Wine at Thanksgiving.

This week, I’m staying in the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, Alabama area with Jenny’s family.

As an author, I try to contribute to the family communication by saying things at the dinner table like, “Let’s all talk about Obamacare.”

But most of the time, I’m not the one who starts funny family conversations.

Yesterday, at 9AM, Jenny’s uncle said, “Does anyone want any wine?”

I said, “It’s 9AM. That feels pretty early for wine.”

He immediately replied, “We could call it communion.”

This is family.

This is Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoy both.

What’s something funny that happened in your family during one of your Thanksgivings?

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  1. Loren says

    One Christmas, our large extended family booked half of a lodge-style inn for a weekend of family fun. However, the other half of the lodge was rented to an organization of folks lobbying for the legalization of marijuana. It was a smoky weekend full of fun smells and colorful folks. True story.

  2. says

    No funny Thanksgiving stories, unfortunately, but I wanted to say welcome to the Gulf Coast for Thanksgiving! I’m in Biloxi, MS about an hour and a half west :)

  3. Rodney Eason says

    As the lone progressive democrat (in a family of conservative JoCo’s) who went off to design school, married a northerner, and moved to New England, should I rethink the plan of bringing my iPad to Thanksgiving dinner and signing up all of my relatives for Obamacare?

  4. says

    Some of a recently deceased family members belongings were set out in the garage for the family to take home. One in-law said enthusiastically “it’s like a yard sale! Only FREE!” Nice Aunt Sally, real nice.

  5. Marjie R says

    It was the first Thanksgiving at our house and my Mother-in-law exploded a Pyrex dish all over the meal seconds before I was ready to serve it. There was glass everywhere. My brother in law continued to slice ham like nothing had happened despite the fact he was covered in glass shards. My other brother in law and husband spring into action, gave me a quick hug and ran to the store five minutes before it closed to buy whatever they could find to make a quick meal. Basically we had a glorified picnic with potato salad and fried chicken. But the good news is the desserts were far away from the drop zone so we didn’t have to trash those! That was the last time I hosted.

    • Dave says

      I did that at my first meal with family in a new house. Thankfully the pyrex dish was the only thing anywhere near the stovetop.

  6. Jason Sansbury says

    One time my dirt poor, black sheep side of the family hosted extended family in Georgia. It was particularly warm so we did dinner outside. Right after we prayed a man hopped the fence, running across our yard in cowboy boots and his underpants pursued by cops. After an awkward moment, my younger cousin started singing the theme song to “Cops”.

  7. says

    Several years ago, we deep fried our turkey. It was quite the adventure. It was one of the coldest Thanksgivings we’ve had for a while. I remember standing outside with my buddy as we waited for the peanut oil to heat up over the rocket burner.

  8. says

    At Thanksgiving and Christmas, my grandpa likes to speculate about our Jewish heritage by pointing out our stereotypical “Jewish” facial features and behaviors.

    It’s fun for the whole family. And by “fun” I mean “awkward”.

  9. Suzanne says

    Another Thanksgiving wine story. My brother was attending AA and sober for the first time in a decade. We all worried that having wine present at Thanksgiving may be too tempting for him but decided to test the waters since he was okay with it. He was sitting in the floor and my sister was sitting on the couch across from him. The next thing we know she knocks her wine glass off the coffee table and red wine splashes all over my brothers face and is literally dripping from his chin. We all busted out laughing because out of all of the people that could have happened to it had to be the nondrinker. Yes we are a weird family and have to learned to laugh at Gods sense of humor. ;)

  10. Shea says

    I have one cousin who usually supplies all the funny Thanksgiving stories. My favorite was when the cops were called because we were firing potato guns in his back yard.

  11. Wendy says

    I have 2 good ones, 1) having to explain to my Physician’s Assistant (Educated) sister in law what appetizers were and why I expected her to arrive early with them because they won’t get eaten after dinner starts. (She still showed up a whopping 10 minutes before dinner was served and was upset that no one ate her veggie tray..) Then when my husband’s parents showed up (late), they explained his Dad had forgotten his teeth and had to go back for them (thankfully)…. Yes, wine helped my sanity yesterday!

  12. says

    I like the way your uncle thinks.

    We celebrated my bro-in-laws birthday after our Thanksgiving meal. My mom handed him a wrapped present that ended up being a Bible. My dad told him we also got him a semesters paid word of Bible school training. My bro-in-law had that deer in headlights kinda look going on. He looked around the room to get a gauge on whether my parents were lying. My parents, the sweet Pastor and Pastors wife.


    Outside porch heater was hiding in the trunk. Never saw a guy so relieved to not be getting a Bible for his birthday in all my life.

    And find it funny that heater will be used for a night long celebration of…er…..Communion to celebrate. :)

  13. says

    It was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple.
    The whole family headed to our house. No pressure at all.
    My wife and I went over the check list:
    Turkey in the oven.? Check.
    Potatoes cooking on the top of the stove? Check.
    Side dishes in the oven with the turkey? Check.
    3 hour timer set for the turkey? Check.
    When the timer went off we discovered the one thing we had left off the check list: Wasn’t somebody supposed to turn on the oven?
    30 years later, it’s everybody’s favorite Thanksgiving story.

  14. says

    For one of our first dinners when my wife and I were newlyweds, she made mashed potatoes. She used and electric mixer in the saucepan… the saucepan with the black teflon coating. We all ate mashed potatoes with little black flecks in them. They slid right down!

  15. says

    We were talking about Black Friday and I said I wasn’t going to have any part of it. My 8 year old daughter got angry and told me I was the meanest person ever. When I asked her why, she told us Black Friday was when we give presents to black people and they aren’t any different from us and should get presents too. I love that kid.

  16. says

    When I was a kid, my parents and I would always drive up to New Hampshire to visit my aunt. She is a dog sled racer. She has at least 20 dogs. No more explanation is needed.

  17. says

    I had 2 relatives (my husband’s side) bring 2 dogs to our Thanksgiving dinner. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like dogs and I have a very big one. But we already had 24 people and they didn’t ask! Yes, if they would of asked then I would of said a mumbling “yes” but they didn’t! And then one had to wear a diaper around the house which kind of grossed people out and the other one, a very big puppy, jumped on my furniture and ate with us at the dining table! I’m totally serious! I have a picture to prove it : )

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