there was a nice way to tell someone that they do it.. But it’s like telling someone they have had halitosis for years. It gets so old! Every facebook status. Every joke. Every reference to anything. I love Jesus. I love worshiping him and I love serving him. But if anything could put me off of Christianity, the Jesus Juke is it.

  111. Leslie says

    Every day when I worked with a certain individual I would greet her and ask her “how are you”- her response… “Blessed by God”–I often felt that somehow her insinuation was that I was not.. .Now granted that was my issue but your bullet point number 1. generating shame hits this nail on the head.. Thanks so much for sharing!

  112. says

    I was literally just Jesus Juked last night on my blog. I wrote about the best chick flicks for dudes, and a bunch of people were chiming in with their opinions, when my twenty-first commenter started with:

    “I have a fundamental distaste for any ‘chick-flick’ which leaves out the Author of romance, and depicts men and women pursuing romance without His love and guidance. I’m pretty sure that’s all of them…”

    I’m not expecting any more comments.

  113. Matthew 2028 says

    Well said. I’ve observed that those who constantly monitor the “tweet-oshpere” or “blog-osphere” (or other like sites) looking for an opportunity to throw out a ‘Jesus Jike’ are people who need you to recognize their spiritual mindedness in all things and at all times… something that (for them) is more fantasy than reality.
    Let’s all relax and enjoy the human condition we are able to observe in the various venues of everyday life & living. And let’s simply, quietly & faithfully live for Jesus – it’s far more effective than the occasional “juke.”

  114. Dru DeWItt says

    I think the ultimate Jesus Juke is when, after a good, hard-fought football game, some player is being interviewed and says something like “I just want to thank my Lord and Savior for giving us the strength….” etc, etc. So, the other team is LESS favored by Jesus? I really, really hate when people do that.

  115. ...adam says

    I have the best Jesus Juke story ever.

    The first time I ever met my girlfriend (now my wife)’s parents we went home during college to have a big family dinner (I think it was her grandparent’s anniversary). Anyway, this weekend happened to coincide with the greatest thing in the world – the NCAA mens tourney. As a devout basketball lover and fan, my girlfriend assured me I could watch the game of my team.

    The game was epic, going into double overtime. To send it into the second overtime, my team shot a 3 that hit the back of the rim (TWICE) and fell in as the buzzer sounded. I jumped, screamed, yelled, high fived. I was ecstatic. My girlfriend’s dad, who was sitting quietly in the corner, then said, “imagine if you put that amount of energy and enthusiasm into your worship.”

    Needless to say I sat down, didn’t cheer the rest of the double OT and my team lost.

    Juked in the worst way.

  116. Lauren says

    I once referred to the Dalai Lama as “his holiness” (that is his official title) and someone told me that “real christians” should never ascribed the title “holy” to anyone other than Jesus. I wanted to say “real christians” shouldn’t be jerks, but I figured that wouldn’t help things.

  117. Dave says

    As a student at Liberty University (the largest evangelical university in the world), I come across this all the time… In fact, it is even a requirement for dating in many of my social circles, that a girl cannot bring every single conversation topic back to Jesus. Many conversations go from, “Man, that guy is wearing a weird hat,” to “wow, I wonder what God’s plan is for his life… God is using that hat for his kingdom.”

    As much as I love God. Jesus Jukes drive me nuts.

    • Laura says

      For some reason, Dave, the part about the hat reminded me of “The Golden Helmet of Mambrino” from “Man of La Mancha”. So now i’m “show-tune juking”. *lol!*

  118. Mario says

    Wow! THis is very nice! Hahaha in brazil we call “Jesus Jukes ” ” spiritual people” (just as a joke of course) With all do respect i think Jesus would crack jokes abt “jesus juke moments” hahahaha

    Anyway, good point and nice post!

    Peace bro

  119. Kelsey S. says

    Woa! My friends and I have had a word for this for awhile (but the ‘juker’ did it on purpose…instead of actually being serious about it and making it awkward.) Anyway, we always yell ‘Jesus BAM’ when it happens. :)

  120. Daniel Cordell says

    “It’s more of a conversation killer technique.” Well, I guess that’s true if today’s “conversations” have been reduced to tweets and statuses. Otherwise, in a real conversation, I usually appreciate the kind of person who is always looking to be about Jesus.

    • John B. says

      I think you’re missin’ it dude. It’s not about the method of conversation, whether that be text,tweet, status, or face to face (your “real” conversation). It’s about the fact that so many Christian’s seem to think it’s a good idea to interrupt normal conversation and invoke the name of Jesus, just to boost their own egos and belittle the others who aren’t ‘holy enough’ to talk about Jesus 24/7. I love talking about Jesus, but i’m pretty sure He’s not too fond of having His name used as ammunition for friendly fire.

      • Daniel Cordell says

        The initial example given is comparing push-ups to faith… (not friendly fire, just awkward a little). I agree spiritual analogies can seem out of place in tweets and facebook but again, if I’m in a personal conversation with someone and they are that focused on Jesus, then its not a conversation killer (including when it interrupts “normal” conversation).

        • Joel Schaap says

          Wow. i was just wondering if a person could really read this whole article and miss the entire point. Congrats Daniel, you just proved it for me. Thanks.

          • Brian Smith says

            Joel, I must disagree. This entire article has been about Jesus “juking”. Daniel’s comment was precisely about Jesus “juking”. In my opinion, that is quite on topic.

            I think what this article is getting at is not the sharing of faith or the bringing Jesus into conversation (i.e. “I hope we all keep talking about Jesus, I hope we talk about him lots and lots”). Rather, I believe this article is addressing a tendency for some Christians to share their beliefs out of an misguided insecurity regarding their faith. It is easy for a new Christian, in light of all the sin they may have committed in their life up to that point, to impose their faith on others for fear that they may lose the salvation they have gained. Clearly, this is an irrational fear.

            I have been “juked” many times. Even as a Christian, comment wars regarding my status updates make me feel no more comfortable than anyone else. However, I don’t think the appropriate response is to label these people who we call brothers, sisters, and friends as pharisees.

          • Brian Smith says

            Joel, I must disagree. This entire article has been about Jesus “juking”. Daniel’s comment was precisely about Jesus “juking”. In my opinion, that is quite on topic.

            I think what this article is getting at is not the sharing of faith or the bringing Jesus into conversation (i.e. “I hope we all keep talking about Jesus, I hope we talk about him lots and lots”). Rather, I believe this article is addressing a tendency for some Christians to share their beliefs out of an misguided insecurity regarding their faith. It is easy for a new Christian, in light of all the sin they may have committed in their life up to that point, to impose their faith on others for fear that they may lose the salvation they have gained. Clearly, this is an irrational fear.

            I have been “juked” many times. Even as a Christian, comment wars regarding my status updates make me feel no more comfortable than anyone else. However, I am convinced there is a more loving response to our brothers, sisters, and friends than to label them as pharisees.

  121. Christy Dorr says

    That was a great blog!!! Several times, my FB statuses have been juked by the well-meaning holier than thous. I hope I have not been a juker! I was thinking about how the opposite happens, too. The other day, my pastor son posted that the cost of following Christ is great, but the cost of NOT following Christ is even greater. First reply: The cost of miller lite is only 2.50 downtown right now. LOL

  122. Admbutler says

    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks… If people want to share Their personal opportunity of conviction we should just take it as a, good to know where they are living and consider that in our prayer lives as we pray for others. Let’s just always make sure its an encouraging word : )

  123. LeandroBrazil says

    instead of talking these kind of things…why don’t you preach about Jesus?
    hauuhahuahua…just kiddin’…here in Brazil we call it “momento fariseu” (something like PHARESEE TIME or PHARESEE MOMENTUM”)…great post man!!!

  124. Becky G says

    I get what you are saying, but the first example you gave, to me, wasn’t bad. I think that person was just making a point, and a good one a that. What if we all had that kind of dedication for our spiritual lives? That would be awesome. It’s kind of an object lesson more than a “juke”. That’s just my opinion though.

  125. says

    Totally relate!!! The jukers are oblivious and if you don’t get the heart of this article you might be a ” Jesus juker”. Jesus is so kind and loving and has a great sense of humor. My heart and commitment for God is never threatened by a non-spiritual conversation. I feel sorry for those who can’t seem to find God unless they are blatantly speaking the language.

    • MrsWheeler says

      I guess the apostle Paul was a “Jesus juker” to bring in the idea of salvation being like running a race. Or perhaps when he was at Mars Hill and gave the rousing speech about the God who was worshiped in the temple of the “Unknown God.” I suppose that when Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well and brought to her the good news that if she were to get the living water He had to offer, she would never thirst again. I guess He also was “making her feel bad and guilty” by telling her that she’d had 5 husbands and the man she was with now wasn’t even her husband…..the Bible is actually FULL of examples of “real conversation” being turned into “Jesus” conversation. I would say that having Him first in your thoughts AND conversation is a sure sign that folks really love Him. Really, how can you assign motive to folks who do that? Isn’t that making you “holier than thou,” and judge of their hearts?

      • Jeremy B says

        Paul was preaching and writing letters. Using an analogy isn’t ‘juking’. Paul compared the faith to running a race, he didn’t stand at the finish line of a marathon telling every person that crossed ‘good job but if you want a real challenge, try running the race of faith.

        There are moments where inserting Christ into a conversation is natural and appropriate (or sometimes unnatural but necessary). Jesus obviously knew when it was appropriate. For instance, at the last supper, Jesus said ‘eat this bread, its my body. drink this wine, its my blood’. I have a feeling that for the first 33 years, Jesus didn’t bring it up 3 times a day, whenever someone talked about how good the food was.

        In fact, we have the perfect ‘non-juke’ story in the wedding at Cana. Water to wine and he says ‘don’t tell anyone it was me’.

  126. Jenna Boyd says

    Is it still a juke if you’re talking about yourself? I recently said that I wished I could hook people on Jesus as easily as I get them hooked on watching “How I Met Your Mother.”

    • Jeanene says

      I have a friend who’s an evangelist and does a lot of street outreaches as well as church meetings. Years ago he took a “comedy course for pastors”. He reaches many and the power and miracles of God flows using this tool of “joy”.
      Pretty cool stuff.
      Laughter does good like a medicine.
      The joy of the Lord is our strength. :)

  127. Jerry says

    I think the people who are like this, jesus jukers, are the ones that turn the idea of church and christianity off to the world because whenever they try to start off on normal conversation, it’s automatically reverted to Jesus. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jesus with everything inside of me and He’s the center of my life but that doesn’t mean, like @John B. said, that i can use His name as friendly fire. yeah He’s the creator of all and is in all but does that mean that we need to show everyone how holy we are? Let’s take the example of the bodybuilder. If you were in the gym with that bodybuilder and he was lifting 400lbs and you only lifteed 40lbs and everytime you talked about something, he always mentioned how much better he is than you because he can lift more than you, you’ll get annoyed. When it comes to people posting “super saved” comments on facebook or twitter, I usually delete those friends. haha. Jesus never said i had to be everyone’s facebook friend. Paul told timothy in 1 tim. 1:5 that the basic message of what they’re preaching about is love…love not conatminated by human nature or pride (i’m paraphrasing of course) and that’s where it’s gone wrong. The love of God has been perverted by man’s pride. Don’t be a Jesus Juker please….

  128. Danielle says

    Thank you!!!! I needed that. As a pastors wife I apparently can’t have a sense of humor. I have to be Jesus juked to remind me of my roll. Thanks for permission to be funny on twitter once again!!

  129. Sheri S. says

    Jesus juke seems to be the equivalent of a sanctified wedgie–someone pulls you up short in the name of “cleaning up the direction or tone of the conversation,” when all they’ve really accomplished is making themselves feel better at the expense of making the speaker very uncomfortable.

    I never have enjoyed wedgies…

  130. Amy says

    I’m an atheist who works at a church (long story), and I get blasted with Jesus Jukes all the time. It really is a conversation killer, although I don’t complain about it to the person who is the usual perpetrator (I am at a church after all).

  131. Adam says

    Sometimes the “Jesus juke” can be appropriate among Christian friends. We often forget to saturate our coversations with grace, and an occational “juke” back to the reality of what life is about amidst all the distractions helps me remember that my fellowship with Christ should penetrate even casual conversation. That being said, don’t be cheesy, that’s not helpful.

  132. Ryan Seal says

    Jesus jukers are the “holier than though” folk but people who hate the Jesus jukers are the “I’m so much cooler than you I reach people” folk. Either stand you take on this issue is a way to justify yourself and either way you’re missing Jesus. I’m with you about Jesus jukers – they frustrate me. But equally frustrating is the movement in church to try an d be “cool.” Let’s let Jesus define our lives and not the petty issues that make us cool, uncool, Holy or unHoly.

    • says

      best comment I’ve read. Hit the bull’s eye, Ryan. “Let’s let Jesus define our lives…”. Too often people (me included) say things, do things not with Jesus as the ultimate motivation. If we are following Jesus daily and allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us in our conversations, then we will be more aware of what to say or even not to say…if my ultimate focus is to bring glory to the Lord, then the words out of mouth (hopefully) will not be that of ‘holier than thou’ nor that of ‘i am so cool and hip”. Allow Jesus to define our lives…that’s what it comes down to.

  133. says

    I just wonder if it is at all possible to perhaps approach moments like the body builder in the airport scenario differently? Like, instead of flat out juking…give a filter as to what you are about to consider talking about with the person – to feel out if perhaps this is the best time and/or person to discuss this with? And if it is the best time and/or person…roll with it. And if it isn’t…then kill it, and explore elsewhere with someone else at a different time, or on your own.

    I am just one of those personalities who loves to learn and grow – so, sometimes I will blurt stuff out similar to a “juker” not for the sake of trying to kill a conversation, or trying to belittle someone…that is never my intent, nor in my mind or heart…but I love good conversation, and I often times believe that silly moments in life can give us great insight about God if we explore it. So perhaps a better method to go about this would then to just ask discerning questions to see if the timing and/or person would be appropriate for such a discussion?

  134. Deanne says

    Is it considered an e-Jesus juke when you get one of those emails that says, “Forward this email to everyone in your address book to prove that you love God and Jesus, or Satan wins!!!” I always get a little twinge when I delete those, even though I hate them!

    • Juli says

      That’s called emotional manipulation…so don’t feel bad about deleting the email. If I like the email, I just delete the sentence that says that before I send it. The good emails always get passed on. :)

  135. says

    After a few friends on Twitter started using this term in reference to some peeps we know, I simply had to Google it. Thank GOD yours was the first result. I couldn’t read this fast enough and about died laughing.

    I frequent stages, speaking (on good days) boring people to tears (on bad). And I think what happens is often times people feel they need to relate to me with similar analogies that I use on stage. Only they’re not orating a message…they’re talking with me. I’m going off on some dudes hair backstage (’cause he just looks funny…that and I have hair envy), and the person beside me is like, “He should have left his hair the way God made it instead of insulting the Lord’s creativity.”

    Um. What?

    Now you’ve given me a term. Bless you, friend. My day is complete. ch:

  136. says

    It’s hard to be funny these days, what with Obama getting punched in the mouth, Pailn getting her own tv show, thereby preempting all the good jokes…. and Christian jukers don’t make it any easier.

    Down with jukers. Down, I say.

  137. Gustavo says

    thank you, i didnt even realize i was falling into this even while talking against “pride” , or anything that went against my “morality” .. i guess theres is times to through the jukes if confronting sin or serious issues, but when joking around or talking we should not be annoying.

  138. Caleb Quick says

    Epic facebook Jesus Juke….

    Andy Hayes Dear Cold Weather and Wind,

    I hate your stinkin’ guts, you’re the scum between my toes, you make me vomit.

    10 minutes ago via iPhone · Unlike · Comment
    You like this.

    Harold ManFlag This is the day that the Lord has made so rejoice in it
    7 minutes ago · Like

    Caleb Quick You just got Jesus juked!
    2 seconds ago · Like

  139. says

    Oh man. I used to call this the “that’s what God said!” in reference to that guy who can always find a way to fit a “that’s what she said” joke into any conversation, except a ‘holier’ version.

    “Jesus Juke” is much more concise and will now replace “that’s what God said” in my vocabulary.

  140. Joel S. says

    This just happened to me last Sunday. It’s happened multiple times, but I’ve never had a definition for it. Thanks for the word and the clarity.

  141. Joe Kelly says

    The “Jesus Juke” sounds like a self righteous version of playing “Devils Advocate.” I do this all the time, its my natural inclination to challenge peoples thought. I do agree that it must be used in cohesion with discernment. I have many times put my foot in my mouth. I’ll succeed to the notion that it might not lead to immediate great conversation, however, I often have people come up to me later and tell me they were thinking about that one thing I said or another, which positively restarts a conversation. I think it has to be used in a scenario where the other person knows you aren’t attempting to talk down to them. We Christians need to stop looking down at non-believers, like we have some bit of super knowledge that they can’t understand. It just never works well unless we humble ourselves before we attempt any conversation. Grace and Peace. -Joe Kelly

  142. RyanTaylor says

    This may have already been said… but, you do realize what this is going to do to you, right? Aside from all the flame-mail/comments (which I’m sure you’re used to…)we’re all going to take every opportunity to “Juke” you from now on.

  143. Pops says

    Yup….my son pulled it off royally on me. We discussed why people don’t say Merry Christmas more than Happy Holidays. The sad thing – – – I knew he was up to something, and I knew what he was doing (didn’t know it as a Jesus Juke), and he still juked me. Pretty funny.

  144. says

    The world we live in is like swimming in the deep end of the pool. Faith is like relaxing in a jacuzzi. When someone suddenly brings some jacuzzi water in the deep end we conclude they’ve peed in the pool.

  145. Lisa says

    Can I just ask, is there ever a time when it is appropriate to bring Jesus into what is originally a joke-y conversation? I mean, what if you’re really feeling unsettled or convicted about something people are talking about? Shouldn’t it be acceptable to say something about it…?

    • Jami Holland says

      Yes. :) Now, I am a person who loves to laugh and joke around! BUT you are right…there are times where I think we should step up and change conversation…all depending on who the other person(s) is…everything should be approached with wisdom and discernment. Christians have gotten to lax about not standing up for Who they love and what He is about.

    • Jennifer says

      Lisa, I think the juke represents a time when the juker is trying to guilt the other person. For example, you complain about how cold the weather is and someone says something like, “We should just be thankful to the Lord for another day to live,” or something like that. That’s like throwing the fact that they are a human being with actual human being feelings in their face and making them feel bad about it.

      However, if you’re in a friendly conversation with a friend who needs to hear the Word of God and in the course of the conversation you feel convicted, I say go for it.

  146. Pat says

    Whenever people bring up Jesus in a non-chalant manner, it instantly makes me think less of that person intellectually. I get that you’re buddy, buddy with the Guy, but if I can’t see him standing right there next to you, I really don’t care to hear what he has to say.

  147. says

    I know this was written over a month ago – but it resounds with me. Hand grenade of shame. That really said it all. And what’s even sadder are the people out there who think that ‘shame’ is a productive (See; good for you) sentiment. It’s not. It’s another handful of condemnation. Another helping of bondage.

    Thank you for posting this. THank you very much.

  148. says

    This is similar to the comedian talking about being “over saved” Someone says “I can’t find my keys!” And another responds with “You NEED the KEYS to the KINGDOM” and He’s like “I didn’t drive a Kingdom…I drive a Corolla”

    Good stuff.

    • Nope says

      Maybe we would all be more appreciative if we took more notice of how great Jesus was with words instead of complimenting bloggers.

      (did I do it right?)

  149. FabienN says

    Another conversation killer is when someone earns a living by selling health products. I just stretch and she would say: “Do you eat enough calcium? You know you can hurt yourself stretching like that. I use (name of the product) and it works wonders”…

    I do a lame joke about having a conversation about a sexy celebrity. She would respond by saying her husband has a renewed sexual energy. He uses (name of the product)…

    I told her once that her company acts like a cult. She still speaks to me. Must be that product…

  150. Amber L says

    My 4 year old son pulled a Jesus Juke on me today when discussing what kind of cake to make. We were discussing whether to make a Thomas the Train cake (he was in favor of) or whether to NOT make a Thomas the Train cake (my idea). He said “But mom, Jesus created everything. Jesus created Thomas. Jesus would like a Thomas cake.”

    What do you say to that?

  151. Lyla says

    1. It generates shame

    Thank you for absolving me of that :) I always feel annoyed when people do that, probably because I think I’m not holy enough. (I also don’t think I’ve commented before, so I have to say, I absolutely adore your website/book. It’s right up my alley!)

  152. Christin says

    I have never heard someone address this issue before (and judging by some of the comments on here, I can see why)! It made me laugh! I’ve been around Jesus Jukers before and it really does make for an awkward situation. It is awkward in any conversation when someone abrublty changes the subject or makes an irrelevant point. It gives the impression that that person is tired of the conversation and doesn’t want to listen to you anymore. It’s even worse when that person pulls a Jesus juke. I agree that it does have the affect of a “shame grenade”. In most cases, I think the Jesus juker probably doesn’t even mean to shame anyone, it just comes from their own insecurity. All that being said, there are graceful ways of turning a “normal” conversation into a spiritual one without Jesus juking. But it usually takes more time than a Jesus juke.

  153. says

    If you all commented on Jesus rather than this article, which I might add should be 3 reasons Jesus is Awesome, the world would be a better place.

    Atomic Jesus Juke off the top rope ON ALL OF YOU. Good Day.


  154. AJ says

    Walking out of the theater having just seen Spiderman 2 I exclaimed to my friend “wow I loved that
    movie!! Gotta be one of my all time favorites! We should get our other friends and watch it again!” His response was, “If only you felt that way about the movie the Passion of the Christ…” Whaaa waaa

    • Jonathon says

      Fun story about Spider-Man 2. My Sophmore Year of College ( I attended a Christain school) we had our annual door fall movie, and it was Spider-Man 2. RIght at the part where Mary Jane asks Peter “Isn’t it time somebody saved you?” Someone in the audience yelled out, “JESUS!”

      Yeap. Spidey got Juked!

  155. Evernight says

    I like this term and will no doubt be able to find a use for it. Especially when my Francis Chan reading sister-in-law drops a guilt bomb about how I spent money on a new computer component when I could have fed 6 kids for a month with that money……

  156. Jennifer says

    I kind of had a reverse Jesus Juke once–if it could be called that.

    Some friends and I were discussing smoking, now harmful it is to your health, etc., but most importantly, it makes you look old and puts lines on your face. (Obviously that’s not most important but it was in this particular conversation.)

    Anyway, a guy I didn’t really know that well, who is atheist, who was a friend of a friend, felt the need to defend himself for smoking by saying, “Well, I don’t believe in God, so I’m not afraid to die. I figure I’m going to go sometime so I might as well enjoy myself with a cigarette.”

    No one had brought up death. Or God. Or anything remotely religious. It was weird, awkward & sad. Cue the tuba–whaaa waaaaaa.

  157. James says

    Honestly, I am guilty of the Jesus Juke, and on innumerable occasions, and have just seen that this DOES indeed fling shame and condemnation at times when I’m not really trying to do that, but manage to achieve it anyway. That, and I’d never heard the term “Debbie Downer” until my lovely new bride from the Mid-West mentioned it to me on something like the third or fourth time I managed to do this to her.

    To her credit, though she did not articulate it exactly this way, she did give me essentially the same life-giving rebuke: “I’ve lived in the same house with you now long enough to know you don’t live that way either, so stop saying things like that unless you want me to start holding you accountable.”

    She’s the sweetest gift God ever gave me… besides the precious holy baby Jesus!

  158. SusieP says

    So true about The Last Airbender! Made me want to turn back time and stop myself before I entered the theater in order to avoid all that suffering. Also, what motivates others to ‘Jesus Juke’ us?? Seem like it would make the conversation awkward for them too.

      • Nikki says

        I do this too. I really am trying to quit the Ramsey-fication judging I do to people. Love him and what his ideas are doing to my life, but I have to remember that my friends who haven’t read his book yet are not looking for my unsolicited advice!

  159. JorMac says

    Such a technique can lead to good conversation (not only have I had this occur on many occasions, it is the primary method of talking to my friends), though, admittedly and emphatically, not when it is carried out as described here, with the direct and probably twisted ‘Christian’ component invoking guitl; if I am guilty of this sort of rhetoric strategy it is generally because I want to have ‘good conversation’ – and no one around me is. (I’m pretty much doing it right now, we’ll see how this turns out)

  160. Amanda says

    A friend of mine has a mom who is the ultimate QUEEN of the Jesus Juke. We enjoy making jokes that poke fun at christian-isms, much the same way this blog does, and her favorite retort when she catches us?

    “Do you think Jesus died so you can laugh at his church?”

    And her son looks at me like, “please just shoot me before the lecture starts.”

  161. Cheryl says

    This isn’t *quite* the same thing, but it fits nonetheless. I live in France and we have a women’s retreat for English-speakers – not necessarily missionaries – each year. Women come from everywhere. Last year, during our first small group time, the leader asked, “What do you like to do in your spare time?” People began answering things like ‘sewing’ or ‘playing with the dog’.

    As my missionary self tried to decide between reading cookbooks, watching Food Network or Top Chef and playing video games, a woman two seats away, a lady from Africa, who had the loveliest accent (and if you read this in the accent- close to Jamaican but more lilty- it adds so much) says, “I just love to spend my whole day praising my Lord, it’s all I ever want to do.”


    How do you follow that and not sound like a schmuck? Especially not sound like a missionary schmuck…

    • D H Marks says

      That’s kind of the reason I don’t like to hang around Christians as much. It seems like there are always the proverbial “peeing contests” (pardon the expression, but I don’t know of an alternate that fits).

  162. Thaddeus says

    I Jesus Juke all the time. I think the skill you lack, is the Juke Back. My friend Jim, and I, Juke like the soul brothers on Airplane Jive Talk. We wear wrist-bands WWJJ, rather than, WWJD.

    Seriously, sometimes jukin profound insight it leads. (Yoda Juke) But more seriously, if Jesus Jukin doesn’t evoke a funny response back…you lack humor. Think of Debbie Downer. Her skits make us laugh. So does Jukin!

    PS – Your article had me laughing hard. I enjoyed it.

    • Julia E. says

      While I do not condone your love of the JJ, Thaddeus, I must say how much I loved your comments. VERY funny. Jukin? Awesome. In fact, it was Juksome! On top of Jon’s awesome blog, you’ve both made my day. Or, perhaps I should say, “Made my day, you’ve both” (so I can join the Yoda Juke).

  163. CB says

    Our daughter exposed us to your Audio tape on a road trip…..your wisdom, filled with comical satire is awesome. Your term has been used by our whole fam. someone posted about the Bears loss and then managed to state God is still good……..JJ!!!!!!

  164. says

    This is a great article. The person that pulls the juke may not intend it for shame. However, I can see how people may feel shamed by the juke and also how it can kill conversations. I was going to say that we shouldn’t be uber sensitive, but wasn’t Jesus uber sensitive?

    A bruised reed shall he not break, and smoking flax shall he not quench, till he send forth judgment unto victory. Matthew 12:20

    • larubia0707 says

      I don’t see Jesus as having been uber sensitive. I believe, like the rest of us the Father created, He had a wonderful sense of humor. The difference being He knew when it was appropriate to joke and when it was not.

    • D H Marks says

      I could see when reading this article, that there could be what would sound like a Jesus juke, but it could be pulled off by the right person with the right intent, which would NOT be the intent above. It would have to be said with humility first and foremost, but it would still require the right person to pull it off.

  165. ReD says

    The real question is; shouldn’t that pan flutist have been playing hymns instead??? So sad that nobody does that anymore.


  166. Smith says

    i know I was juked one time. I was at the grocery store shopping for lunch stuff. By the way ( i was and am a commited christian) Anyways I was wearing a W.W.J.D. bracelet, and I was looking at little debbie snack cakes. These two gentlemen came up very pompously and said “Do you think Jesus would eat sweets?” I was dumbfounded…… i had no idea how to respond. I just shook my head and walked off. Later on as I was fuming mad as I replayed the conversation in my head. I thought what a bunch of pharisees! Anyways I always wanted to opportunity to gat to speak to those guys again but instead I am just venting about it on here.

  167. David C says

    Hello, brother(s) and sisters. There is not enough space to discuss and flesh it out, but I would (as gently as possible) point out that applying a term like “Debbie Downer” seems to imply that “DD” is being judgmental and thus presumes to know their heart and motivation — which may or may not be true and in reaching the conclusion could be judgmental in itself. I would say in love to be careful about using labels.

    I don’t think you are saying this, but point out that if the premise is that no one should ever be negative because it makes someone feel bad — we know that is not supported by and contradicts God’s Word. Old Ahab did not like the prophet Micaiah because he never had anything good to say! II Chron. 18:7. Jeremiah said he wished he could stop talking negative but when he shut up it put a fire to him! Jer. 20:8,

    The Holy Spirit is the One Who will convict, but He does so through folks. John 16:6-11. The Good News is only good because of the reality of the bad news.

    If our Lord Jesus was limited to making people feel good then He would not have had much to say. That old message of “Repent” would not have meant much.

    I would offer a thought that if I take some perverse pleasure in making people feel guilty, then I better get right. On the other hand, if it is coming from a heart that is truly broken about the sin and the tragedy it brings to those around me and warns of a danger to come… if I see myself as no better than the anyone else and am in essence preaching a sermon to myself — that’s just being faithful. God uses that.

    I have had many tell me that they needed a challenge, said thanks and pressed on. But they saw it came from love and (hopefully) had a consistent life behind it to show the credibility.

    Whether it is wrong or not depends on the heart from which it comes, not the emotion or reaction to what it says. In other words, if the person who is putting it out there is TRYING to make someone feel guilty, that is what our Lord says is a a no-no. But exhortation, reproof, and rebuke with love is another matter. Either way, if the person hearing it feels convicted, that is a response that could lead to repentance. If they feel resentful and justify it by pointing out the other person is sinning b/c they are being judgmental, then no one is right! God used Balaam’s ass to make a point. He can use even a sinner like me to get out a message. The key is are we listening?

    If someone is always saying something negative, I would suggest loving on them and seeing the source of their pain. It may be deep down and can be ministered to, it may be God speaking through them.

    Love to have a cup of coffee and laugh some, though, and talk more about it.

    Blessings on all.

    • D H Marks says

      First of all, I agree with the others that you missed the point. I’m not sure what you mean by applying the term “Debbie Downer”, but in addressing the above article, it is talking about the affect the juke has and what it effectually does, regardless of the intent of the speaker.
      And the Holy Spirit does convict, but not through people. If people speak as prompted by the Holy Spirit, then it will confirm a conviction, not create it.
      We are not thought police and many go around as though it is their job to act as Holy Spirit. The Word is a two-edged sword that cuts, but if not used according to the Spirit, it can do real damage. Give God some credit; He does His job very well.

  168. wombat says

    Tho i agree some “jesus jukes” are horribly unreasonable, i have started many a conversation with them.

    The problem with the average juke is that it is intended to cause shame and build up pride in the juker, however, there is a way of going about it that is not prideful.

    For example: the initial jesus juke you posted was a fine one that didnt state “my holiness is betterer” but instead put up a standard for Christianity that is beyond even the speakers capabilities.

    I think what you stumbled upon was the cause of all disconnect in the church, because we are not unified, we think the worst of people. (in the case of the juke mentioned we ASSUME its bitter).

    the fact is jesus should be a part of every discussion, and if it turns it into a downer, then i think you should examine the roll jesus plays in your life.

  169. says

    I have a Jesus Juke for you . . . at a church event recently, we were playing a “mixer” where we had to list five things about us that we thought interesting and that no one else would know (and we had to guess who was who). One of the gentlemen at my tables shared that he was delivered from a demon as a child. How does anyone top that? What do you do with that?

    • John I. says

      You say, “I know, I was an empty desert at the time and it came and occupied me, till I was delivered, Glory To God Hallelujah, by my father who was an atheist at the time but became saved as a result.”

    • D H Marks says

      I can’t honestly say that that one would bother me outright. It doesn’t seem like boasting, but merely a point of interest. However, if I felt that he was fishing for a response then I would be immediately turned off and I would try to change the subject asap. I hate that!

  170. Mema says

    I was dating a guy for a while who was full of Jesus Juke-iness. It became so unbearable, we broke up, but are tried to remain friends. The other night, we were at a jazz jam together when I commented on how the musically ability of the players was at level less advanced than previous weeks, and he turned it into a conversation about how “God puts change in our path to test us and help us show our dedication.” He then proceeded to berate me about spending time in a bar at all, and if I really thought I was being a good Christian by being there.

    Did I mention we are both musicians, and that he came of his own free will, uninvited?

  171. says

    This was a great article… You have a very clever wit. Just imagine the souls that would be saved if you had included a gospel message in it!

    Has anyone ever pulled a “Jesus Juke” on you?

    I grew up in an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church… What do you think? This was a way of life.

  172. Stacie says

    My favorite Jesus Juke was this one time I posted a Facebook status playfully calling a friend an “Apple hater”. After messing around and some hilarious back and forth banter, my cousin chimes in with “people hate because they don’t know Jesus”………. waaaaaa waaaaaa………

  173. says

    Thank you so much for saying this. The last point is especially true. No one sees Christians putting down other Christians and says “Oh MAN! This is what I have been looking for!!!!!!!”

  174. John I. says

    “Jesus juke” has a good ring to it, but a juke is a feint, whereas what is really happening is more like jesus judo, where the interloper takes the conversational momentum, uses it against itself, and throws it down on the mat. Problem is, though, that juke can be a noun or a verb, but judo is only a noun. But since I love the concept, I guess “jesus juke” it is.

    A buddy of mine and I used to (intentionally) play something similar. We called it “related anecdote sabotage”. You know, the conversation is going great, from one story to another loosely related one: “My dog used to . . .”, “I had a dog too, but my uncle . . .” “My uncle was crazy . . .” “I have a sister who is more than crazy . . .” “My sister died last week.” Bam. Dead. The conversation is sabotaged, by a related anecdote that is a killer. We used to compete with each other for the best sabotage (and the ground rule was no letting people know what we were doing.” We’re now going to try to out-Jesus-juke each other.


  175. says

    “Just as we began to soar above the clouds, we were greeted with a Zamfir melody from what I can only assume was some sort of satyr.”

    This made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes and my stomach hurt. Haha!

  176. Arrrison says

    I just told my friend “I wish it was Spring Break….now.” He responded, “I wish it was heaven….” Wahhhh, wahhhh.

  177. NRidlehoover says

    I mean, how many times has the roar of a crowd at a sporting event been compared to passion for Christ in a dead church? classic Juke.

  178. says

    Love your blog … just found it today through a friend. I wanted you to know that the Twitter link in this blog post leads to “@prodigaljohn” and has no recent tweets. I found your real Twitter link on the site, but wanted you to know. Thanks for sharing these posts!

  179. Rippin&tearin' says

    “Dude I nailed that rando, Candice, last night”
    “The way they nailed Christ to the cross?….”

  180. mfm says

    ugh. my mom always does this, and I’ve started to do it with my new husband! burn. better break this learned and practiced habit fast!

  181. wombat says

    I wonder if the thing people are so offended by is having Jesus a part of everything in their lives…the amount of frustration in these comments and uniting in hate just startles me.

  182. DM says

    Sad trombone. :-) (By the way, if Jesus played an instrument (whether on an airplane or not), he totally would have played the trombone. And he would play sad trombone at every non-tongue-in-cheek Jesus Juke.)

  183. Caridade says

    I have a friend who does this often. One instance that wasn’t as much of a Jesus juke as just a debbie downer was when a guy we both know accidentally bought children’s underwear instead of men’s briefs. He didn’t discover this until he had used all of his clean underwear and opened the new package (We’re in college). When he posted about this on facebook we all of course made fun of him and made jokes. Then this girl pipes in with: You could donate them to a homeless shelter!!

    Not only did she instantly quell the conversation, but I also thought that if I worked at that homeless shelter I probably wouldn’t accept an opened pair of children’s underwear from a dirty college aged guy.

  184. Sunset says

    Oh, my parents are skilled at the Jesus Juke (if I could only get them to admit it) and I can tell you from experience it’s not only a conversation killer. The constant juking is a relationship killer. How can you foster understanding, honesty and love when all your conversations consist of things like “bad news, my car got stolen” “well this was bound to happen because you never asked your father what kind of car you should buy, so you weren’t under his spiritual covering…” Sigh. Stop the pain people.

    • D H Marks says

      OMG (and I mean “gosh”, people)! I’m so glad I don’t have to listen to those conversations. Stop the pain, indeed!

  185. Scrinnyboy says

    My friends and I have been Jesus Juking people for years as a way of making fun of people who really do that in seriousness. Obviously we dont do it to our non X-ian friends.

  186. Bean says

    OK all you experts, I would like to know what to call it when someone posts something like “How you see God is how you will serve Him!” in their status and then I want to post something like “I see Him as a giant cheeto in the sky.”

    Is that like the opposite of a Jesus Juke??? need opinions here. Or is that like, a “status Jesus Juke”…and SJJ???

  187. Sandi says

    I like the term “juked”. I agree that probably we have all experienced that at some time. I would agree with all of your points. I just wish that I wasn’t quite so sarcastic because I usually throw it back at them. I am also old enough to freely admit that in my life I have probably made the same mistakes. If I remember correctly the shame went both ways as the conversation came to a halt. If there isn”t then they truly need prayer.

  188. Marlana says

    I find your point of view on this subject to be judgemental, negative, assuming, and self centered. I also cannot imagine you telling God a remark about spiritual matters makes you go whaay whaay. While you may not care for the comment someone makes learn to respond. Ask them why they said it, give a humerous response, agree or disagree with them. Their remark shouldn’t shame you or make you feel guilty unless you have something to feel guilty about. Acknowledge the remarkand respond with kindness; you never know what difficulties other people are having. And your inventive term, “Jesus Juke”…seriously? it’s a Jargon Juke…Jesus is not going to juke anyone around, He’s the solid rock.

    • D H Marks says

      Sorry, Marlana, but I must disagree with you. I’m sorry you were offended by the article, but I agree with the writer that juking is counter-productive and wrong.
      If things are said that are just religious and not Spirit-led, then it cuts and condemns, and does anything but further God’s kingdom.
      Just becuase someone feels guilty doesn’t mean they have something to feel guilty about. It could just be an awkwardness or something that, as they said, killed the conversation. Plus, there is a false guilt that people can learn, anyway. It’s when they feel guilty about something that they shouldn’t feel guilty about, like saying no to their parents when they’re 30 years old. Compliant people-pleasers are well-versed on this type of thing.
      It also didn’t talk about you telling God a remark about spiritual matters. It talked about bringing God into a conversation about people that is ill-placed.

  189. D H Marks says

    Thank you for writing this! To me, this is akin to people spouting off about keeping Christ in Christmas. The tormenting of others defines their Christianity. It’s how they walk it out instead of showing the world how it’s done by their joy from the presence of God in their lives.

  190. D H Marks says

    I actually had someone do this to me about a month ago and I’m still not over it.

    I have a habit of using plays on words and I said (anticlimactically, I know): Look what AT&T did for me! when I was telling about how they did something awesome when I couldn’t pay my cell phone bill. The other person on my account piped in: You know that it’s God that really did it, don’t you?

    I can’t quite describe the nausea that developed immediately and the pinching feeling that crept under my skin. Of course I know! I wanted so badly to be sarcastic back and to enlighten her to the fact that she’s not the thougt/conscience police. Besides this, I am also a strong believer that we are to also give credit where credit is due. Did you bless someone that God directed you to? You deserve appreciation as well. As someone who’s had their heart broken by people who did not do what God told them to do, I have first-hand appreciation for those that do. God is forever faithful and deserves glory and honor, but people should also be appreciated for their obedience and love. They had a choice in the matter after all.

    After a few seconds I found the strength to just answer with a quiet, “yes” and leave it alone, but I’m still trying to douse the flames.

  191. Jeanne Mixon says

    Whew! Amen!! I am guilty and will be VERY careful in the future! And I have been Jesus juked too and it generally doesn’t lead to a productive conversation about Christ.

  192. Patsy Deskins says

    Very nice! Made me realize I do this to my kids! lol … They get very excited about quoting their favorite TV shows. I always cut in with, “but how many Bible verses can you quote?” Though I have a valid point, perhaps a new approach would be better! Thanx!

  193. Autumn Sorrell says

    Just happened to me today. I posted part of the lyrics to “Love Stinks” on Facebook because…for whatever reason…it was stuck in my head. It was the part leading up to …”Love Stinks…(Yeah, Yeah).” My overall goal was to get someone to post that back. Indeed, someone did post that, quickly followed by “And love doesn’t really stink when you have a Godly marriage.” Shortly after that post, I felt compelled to call my husband to let him know that, in case he has seen the post already, I was in no way making any kind of statement about our marriage. Since he is a reaonable man who completely gets where I am coming from on most occasions, it hadn’t occurred to him. I, however, instantly felt the shame grenade that you speak of. Your post was great.

  194. Lindy Menzies says

    Oh Dear. I just composed a whole ‘thing’ about this & it was suddenly lost. I guess I said something that was not supposed to be posted; so I will try again.
    I totally believe that NO ONE has ever been dabated (or ‘juked’) into a belief in Jesus Christ. It takes the work of the Holy Spirit to prepare someone & I CAN’T do that (obviously!). But when someone is ready & in that special place, miracles happen! I have been privileged to be witness to that & it is the most wonderful thing to observe & to be a part of! It’s not us. It’s HIM!

  195. uncatch22d says

    um isnt even having comments makes it look bad on both sides of the issue?

    i just ignore any jukes and move on ^_^

    • uncatch22d says

      *make (i think my grammar skills are juked)

      anyway … i think ppl who juke are not all control freaks … they just feel they are trying to speak out

      plus better a Jesus juke than all the haters on the net

      just MHO

  196. Kathryn says

    At work we have a customer newsletter. For awhile it featured an employee each month and had us answer some basic silly questions. One of my questions was, “What is on your desk?”. My answer, “A lucky bambo plant and a magic 8 ball (w/company logo)”. Another question was, “What is your favorite quote?”. My answer was Proverbs 3:5-6. As soon as the newsletter when out via e-mail, within seconds one of the customers e-mailed me back, upset that if I had faith in God why did I have the magic 8 ball and lucky bambo.

    • Duke says

      Ummm, I don’t think that is a “Jesus Juke”, I think that’s a legitimate question. Why would you have a “magic” 8-ball or a “lucky” bamboo plant?

      • says

        Really? Not quite grasping the point of this,eh? Those things are what I like to call “fun”…they’re toys, mementos, keepsakes…I’m fairly sure no one actually BELIEVES magic 8 balls except adolescent boys when wondering “Does she like me?”

      • Maxine says

        A “magic” 8 ball as opposed to a Pool Table 8 ball.
        A “lucky” bamboo (i.e. the swirly kind) as opposed to the swirly kind.
        Neither items are tailsmen so get over yourself.

  197. LW says

    Jesus Juke reminds me of a related phenomenon — Christians pointing out that they aren’t like those “other Christians.” Another holier than thou sort of a trick, but amusing to witness. People claim to be a reasonable believers because they doesn’t believe in “talking donkeys or floating people” or aren’t “hateful” or “judgmental” like those “other Christians.” How is one belief in one faith based thing any more reasonable than another? It cannot be. By definition neither is reason, and even the most basic cores of Christianity are just as unscientifically “possible” as any other Biblical stories, even young earth. A bit ironic how many religious people condemn other religious people based on how much they actually practice the crazy stuff in their own religion.

  198. says

    In my experience, people who Jesus Juke, just like Debbie Downers, are people who are simply sharing the overflow of their guilt and shame. If you are reeling from the concussion of a holy hand grenade, you can probably be assured that the person who threw it is suffering from some kind of concussive effect of an internal, perpetually exploding source. So, if I ever Jesus Juke you, give me a hug… I am probably in great need of one.

  199. Charlotte says

    So my friends and I were attending a PSU football game.. the Mr. Jesus goes “Such a shame that this is what makes people excited. What if this stadium were full of people worshiping the Lord?” waah wahhh =/

  200. Marketing says

    The owner of my (secular) company does this all the time. Sales will land a huge account and in the midst of their excitement, he’ll say, “You know that wasn’t you…it was God. God wanted us to get that sale.” Funny how it’s never God’s fault when we lose an account, though…

  201. Adam says

    Ohh man!! OK, So the other day, I was eating lunch with a bunch of friends on campus, when someone sneezed. And of course the automatic response from three or four people were “God bless you.” So, jokingly I said “Think God ever gets tired of us sneezing?” (Cause we’re always asking God to bless people when they sneeze). I was completely joking, but of course, the Jesus Juke came. Immediately after I said that, not even a second later, my friend looked at me and said, “Think God ever gets tired of you sinning?” DANG! I just sat there, the little guilt grenade had gone off and hit everyone. Conversation: Gone.

    • L says

      I wonder if people do this out of habit or when they are in a “mood” when they’re extra-conscientious and uber sensitive to being “distracted” by humor and other “worldly” points of focus. It’s like they’ve spotted a situation where they can do their part in reminding others of Jesus, and jump at the opportunity to kind of “make up for” not focusing enough on Jesus the rest of the time in everyday life.

  202. Rhiannon says

    This has helped me so much! I’m dealing with my first Jesus Juke. I suffer from frequent back pain and for the past couple days (more like weeks) it has been especially bad. I posted my status on Facebook as, “Will this back pain ever go away?!”. One of my friends from church promptly responded by saying, ” I’m sure thats what Jesus said when he was carrying the cross on his back.”, which in turn of course made me sick to my stomach and a cycle of images from Passion of the Christ were stuck in my brain. Now I feel like a horrible, nasty, pathetic sinner for complaining about back pain, but all the while, little did she know I was praying to God to give me the same type of courage and strength that he had in that same situation. Way to make me feel like my prayers to God are irrelevant.

    • birdie says

      I hear you. Being juked when you are in pain, whether physical or psychological does nothing for one’s walk with Christ. Some jukers mean well, some don’t. As far as dealing with a bad juke, there’s no set formula and is largely dependent on your relationship with the juker. Just know it’s ok to express pain and hurt without guilt (easier said than done). At the end, and please believe that I neither jest or juke, Jesus asked a similar question of God. If it’s ok for Him, is it not the same for us?
      I hope you take my reply in the spirit in which it is intended, one of comfort and encouragement. *hugs*

  203. says

    I worked at a place that had increased the building security, and I jokingly asked the front receptionist, “Hey Pat, have they got you packing a pistol now too?”

    Her face soured up, and in a whisper, she spat out, in response, “Did the SPIRIT tell you to say that?”

    “Uh – I guess not,” I said.

    “Okay, then,” she said angrily.


  204. Typar says

    People get to comfortable with their beliefs. This phrase is just ridiculous. And I don’t much like the mocking of Jesus. It should not be okay for Christians to refer to Jesus as “sweet baby Jesus.” He is God. He deserves/demands more love and respect than that. If you feel guilty about when something, then maybe that is Gods way of showing you that you are not on the right path. I am not exempt from this guilt, but my goal in life is to try to be more like Jesus every day. If I feel guilt, I repent and change what I need to to get where I need to be. Sure, there are better ways to go about it, but God’s will is not our will.

    • Amy says

      lighten up….GOD is GREAT.. And he doesn’t call us to act like we are holier than our Christian brothers and sisters. ITS JUST THAT SIMPLE! I made a comment about how precious Easter is and how I plan to reflect on what he gave for me. Some jerk posted I should remember him everyday. well duh…Sherlock!! I never said I don’t think of him daily..SO there psychic don’t jump to conclusions!

      • Shari says

        Well, this response was certainly very Christ-like, Amy.
        I found this blog on accident and while I understand the point being made here in the post, what I find missing in comments and in the post is respect for the Holiness of Jesus, God Almighty. I think, regardless of the truth in the blog that those comments do kill a conversation, sometimes the reason for that is simply that we are convicted by the statement. In those times where the comment was made not in spite or in malice, but rather in genuine honest reflection, why not instead respond with, “Wow… you’re right. That’s a great point to think on…” Would that be so bad instead of joining my Saviour’s name to a common phrase (the Bible calls that profane – taking that which is holy and making it commonplace) and using it mockingly (whether your intent or not, it reads so disrepsectfully). I’m sure I’ll see a “JUKED” comment by someone following this, but I can take it. I thought these thoughts were worth the “risk” of being mocked.

  205. Starla says

    I like the concept… as well as the “shame grenade.”
    Agree… we like to think we are holy… ha!
    Well said.

  206. bholley says

    So… how do you respond to a Jesus Juke on the subject of Osama Bin Ladin being killed. I saw this on FB:

    “The death of someone lost to Jesus, no matter how heinous he was…grieves the heart of God.”

    Which is TRUE! It’s very true. But for over half of my life this man has been killing everyone he possibly can. Where’s the wrath of God that comes to those who deny Him and hate those who love Him? Our God loves, but he also judges.

    • says

      I understand…There are many places in the Bible where death/a curse is prayed/wished upon an enemy. Still, there are many cases of forgiveness in the Bible as well (Saul for example). I think that deep down, most of us are just happy that he can no longer cause so much harm to others. There is a sadness in his death, but the actions in his life served him the consequences he received. Hopefully, it will serve as a lesson to many terrorists around the world, rather than a fuel. Soon after hearing the news, I wondered about all of his children, wives, etc. Can you imagine all the brainwashing and trauma anyone around him has been through? What if they will continue down a path like his or worse? This is not a simple issue. I don’t think a party is in order, but I think God understands our feelings on such a difficult thing.

  207. Kyle Hunter says

    Hey Jon,

    I know this an older blog, but I feel like a lot of Christians are Jesus-Juking the death of Usama bin Laden. As a Christian and a member of the U.S. Army, I feel relieved and happy that a mass murderer is dead. I do not rejoice in his eternal damnation, but at the same time I feel he made the choice to be who he was. What do you (or anyone else) think?

    • Dana Renee' says

      I know…I was thinking this yesterday after I saw 2 people’s statuses, which were basically passive aggressive rebukes of everyone whose had a trace of happiness about this news. That said, I will say that not all my comments on the subject have been in good taste – I posted more of what I thought about it above (in reply to bholley).

      • Chris says

        Look up this: Lex talionis – in islam, and in christianity.

        Just cause everyone says it’s okay, doesn’t make it okay.

    • Nathan says

      Dang, I know!!! I’m in the USAR so I was beyond elated. In fact, my level of patriotism was never higher. But then all these people from my church started posting what a tragedy it was that he was dead and all the Americans were rejoicing. I thought I was going to go absolutely crazy!!

  208. Chris says

    Thought provoking post, very challenging to my own life, reckon i’ve done this on ocasion without real purpose or to try manipulate my own thinking on others, As has was said, through my own lack.

    Thanks for the thoughts. God bless

  209. Lauea says

    When I was in college:
    Me: “Good luck on the test!”
    Other person: “I don’t believe in luck.”
    My unspoken
    thoughts: “Whaddaya want me to say–I hope you flunk’?????”

    • Laura says

      Whoops–the above was my message–should say “Laura” not “Laura”–i can’t even type my own name today *lol*

  210. says

    This is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read.

    “please don’t respond, “You know who created ponies? Our Lord God did, that’s who.”

    Thank you for that.

  211. Chris of Pella says

    Wow. I am such a Jesus Juker.

    Thanks for pointing out how harmful it is.

    *Holds up right hand with three fingers. “On my honor, I will do my best to obey the scout law, and cease the Jesus Juking.”

  212. Jewel says

    This makes me think of all those cut and pasted Christian messages saying “I bet most of you will not love Jesus enough to repost this…” I’m sorry, but yuck! I imagine those make their own number on your list. This also reminds me of a very famous Christian singer who recently tweeted about an uncomfortable experience on a long airplane ride with smelly individual in the seat next to hers. Do you know how many people commented back with “you might be the only “jesus” this man ever meets.”…:(

  213. says

    I hate the Jesus Juke ARTICLES that come out at Easter and Christmas. Heaven forbid (OOPS!) that someone display a Santa Claus and be careful of Easter Eggs which we should more accurately call Pagan Eggs. YIKES! We know who the NOT FUN grandma will be. The one who tells her grand kids that Santa is another spelling for Satan and the creamy center of the Cadbury eggs are a demonic plot to deny Christ’s resurrection!

  214. says

    whew. had to re-read this. I’m writing some devotionals (requested by an editor- for a book,,YAY!) and evey thing started looking like a jesus juke

    Devotion= Jesus jukes ME. (it happens…. I swear- but they lead to conversations and not shame….)

    Jesus juke- I jesus juke others to shame…

    got it.

  215. Becca says

    Countless times…..and usually having nothing to do with what I was saying or kidding about……its even worse when it comes from someone who would be horribly offended and blow up at you if you ever did something like that to them. Ahhh, friends ; )

  216. Jeff says

    I worked at a multi-staffed church where we had a WWJD bracelet wearer. The dude never missed a chance to shout out a “doub’ya doub’ya jaydee babeeee!” whenever he deemed it appropriate (and more often when it was not). At one staff meeting a fellow pastor was sharing/confessing their struggle w/their sexuality and at a point of uncomfortable silence, bracelet boy interjected w/a “Well, you know that’s why i wear this bracelet, so i can remind myself of ‘what would Jesus do’ in those confusing moments. Helps me every time.” That’s not a JJ by your definition, but boy, reading this tonight really brought that to mind. Down with JJ’s.

    • Gary says

      I remember one time talking to someone about how I really wished I had a new job. And they piped up and said “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” WAAA-Waaaah!

      Oh wait… that one was actually Jesus… hmm what would we call that one?

      And then would this post then be a Jesus Jesus Juke?

  217. Becky says

    Brilliant and so true. And I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that I know who Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie are…Toola Roola is new to me though. I’m more familiar with Scoot-a-loo and Starsong.

  218. says

    Last Saturday morning, my 3 year old Olivia came into my bedroom just before 8am with her pom-poms yelling “GIMMIE A O! GIMMIE a Y”! (trying to spell out her name) and I played along then asked for a turn & tried singing “Rise & Shine & give God his glory, glory!” With pom-pom hand motions and she let me know immediately in a harsh tone, that her pom-poms were not for God OR Jesus b/c I was not being reverent. (Jesus Juked)

  219. Debbie Brooks Riffel says

    Me and my girlfriend perfer to concentrate on what we call God winks, you know the kind…you see a license plate that is really an odd personalized one, but it brings back a beautiful personal memory…God wink…just to remind you all is ok….May you have a 1,000 God winks this year!
    Stay cool,
    Debbie (and hey can we rename that Debbie Downer thing to maybe something like dopey downer>):)

  220. debra says

    I agree. There are always those who have their eyes on what we should be doing at that moment. They don’t see us when we are taking care of our loved ones, or helping others. They are like the caricature of the spinster school teacher who is probably unhappy as a Christian, and wishing they could be doing fun stuff, too. I don’t see Jesus as a boring Savior. He is everything to me but I don’t constantly remind people of that. It’s between me and him. It’s a subtle way to judge and condemn without actually doing it.

  221. Cheryl says

    I got JJ’d when I posted my fb status that I was going to slap somebody from the Westboro Baptist Church while they were protesting the tornado relief effort in Joplin, MO. Oh my…did I ever get JJ’d.

  222. says

    Facebook seems to be a place where juking happens a bunch. When I see it I try to leave a kind comment for the person receiving the juke.

    Our family has experienced some pretty serious hardships this past year. I won’t list them all but they do include: several ER visits, serious financial blows, major struggles for our daughter with learning disabilities, my parents divorcing after 42 years and our home getting hit by a tornado in April. While reaching out to our friends via Facebook and hoping for prayer and encouragement I have many times received a serious “juking”. And received several jukes to my face right after the tornado and regarding our daughter. It’s been painful. Although I don’t expect someone to understand if they haven’t experienced what we have I do expect my brothers and sisters in Christ to be kind. We are told to “bear one anothers burdens”. Making light of someones crisis by acting self righteous & spitting out a verse that makes one feel guilty because something bad happened to them (completely out of their control) just plain hurts. Especially when you are being vulnerable and letting your need be known.

    God has used these hard times to strengthen my faith and my marriage. They have given us a better understanding of how to help and love our daughter. And I can honestly now say I am thankful for the tornado.

    Telling me you will pray for me (and actually doing it), showing special attention to my daughter, bringing over a hot meal or helping clean up storm debris speak volumes to me. A stern juking makes me want to re-evaluate my friendships.

    BTW – We have also been very blessed with folks that have been super helpful and encouraging.

  223. LWB says

    Hi, I’m uncomfortable using God’s name in the JJ term. Can you come up with another descriptor, like Christianize, or something else. Suggestions?

  224. Scott says

    This perception issue is misdirected. If your conscience is leading you to repentance, then it is likely that the Holy Spirit is doing a work. It is incredibly dangerous to make a blanket statement attempting to squash the voice of one calling in the desert. We should be ever watchful. Not just reading the Word, but doing what it says. Following that directive will allow you to avoid ridiculous controversies and arguments such as this one. Did you notice that in an attempt to avoid an argument, you have created one? Had you followed what the Bible says, this would not have happened.

  225. Mario says

    Disciples: Hey Jesus we found some food; you should eat.
    “Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to accomplish his work'” John 4:34

    Jesus-juked by Jesus himself!

    • Mikey says

      This is like a Jesus Juke within the Jesus Juke. You’re Jesus Juking Jon over writing about the Jesus Juke. Beautiful!

  226. Joshua C. Wallace says

    I think this can happen too sometimes with other things. I remember one time posting a comment on a picture, so minor I don’t remember anything but somewhere in the comment was the word piss. To me, not a vile word at all, I respect anyone’s right to disagree with me, and I’m not here to argue the appropriateness of the word, but it was there. Someone from my church posted back, “Watch your language, I don’t like that word.” I mean sure! they totally have the right to disagree with the fact that I use the word, but to post it on there is saying that I don’t have the right to disagree with them. And to spare the comment thread, I deleted the comment. This is my policy with all Jesus Jukes/other jukes. If it’s in my power to delete them I will. I don’t come back with a reprimand on how they shouldn’t ruin peoples conversations and how they’re not better than me, no matter how much I want to. I just silently take their satisfaction from posting it away. Hope I did the right thing.

    • Laura says

      Tell them that the words “piss” and “pisseth” appear in the KJV. I don’t remember the chapters and verses offhand, but they’re in the Old Testament. I am NOT making this up!

  227. says

    My girlfriend has JUST Jesus juked me, about randomly surfing on the internet, when I should’a been reading the Bible or something.

    She quotes Josemaria Escrivá saying that “if you wanna be saint and have free time, something is wrong”.

    Random internet surfing isn’t exactly FREE time, as I am engaged to something… right?

  228. says

    I always feel compelled to pull a Jesus Juke back at them with some obscure verse taken out of context to prove how ridiculous their comment was..

    Is that bad? haha

  229. Claire says

    My friend and I were juked just a couple days ago and I instantly remembered this post. Ok, so we were in a canoe, and it was her first time, and this slightly older than us (we’re in high school) was paddling us around the lake. So anyway, she said “Wow, this reminds me of Scooby-Doo when they are in a canoe and those monsters pop up and scare them!” and I got into the mood and said something like “Oh yeah! It reminds me of Kim Possible, when they go to camp and there’s that lake monster!” So of course, the guy we were with immediately follows that brilliant (ok so not brilliant, but whatever) comment up with “I instantly think of God. His majesty and peace out on the water is just amazing.”
    Wow. The instant awkward shameful grenade blew up in that little canoe!

  230. dan mcm says

    I just got accused of Jesus Juking someone, and that was completely not my intention (they missed the earlier discussion, didn’t realize what I was talking about.)

    On the positive side, I had an excuse to look up “Jesus Juke” and figure out what the heck they were talking about!

    A loooong time ago (1983? 1984?), I was at Magic Mountain in SoCal on a day where a bunch of Christian bands were playing. I sat through one band that was very salvation message oriented (they were alright, no clue who they were) while waiting for Phil Keaggy to come on next. Phil loves the Lord, but he’s not exactly putting on concerts because an evangelist that uses music as his medium. When he’s getting ready to start up, the band dinking around, everyone tuning up, Phil starting to chat a little, some guy yells out “PRAISE THE LORD!!!” almost as though Phil had to say “Amen!” the right way to prove he was a believer. Phil looks up, mumbles something about, “yeah, God is good, isn’t he?” and gets back to getting the band going. Total Jesus Juke…..

  231. says

    My y.a. bible studies does this all the time to each other… Not so much in a want to produce shame sort of way, but usually in a dead pan snarky sort of way.

    The best I’ve heard came from a three year old talking to one of the gals in my bible study
    3yo: Do you know what church is?
    Gal: Of course I know what church is.
    3yo: Oh… Because you don’t go a lot..

  232. Steve Mycynek says

    Normally I don’t like this blog, but I liked this entry. Does anyone ever stop to consider that the Jesus Juke is why a lot of Christians have trouble getting their friends to come to church with them?


    Want a piece of cake?
    A small piece.
    Just a small piece?
    I’m trying to lose weight.
    I’m trying to gain faith.
    Wow. What an awesome pre-occupation with what’s really important.

    Is it any wonder I feel alienated by this conversation? As if my interaction with others is just an irrelevant, disposable backdrop for something more important?

    Does anyone ever stop to think that the “Jesus Juke” is not something that friends and loved ones should do to each other if they want to truly share love, understanding, and Jesus with each other?

    • Steve Mycynek says

      Ah, pseudo html filtering. That was supposed to read:

      *Alleged Friend 1* Want a piece of cake?
      *Me* A small piece.
      *Alleged Friend 1* Just a small piece?
      *Me* I’m trying to lose weight.
      *Alleged Friend 2* I’m trying to gain faith.
      *Others* What an awesome pre-occupation with what’s really important.

      • Laura says

        Yes, now that you mention it, I would LOVE a piece of cake, thank you! (And don’t say I’m “food-juking” this thread–YOU’RE the one who mentioned cake! ;D

  233. Jason says

    Be careful about pointing the Jesus Juke finger at people folks. I have been Jesus Juked and I get it, but wouldn’t it be sweet to teach a compulsive Jesus Juker to share their faith in a relevant Christ centered way. Not trying to Jesus Juke anyone, just a thought that this post generated in my mind.

    • Steve Mycynek says

      Jason —

      That’s my point. There’s a clear difference between a sincere statement of devotion to Christ and a self-serving remark. We lie to ourselves when we put conversation from the second category into the first. If we could beat this habit spawned from weakness out of people, there’d be a lot less resentment and misunderstanding all over the world.

  234. says

    OK, I am now a HUGE Jon FAN! I love the Jesus Juke concept. Not only is Jon Funny and communicates really well he seems to be “REAL.” What made Jesus so contagious with EVERYONE was that He was just genuine. What you see is what you get! No JUKES! That is what I felt reading Jon’s post. Jon IS Jesus with skin on in this article! Phoney Christinas Jukeing makes me want to throw up. Get REAL and change the world…

    • Laura says

      @Kenn: I know everyone makes typos, but there’s a particularly funny one in your next-to-last sentence–are you talking about Ms. Aguilera? ;D

  235. Laura says

    Btw, a lot of times I think the reason we Jesus-juke is because we’re trying too hard (either to witness or to prove ourselves). I’m speaking for myself here.

  236. Laura says

    Almost forgot about this one–not really a joke-filled conversation, but a Jesus juke nonetheless:

    A bunch of people from my old church, after Princess Diana’s death, were talking about Elton John’s new version of “Candle in the Wind” that he sang at her funeral. One person said, “He’s an excellent musician…but he doesn’t know the Lord.” It kind of struck me as if the guy making the remark was thinking, “Oh, no, I just said something positive about Elton John–I’d better say something spiritual or else people will think I’m gay!” (Or maybe, heaven forbid, that he was open-minded about music. Can’t have THAT now, can we?)

  237. says

    OOOOOO I always wondered what this was. I have seen people talk about JJ’s for the longest time and wondered what they were. I feel so smart now.

    so I’m ashamed to admit I have probably JJ’d others on more than one occasion. *ugh*

  238. roteye says

    You have a healthy conscience. There’s hope for you. Woe to those who’s conscience is sealed with a hot iron.

  239. Melanie says

    I think one of the biggest problems in our Christian churches today is that many Christians have no interested in being challenged. While I agree that “Jesus juking” is not an appropriate way to try to lead someone to Christ, I think those of us who already profess a relationship with Christ should not be insulted or turned off by the “Jesus juke” The Bible is FULL of instances where Jesus used this exact same method when speaking to his disciples. In Mark 13:1-3 the disciples were impressed with the Temple and Jesus turned that converstaion into a spiritual lesson (the disciple didn’t understand it, but it was a spiritual lesson all the same). Honestly, when someone “Jesus Jukes” me I appreciate it because I don’t see it as that person putting me down, rather, I see it as that person challenging and encouraging me to continue to grow in my relationship with Chirst. As Christians, a “Jesus juke” should challenge us to examine ourselves and our committment to Christ, which is something we should constantly be doing anyway. Personally, the only way I wouldn’t appricated that challenge would be if it came at a time when I wasn’t particularlly interested in growing, and if that’s the case the “Jesus Juke” isn’t the problem, I am!

    • Jesussquire says

      Evangelism and Jesus-filled awkwardness, Hooray!
      Discipleship and fun, boooo.
      Right on Melanie. We shouldn’t joke about anything. That’s for sinners. God hates humor and those funny people will burn in hell! Amen.

    • Mia says

      And this is the most elaborate Jesus-Juke I’ve ever read (or heard). You proved Jon’s point, so well done! ;)

    • Brendon says

      Right on Melanie!

      We have a responsibility as Christians to be sober minded.

      As a man who enjoys sharing a good laugh or a practical joke with friends (and the humor on these blogs), I DO need to be reminded – quite often – that I represent my Lord and Savior in my words and actions.

      Jesus warns us that we will have to account for our idle, or careless words (Matthew 12:36-37).

      Self control is a spiritual discipline in the same way that joy is. So although we shouldn’t be a Christian “Debbie Downer” in the prideful way that the writer pointed out, we should be humble and teachable when someone wants to bring the focus back to the only thing in life that really matters…

      I’m glad you used Scripture to back up your point. It shows that your desire is not just to make your opinion known, but to match up your opinion with the word of God.

  240. Mommy L says

    Now, of course, they’re juking over the Caylee situation. Here is an example from Facebook. Thw quotes are from a couple I know;
    they may not be exact, but it went something like this:

    She (in her Facebook status): “i hope people get this upset because an innocent man was killed to save the people who would curse His name.”
    He (one of these people who says “amen” to everything at church: “Honey, I’m so proud of you.”
    She: “It’s not me, it’s Yahweh.”

    Pardon me while I roll my eyes…

    • Mommy L says

      My apologies if the people whose words I paraphrased are reading this blog. I don’t know if they read it, but no offense was intended; just giving my perspective, that’s all.

  241. says

    When I tend to get Jesus Juked, I remember about, what I call, the Irish FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY…that’s where you fold your five fingers into a fist, and “love on them”…then lay hands on them for healing, of course…

  242. says

    So I guess it wasn’t a compliment when you said I created the first” kid juke”. Dang….Didn’t know what you meant. Thanks for clarifying, I think.
    Now I know why you didn’t respond to my free book request:).
    My “juke” wasn’t meant to shame but to share that maybe the picture of the thirty three books you were taking on your beach vacation was a bit much, since you have kids. Kind of set yourself up and so maybe it’s okay to have some fun with it:).
    Trying not to feel juked at the moment. Grace usually helps in these situations you describe. Some don’t mean what we think and some do not know any better. Grace covers both.
    Keep up the great writing.

  243. says

    Status of Friend 1: When will it ever be cool again? I’ll even take low 90s as a treat right now!.

    Comment by Friend 2: maybe someone up there is trying to show those who don’t know Him what a future without Him would be like. Glad we aren’t headed to that realllllly hot place for eternity!

    JESUS JUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. says

    I may not get the point you are making, but it sounds like normal conversation to me. Perhaps the folks “juking” are actually joking and you don’t get their humor? If anything I think they are making references that are lost on you and there are crickets as a result. This can happen if folks have different perspectives on any topic, not just about Jesus.

    I hope the folks juking are not trying to be rude. In fact they are probably making what they believe to be a relevant point and instead of trying to understand their perspective you are making fun of their inability to speak your way.

    I know I juke folks on other topics all the time, I (like other folks) like to talk about what I am interested in. If that happens to be video games, or (for shame) the creator of the universe, then I may bring the topic up with what you find to be an unreasonable frequency.

  245. Bradb says

    Are you kidding?! I live in the Bible belt and get Jesus Juked all the time. Plus whenever someone does it, you’re just left there with, uhhhhhhh

  246. Nathanlindley says

    Hey John, you know who else wrote a great blog? Jesus Christ did, 2000 years ago! I’ll forward it to you! I wonder if 230 people will tweet that! ;-)

  247. Suzanne says

    I just witnessed a conversation where everyone was telling funny stories about embarrassing things that happened to them in church. Suddenly a guy chimed in and said, “I just received a letter from my sponsored child and I wept. Sponsor a child and change lives.” You could actually hear the fun being sucked out of the conversation.

  248. says

    I like to respond to Jesus Jukes with “You’re right” and then move the conversation to something even more innocuous. Maybe that’s rude of me, but I think maybe then they feel like their point got across yet I won’t be brought down by negativity. That’s fair right?

  249. reGeNeRaTe X says

    Jesus Jukes = being “oversaved”. Jesus Jukes sound spiritual but the motivation may be disingenuous.

  250. Lisette Ruiz says

    Oh Jon. My husband got Jesus Juked the other day, and we laughed hard thinking about this post. My friend quoted on Facebook a passage from Gary Thomas’s book Sacred Marriage. My husband and I happened to have seen him speak live on our honeymoon, and my husband posted below my friend’s comment that he was wonderful, and his book was a great guide to biblical marriage and just being nice. Then a third person went in for the ‘juke saying… “Books are great… seminars are wonderful.. the truth is the best book ever written on marriage is God’s Word through the power of the Holy Spirit” OUCH

  251. says

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  252. says

    Um, yes. I am still hanging onto the old double rainbow joke, so I post pics whenever I see one, with the caption, “But what does it mean???” There’s a lady in my FB friends who ALWAYS takes the time to tell me all about exactly what a rainbow means. Whomp whommmmmp.

  253. John Thomas says

    There is tremendous irony in this blog. Everyone who read this has been juked. Good job Jon way to juke back the jukers.

  254. Jesse says

    The best line in this post:

    “You might think it will before you juke, but what usually happens is just raw amounts of awkwardness, similar to how I felt sitting in a theater watching the Last Airbender.”

    • says

      I think about half the thoughts that go through my own heart and mind are “Jesus Jukes” if I am understanding the concept that is being described. And as I reflect back on some of the things that Jesus said, I think he was the original Juker :-)

  255. says

    I was Jesus juked a few months back. A friend (a pastor) and I were having some good-natured yucks on Facebook about people wearing their pajama bottoms in public places, when a gal jumped in with the suggestion that the pajama wearer in question MAY have just come from sitting with her mom in the hospital. The juker then went on to say that SHE preferred to focus on bringing others to Jesus, which, I pointed out, was another topic entirely.

    I told her not to get her pajama bottoms in a twist. .

  256. Cathrine says

    My youth pastor used to jokingly “Juke.” As I try to write an example, I realize there is no way to capture his tone as he did it, but you always knew he wasn’t serious, mostly because he was never serious. That 40 year old man was much more like a teenager than any of us were!

    • Cathrine says

      I guess I shouldn’t say never; when it came to preaching the Word he was serious and I know I understand Scripture better because of him.

  257. says

    The fact that all of you are still reading all these blogs and comments when you could be reading God’s Word! Hmmmm!

    :) Sorry, that was so a completely wrong Jesus Juke!

    I got Jesus Juked for the completely inappropriate act of posting a picture of my meal at a nice restaurant one time. I got the old faithful, “There are starving kids in Africa and you could feed one for year with what you spent on that meal.


  258. says

    Everyone needs a good slap-in-the-face reality check every once in a while, including myself. But, you obviously don’t do it to the lost, just the believers you have close relationships with. Love is the only way to the unbeliever’s heart.

  259. granadacoder says

    I like to do the “exe-Gesis Juke”.

    You’ll be talking about something completely innocent, usually through email……and then I hit you with a Greek word study. Not a easy-like-Sunday-morning word, but a hit-you-in-the-face greek word….for example: dilogos, which means “double-tongued”………and it just kills the easy-going-ness.

    Word of advice : Do not use the “exe-Gesis Juke” with Pharis33s, they don’t like it. True story.


  1. […] The Jesus Juke- An entry posted not even a week ago has to be my favorite musing yet by Acuff.  He wrote on the phenomena that exists within Christian circles that he dubbed “the Jesus Juke.”  The Jesus Juke occurs when a well-meaning, lighthearted Christian conversation is going on, and is quickly redirected by a deep, holy statement.  The example Acuff uses is this:  he posted a funny tweet about a crazy-huge bodybuilder guy doing pushups in the middle of an airport terminal, and how devoted this guy must be to his muscular voracity.  Someone tweeted back saying something to the effect of how well-off we would be if we were that devoted to our finances or quiet times.  That whole conversation (or… tweet-a-sation..?) got JESUS JUKED! […]

  2. […] Jesus juke them. Christian author Jon Acuff coined this term in reference to when someone responds in an otherwise non-Jesus-related conversation with a reference religion in a way that Debra Downer’s the convo. Usually this is to be avoided, as no good ever comes from it, but it would effectively kill any arguments or make it so awkward that everyone bows out. […]