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I’m still working through the blog reviews I offered people who purchased my second book on a certain day. To be honest with you, I grossly underestimated the number of people who would respond and grossly overestimated how fast I could review each blog. (This is a running theme in my life, often exhibited in the amount of time I leave myself to drive somewhere. Based on my late arrivals I tend to estimate that my car can travel 180MPH on the way to someone’s house for dinner and that it should only take me 10 minutes to travel a 30 minute distance.) I’ve worked through a bunch of them but have a bunch left and just wanted to apologize and say, I’m sorry it’s taken so long. That’s not cool. It’s not you, it’s me. Hopefully you will get an email from me with delightful feedback as I continue to work through the list.

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    I wondered it you’d be biting off a lot with that project. Thanks for helping your readers and aspiring authors Jon. You’ll eventually get all of them done and then you can celebrate.

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    Although I’m a Christian and therefore didn’t see the movie Pulp Fiction, if I had seen it I would at this point tell you that you are not Harvey “The Wolf” Keitel and therefore drive as you said. If I’d seen it. Which of course I haven’t. Of course.

    Of course!

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    I received your review and your email last week which I am so grateful for. Thank you for taking the time to commit and stay true to your mission. There is something very encouraging about that. I pray that you “do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time you will reap a harvest if you do not give up.” (Gal 6:9)

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    When was this? I missed!?! Darn that convention I had to go to without internet access. I mean, really? A hotel that doesn’t have internet access in the year 2011? The horror!!

  5. Steph says

    I would like to see a blogpost about people who are very “responsible” socially (drink Fair Trade coffee, wear Toms, refuse to shop at Walmart, etc.) but somehow have absolutely no responsibility when it comes to dealing with people in person. They never show up on time. Don’t call when they can’t make it. Say they will do something and then later back out. This actually has nothing to do with your post here, it just reminded me of my own struggle to put together a soccer team of 20somethings where people committed and then backed out. And having a volleyball team where people would just fail to show up at games with no notice that they weren’t going to be there. The same people are extraordinarily “responsible” when it comes to social justice matters. BTW do you want to play on my soccer team? We are short a few people :) Its in Nashville on Tuesday nights.

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    I appreciate the Review! I knew you’d get around to it when you could get around to it, and I’m certain most people will feel the same. It was definitely helpful, and definitely worth the wait for feedback. I’m working on redesigning my site and process now.

    On a side note, anytime I’ve overextended myself with obligations like that, it was because there was something much bigger on the way that I needed to be prepared for. This will be nothing, compared to the awesomeness on the way for you, I’m sure! You’re doing fine.

    Thanks again for taking the time!

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    Are you kidding me?!? Please, save mine for the end. Next year is good. Just keep writing funny stuff for me to read at the end of the day when I FINALLY get to sit down, and we’re good.

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    Jon, I know you have probably heard from some not to beat yourself up – and I have to concur with them. Don’t do it, man. :) I am deeply appreciative of the feedback you offered, and I would’ve waited longer for it. Patience is not a virtue of mine naturally – however, it is one I am learning to exercise more and more lately; so it was right on time on my end.

    Thank you for the offer, thank you for sharing your time with me and so many other bloggers, thank you for your genuineness and transparency, and thank you for your heart.

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    I was SHOCKED that you made the offer, in the first place. When you reviewed mine…I was in awe. It’s been shock and awe with you, basically all the time.

    Kudos for being so generous with your time.

    I still haven’t gotten my book “39 Things I learned..”. Barnes and Noble paired it with the one I pre-ordered that you have coming out. Quitter. It’s frustrating, because I could be half way through the baby steps by now, but instead I feel aimless. I will persevere though, and it will only make me stronger. It’s all being used by God to develop patience….which I’d like RIGHT NOW!

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    Hey, I do the same thing! I’m always sure I can do much more in an allotted time than is possible, and that my car can do warp speed safely.
    Thanks for all you do!