Happy Holidays.

My wife told me she was able to get this shirt for our kids for only $1.50 because we live in the South and other Christians didn’t want it.

I told her I was able to get us booked with our marriage counselor because I thought she was one.

Happy Holidays? SMH.


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  1. Cathy says

    I get the whole Merry Christmas thing, I really do. We shouldn’t be afraid or stifled from expressing joy for a holiday we celebrate. But…I have always thought of Happy Holidays to encompass Christmas and the New Year. I feel it’s been twisted a bit.

  2. says

    Trying to force others to say ‘Merry Christmas’ feels too much like forced conversion to me. The concepts of love, joy, and family seem more Christlike to me. ‘Enjoy the holidays’ is what I usually say, and I mean it: enjoy your time of year, no matter what you celebrate (or don’t). And maybe, as I understand God’s unconditional love and experience the zoe life of Christ more and more, my joy will become infectious to the point where they ask why I seem happy and upbeat every day of the year, not just during this season. :)

  3. Jared says

    Christians get bent out of shape about the most ridiculous stuff. There are actual big issues to address like the problems with welfare in the church, the church’s approach to homosexuals, how the church can be more relevant, how the church can restructure to spend nearly all of its resources of serving people in a very hand-to-mouth way instead of nearly all of its budgets on buildings and salaries. Other stuff is just trivial and fills up our lives with sillyness.

  4. Brett says

    Every time you say “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” you cause New Year’s Day to shed a tear. Why do Christians want to leave New Year’s Day feeling lonely? After all, New Year’s Day is responsible for more people making a 3 week commitment to church attendance than Christmas is.

  5. says

    This. Is. Great. Thanks for my evening entertainment. I love that Michael, who has been reading this at least as long as I have… Is still hanging with us yahoos. God, show yourself to your son, through your broken children. Grace.

  6. Jessi says

    I don’t really get the hullabaloo over “Happy Holidays.” Holiday literally breaks down to Holy Day. It’s not an antithetical phrase to religion.

  7. Ellie says

    Christmas is not the only holiday in existence. I don’t have any problem wishing others a happy holiday, regardless of whether they do or do not celebrate mine. I think it’s narrow-minded and unChristlike to react so negatively and with such vehemence against a phrase like “Happy holidays.” Insisting that Christmas is the only wintertime holiday worthy of recognition is bigoted, and I don’t think Jesus would have done it.