My new favorite mullet.

If you’re my age, you remember the great Mullet Renaissance of 2001. You couldn’t go anywhere on the Internet without running into a mullet joke.

Things have changed now, must of the mullet culture has gone into hiding.

Fortunately, a guy named “TheBryanRose” on Instagram posted the photo below. The image is humorous, but it was Bryan’s caption that sealed the deal for me. Well played TheBryanRose!


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  1. says

    Is it just me or does Jesus look a lot like Kurt Russell? I’m wondering if Sly Stallone will show up and they can make a sequel to Tango and Cash. (I totally want to see that.)

  2. says

    Ah…mullets. I remember attending the NAMM Conference years ago (National Assoc of Music Merchants) in Nashville.

    There were so many mullets that we played a game called “Mullet Hunt.” We kept score. 1 point for a regular mullet, 2 puts for a Kentucky Wurbler, 4 for the Davey Crocket, 5 for the Waterfall, etc. Good times.

  3. Stephen G says

    My wife and I play “The Mullet Of The Day” game when…well…pretty much everywhere we go. We live in SE Texas so a mullet sighting is a regular thing. The “M.O.T.D.” Game is simple: 1) notice an impressive mullet 2) notify the other players of your vote. 3) enjoy the snickering.

    I have yet to man up and print off the WINNER of the “Mullet Of The Day” business cards I’ve made, to hand out to the obvious winners. My logic is that if you wear a mullet, you know you do, and I’m sure for some reason you’re proud of it. So why not get awarded for it?

  4. JCRACK says

    My Fiancee is a photographer, and I was with her the other day taking a guys senor pics. He informed us that he was bringing the mullet back.

  5. Zach says

    I was gonna say that this picture looked a lot like Wayne Watson of the late 1980’s, but I’ll save that for Another Time, Another Place.

    • LKJ says

      Wayne could have been too careless and dropped his chicken filet sandwich on the beach. Thus having to endure a sandy patty #punsrule

  6. Mark Dusseau says

    They came to him for healing…They came to him for mercy…

    They also came to watch a picture-show on that forehead.

  7. says

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