4 ways to know the sermon is about to end.

I sometimes feel I am a grace filled person until someone takes a long time to get off a plane. After a long flight, there are few things as annoying as the guy that takes 10 minutes slowly getting his stuff together.

Got my peanuts. Got my free copy of Sky Mall. Got my pens.

On and on.

I feel like saying, “We just descended 30,000 feet. Didn’t that tip you off that we were about to land?”

But I don’t because that is frowned upon.

Although I can’t speed exits on planes along, I can give you a heads up on when a sermon is about to end.

There are 4 signs the sermon is almost over.

1. Musicians start materializing on the edge of the stage.
Always look for a slightly anxious worship leader with an acoustic guitar trying to come back on stage. That’s a dead giveaway that the sermon is about to end.

2. In closing.
If a pastor says this phrase, they are legally required to end the sermon within 3 minutes. Pretty sure that’s in the Bible.

3. As we’re wrapping up.
Maybe the easiest end of sermon sign ever. If you miss this one, you are crazy.

4. Ushers start stretching.
If your church does offering after the sermon, I have some thoughts on this approach, it’s a sure sign things are about to end. Look for an usher doing leg lunges to loosen up muscles that got tight during the sermon.

If any of these things happen, get your stuff together. Zip up that fanny pack cover you’ve got on your Bible, stack your communion cup with the rest of your row, and get moving. We got Sunday lunch to get to!

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  1. TheLightingChick says

    Around here, there’s a countdown clock. When it hits 1 minute, you know there are only 6-9 minutes of sermon left. If you can’t see the clock, watch the crowd. People always start sneaking out about 10 minutes before service is supposed to end.