Will this matter on judgment day?

My friend Amanda sent me this image.


I immediately was struck with the following thoughts:

1. Remember that verse in Galatians that talked about the need to put bumper stickers on your donkey? Right there on that burro, you were supposed to slap a little Jesus fish.

2. How boring is the rest of judgment day if you suddenly realize you should have put more stickers on a car? No angels, no majesty of God, no wonders filling your vision. It will be so dull that the bumper sticker collection on your 2003 Honda Accord will pop into your head.

3. How sinless has the rest of your life been if a bumper sticker makes the list of things you failed?

4. Can you imagine God saying, “I sent my son to die for you, but it’s time to address your lack of bumper stickers?”

5. Do you think that when you apply a sticker it’s like when Jesus said the angels celebrate over a sinner being saved? Are they in heaven, shouting out in winged jubilation, “Blessed be your name!” (Even there they sing that song.)

6. Once you put a bumper sticker on any part of your car that is not your bumper you’ve crossed into scary territory as far as I’m concerned.

That’s what I think about this sticker.

What do you think?


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  1. says

    I tend to think the cars with all the stickers accomplish the opposite. A Bible with a bunch of markings in it says you’ve been reading it. But a bunch of stickers on your car – how about just living it? I guess the person is more courageous than I am, I’ll give them that – but I would rather have people ask me why I am the way I am than be like “READ MY STICKER!!!”

  2. Brooke says

    These are the kinds of things that give us a bad name. Come judgement day, I am just going to be to busy falling on my knees.

  3. tulsatammy says

    I once had someone tell me, “The Hebrew scribes had to wash before they could even write God’s word, and then they couldn’t even write the word God. Meanwhile, in our culture, we put Jesus’ name on a bumper sticker and place it on the back of our filthy cars.” I have never put a bumper sticker like that on my car because of what he said.

    • Bob says

      Not a bumper sticker guy at all here… but, you do know that it would have been folks LIKE the Pharisees who made up that law about “washing before you even wrote the name of God” right?

      Jesus name is profaned, not when it’ spoken about Him, but when it’s used as a mindless curse or epitaph.

      • Sarah says

        Yes, but the heart behind the law of washing before you wrote God’s Words or not being able to say his name is reverence. Don’t overlook reverence in trying to abolish religion. They are not the same. God if holy and worthy of honor. Proverbs says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Tulsatammy’s comment was about respect, not religion.

        • Susan says

          A bumper sticker can be reverent if it helps to lead someone to Christ. Look – this may not change YOUR mind or everyone’s mind, but it could stir someone who is almost there! (Talking about any bumper sticker referring to Jesus in a positive way.)

  4. says

    I think I was just reading that verse in Galatians yesterday!

    Seriously though, are we saved by faith in Jesus Christ or by a tiny metal fish? If it’s the fish, which one? Some of them have Greek and some don’t? Are the Greek ones more or less holy?

    I need this information so that I can purchase the most holy one. I don’t Jesus to come back and tell me I’ve got the wrong fish!

  5. says

    I have yet to find the Bible verse that says, “They will know you are my disciples if you have bumper stickers on your car.” Nope – pretty sure it doesn’t say that ANYWHERE in Scripture!

  6. Jamie says

    Before I accepted Christ at the ripe old age of 22, I read a license plate frame on a friend’s car that said: “Going the wrong direction? God allows U-Turns.” I didn’t fall on my knees at that moment in the middle of the parking lot and accept The Lord, but it got me thinking that my life was going the wrong direction and I could turn it around with Christ.

    It’s not a bumper sticker but God used it. And my sweet hubby had that same license plate frame made for my car so maybe God can use it again.

    • David Warner says

      Clearly, It wasn’t the bumper sticker or “plate frame” that made you want to come to the Lord. It was building up to that moment. I am so glad that my relationship with the Lord didn’t start with a bumper sticker Jesus.

      • Karen Harrison says

        David….clearly you can’t say what made her come to Jesus. Does it matter how we come to Jesus? When you get to heaven, will Jesus say “David, you came to Jesus the RIGHT way. Not like that Jamie girl. Can you believe something written on a license plate frame made her evaluate her life which eventually led her to me?”

        Zaccheus was in a tree when he found Jesus/Jesus found him. What’s more ridiculous than that? Jonah was in the belly of a whale when he finally listened to God. Next to those things, a license plate frame seems pretty tame.

  7. Annette says

    Hadn’t seen that one before. My first thought is that this person must not have FB or Twitter, cuz that’s where good folks go to throw down the really good “shame on you’s”.

    Bumper stickers have gotten a little too confusing. Jesus fish eating Darwin fish? What is the message there? Is Jesus an Orca or a Great White Shark? He’s obviously top of the food chain and proud of it. And the one that warns us that the vehicle will be unmanned in the event the rapture occurs…sounds like they’ve premeditated insurance fraud.

    I’m sure people’s lives are changed when they encounter these vehicles on the road. Immediately, they must think they need to be the right kind of fish, and drive carefully around the car that might, at any moment, spin out of control right next to them. There must be some good being done somewhere by these stickers.

    I hope to be behind these folks in heaven. I’ll just pick up whatever jewels fall from their overloaded hands as they receive their blessings upon blessings for Bumper Stickers Well Done.

    (Warm, heartfelt sarcasm intended.)

  8. says

    Kudos to whoever wants to have bumper stickers on their cars, but really, to say “you’re going to regret it if you don’t have them”?? Give me a break! No one gets saved by a tiny little fish on your car and for people that know you, they should know you’re Christian.

    Silly, silly things.

  9. says

    I picture Jesus walking up to this car, popping open the hood, and saying…

    “Woe to you, bumper sticker enthusiasts, you hypocrites! You look so beautiful on the outside with your stencils and stickers, yet under this hood you’ve never changed the oil!”

    I’m pretty sure that is nested within Matthew 23. Pretty sure.

  10. Michael says

    I was “flipped off” in traffic once by a guy in a big SUV with 2 fish and a “Rapture Ready” bumper sticker. I couldn’t stop laughing because of the irony.

  11. John says

    The owner of that car. Is like the crazy cat lady for stickers.

    I rarely care what stickers on cars say, except the ones that let me know they are about to write me a speeding ticket.

  12. Sarah says

    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that if your car has enough Christian bumper stickers, it gets to go to heaven too. The really awkward part comes in for those people that had a stupid amount of Christian stickers but didn’t do anything else to confirm their Christianity. That means there’s gonna be some unmanned cars up there just waiting for an owner. Crossing my fingers for an El Camino!

  13. says

    Remember the movie “Office Space”? “We need to talk about flair.”

    Bummer stickers are Jesus Flair, tacky trinckets designed to display either a) devotion, or b) judgement.

  14. says

    I dunno…

    If you’ve got Jesus, flaunt Jesus.

    In the most annoying ways possible.


    My wife tells a story about a friend of hers who honked at a car bearing a “Honk if you love Jesus sticker.” The friend got flipped off.

    • Dan McM says

      That’s funny, Chad.

      Not sure why, but it reminds me of a time we were going to a concert and there was a guy with a big sign (about 4 ft wide by 6 ft tall) warning us we were all going to hell, presumably because of the rock concert we were going to. Except, we were going to see Amy Grant!!!! A christian concert and we’re being picketed by a guy telling us we’re going to hell.


  15. David says

    I’m guessing this is not a literal bumper sticker. I think whoever posted this bumper sticker means that “you’ll wish you had trusted Jesus when you had the chance”. I’m pretty sure sure this guy knows that bumper stickers don’t save you, only Jesus does.

    That being said, having this bumper sticker on your car is pretty much pointless.

  16. Rob Sorbo says

    I wish I could say, “Well, it seems my car is facing a better eternity than your car,” but I have no Jesus stickers either.

  17. Elizabeth Rose says

    I’m almost more “shocked” by the verbiage in Sharpie all over the hood and wish I could read it. I don’t think the issue is having bumper stickers vs not, this person is judging others for lacking in stickers.. And that’s just bad theology.

    • Ashley says

      I really think the most important thing to consider here is that this person drew all over the hood of their car… In Sharpie. I kind of feel like that’s the equivalent of my 7 year old drawing on the walls…

  18. says

    I just had a laugh as the memory of Jennifer Aniston in Office Space, being reprimanded for her lack of bling on her waitress uniform popped into my head! Can you imagine God as the restaurant manager? HA!

    • C says

      I would agree, think it was intended as sarcastic, but out there somewhere is a Christian who put it on their car believing it.

  19. Marleen says

    I’ve always felt that not only are bumper stickers tacky in general, but if you put a “Christian” bumper sticker on your car, then you’d better be the best driver/person out there, because you are choosing to represent publicly with every one of your actions. I personally don’t feel qualified to plaster that kind of advertisement on my vehicle. There are too many times that my flesh comes out at the least opportune times. I want to be like Jesus, and truly strive to represent him well, but I fail all the time.

  20. Debbie says

    I personally don’t have any bumper stickers on my car, but I love those who do. I view them as a personal reminder to make sure I’m expressing myself in a Christian way, even when I’m frustrated with the guy who just cut me off or the amount of time that my car has been sitting in the same spot.

  21. David says

    Forget the bumper sticker. What does the rest of the car look like. From that photo it looks like a NASCAR sponsored by God.

  22. says

    You know what I’d like to see? I want to see a car covered with Christian bumper stickers, and right in the middle of them, in a place that cannot be missed, is a sticker with a classic message: “#%&T HAPPENS.”

    Show me that car, and I’ll show you someone who truly understands the Gospel.

  23. says

    Jon, the real problem Believers have with this Bumper Sticker, is that many are quick to critisize tracs and stickers yet are doing nothing creative or strategic to reach the lost. The real frustation lands right in the middle of ‘what we don’t like.’ The message of Jesus Christ causes disenting people to rage about this sort of thing, but not the issues that really matter; or even moreso what concerns the work of the Holy Spirit. The use of this sticker is really trivial compared to the lack of passion and actual action aimed at real results, I keep experiencing around me. I have been actively involved in big picture outreach for now, 10 years. Lazy, sarcastic, cynical, Biblically illiterate, and uninformed believers have no excuse to give themselves a ‘free pass’ out of sharing their faith on a daily basis. The owner of this sticker is most likely one of these.
    People need our time. NOT our smart*** bumper stickers and Fish eating Darwin’s name. The Glory of G-d is Holy and deserves HONOR and AWE. WE so need to find our Jewish roots in this matter!
    The Gospel, the written word speaks about our role as being a comission, NOT an option that we can fit into sometime in the future. This sticker simply points the lack of action we are taking as group of Believers in Jesus Christ, namely the Church, against the culture of life-style Christianity. If we were doing the Right Thing this sticker wouldn’t even exist. Not the real deal.
    Our responsibility lies in creating Deliberate, Strategic, Brilliant, Thought-changing outreach ideas. It’s time to quit the divisions and instead come together in Love to make a difference.
    We can start this holiday by not making excuses for profane content using our Lord’s name in Movies, Film, and Music as if it were tolet paper. ‘O it’s a great, just a little cursing in it’ simply is bigger issue to act on. We make Him known by what we don’t do as much as what we choose to do. All the Best. – A Fan
    Let’s Think Big Now, Let’s do this thing.

    • David Warner says

      The truth is that tracks (correct spelling) are pointless and useless. 1 in a million is the approximate figure of how often they work. (not actually a statistic) The truth is that it’s a cop-out for actual evangelism. It’s much easier to drop a track on a counter or pass it out than actually showing the love of Christ. It’s all much deeper than whether they work or not though. This post that Acuff talks about is bumper stickers while the same idea they are not the same. Tracks assume that people are going to come to Jesus off of your pathetic excuse for witness while bumper stickers (okay it is basically the same). My point is this. Don’t be cheap with your message. Don’t be a jerk Christian. If you have a message make it personal and talk about it. Don’t be cheap. Be honest and real. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Give, Do, Go, and don’t be ashamed while not cheapening the message of Christ. I serve a real God — NOT A BUMPER STICKER JESUS.

      • David Warner says

        The truth is that tracks (correct spelling) are pointless and useless. 1 in a million is the approximate figure of how often they work. (not actually a statistic) The truth is that it’s a cop-out for actual evangelism. It’s much easier to drop a track on a counter or pass it out than actually showing the love of Christ. It’s all much deeper than whether they work or not though. This post that Acuff talks about is bumper stickers while the same idea they are not the same. Tracks assume that people are going to come to Jesus off of your pathetic excuse for witness while bumper stickers (okay it is basically the same). My point is this. Don’t be cheap with your message. Don’t be a jerk Christian. If you have a message make it personal and talk about it. Don’t be cheap. Be honest and real. Be the hands and feet of Jesus. Give, Do, Go, and don’t be ashamed while not cheapening the message of Christ. I serve a real God — NOT A BUMPER STICKER JESUS.

  24. Dan McM says

    Actually, there was a study done a few years ago that found that a person with an overabundance of stickers on their car (any variety) was more likely to have anger issues and go into road rage. (Seriously, I’m not making this up.) I think the finding was along the lines that someone with an abundance of stickers tended to be frustrated that things in the world weren’t the way they liked it, they tended to have strong opinions, and they were quick to react to make sure their opinion was known and respected.

    Reading that article bolstered my natural inclination to avoid bumper stickers for myself, but it also made me realize, it’s probably not a good idea to make a smart ass comment to someone that has a bunch of lame stickers that you disagree with.

    Have a nice day!

  25. Valerie C says

    I had one on my car when I was a teenager. My reckless driving is probably responsible for legions of people solidifying their decision to reject Jesus… :(

  26. says

    I think I’d like to see the rest of the car, if all that is on the front tire side.

    I also think that the person who made the sticker doesn’t understand this whole “love one another”.

  27. Nate Sauve says

    This person is part of the bride of Christ. Made beautiful by Him. He or she is your brother or sister. Let’s have grace. Sure this isn’t the most sophisticated or accurate expression of faith, but why denounce it?

    Love builds up.

  28. Linda says

    This post reminds me of a line from an 80s Steve Taylor song: “…you’ll only drink milk from a Christian cow.” Unfortunately, I don’t drive a Christian car (no Godly bumper stickers) so it will be a surprise where I end up! (I am being humorous, so please don’t be concerned about my soul. I am a Christian even though my car is not…yet.)

  29. Annymous926261 says

    Hobestly I think the number sticker about judgement sticker is in light of a joke and ya’ll need to lighten up!

  30. Beth Rose says

    You know, there is a very complacent Christian culture out there. When we hear someone ask, “If you died today, where would you go?” we cringe. But there’s also a culture out there that is not entwined with the rest of the world and is not ashamed, even though we continually shame them. I am assuming what they mean by this bumper sticker is that on judgement day you may realize that the watered down version wasn’t necessarily better than the bumpersticker in your face version. Maybe they just want a little respect for their boldness.

  31. Serendipity says

    Am I the only one that just finds this sticker funny? The sticker is a joke. God gave us a sense of humor for a reason. Lighten up guys.

  32. Heidi says

    My 10 year old just looked at this and said, “I am sorry but that’s stupid. It’s as if putting a sticker on your car means you’ve got God in your life.” Love that kid.

  33. Wayne says

    “Will this matter on judgment day?” I feel fairly confident in most cases having bumper stickers or not is of no consequence to your relationship with God regardless of what the sticker says.

    On the other hand, I’d be most concerned about falsely suggesting someone “should” do something that means absolutely nothing to their spiritual well-being.

    Scripture seems clear on not adding or subtracting from the gospel message. Hmm, makes me think most organized religion should rethink some of the trappings they’ve tacked on His message.

  34. says

    On Judgement Day, I might worry about it. Every other day, I’ll be glad about it.
    Also, my Mother taught me that you never put a bumper sticker on a bumper or any other part of the car that has paint. One on a back window is okay and won’t ruin the paint job, at least that’s where my “My Siberian is smarter than your honor student” sticker goes.

  35. Deborah (Debbie) says

    I’m wondering if I would be wishing I had less bumper stickers (which might be difficult given I have no bumper stickers but still, you know….)

  36. says

    Does anyone else sometimes get a little too close so you can read a bumper sticker? If they’re going to be there they should be BIGGER! And then I laugh when the bumper sticker says something that means “back off” – counterproductive

  37. says

    I don’t put bumper stickers on my car because I don’t want that particular car in Heaven…so, what I’m sayin’ is, I guess I’ve judged my car, deciding NOT to lead it in the “sinner’s prayer” because I’m really hoping for a sweeter ride on the other side of the pearly gates. Don’t judge me…

  38. MIke says

    Reading through the comments, there are a couple of things I’m struck by.

    I am not a huge fan of bumper stickers in general, however I do wear “christian” t-shirts. I also wear other t-shirts. I’ll wear them for any number of reasons. I’m by nature an introvert. So the easy one is to give us something to talk about. I also do it to get people to think, to get them to chuckle, or whatever. Heck I do it to get ME to do those things. Do I think I get bonus points. Nope, but I don’t recall too many people asking me why I do it either. (And yes people can find just about anything offensive)

    Tracts. I’m not sure what the hate there is. Maybe it’s not the most effective. Maybe it isn’t very personal, but I am aware of people who have been impacted by them. But to be mad at those who use them for evangelism?

    I also wonder how many people who have come on here realize the irony of judging someone who put that on their car, because they think the person with the bumper sticker is judgemental. And yes I do realize THIS is judgemental as well…

  39. says

    I disagree with you, Jon. Second Hesitations 4:11 “And on that day, he approached the mighty chariots of the hosts and said, ‘Lo, but you have given yourself as a sacrifice and have testified of me to all the ends of the earth, but have not remembered me on your chariots. Depart from me, I never knew you.'”

  40. Sulamita says

    I think that if you can’t live up to what the stickers say, you shouldn’t have those stickers on your car. Like, if you put a sticker saying you follow Jesus, but you speed, you are lying and people don’t want to believe. So, if you can live up to what your stickers say, then keep them on. Otherwise – take it off. That is what i think.


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