The scars are lighthouses.


We come from a faith where the faults aren’t hidden.

That is the first thing that struck me about the beginning of the book of Matthew.

I usually skip the lineage lines. Or lines of lineage. That sounds like a bit of a tongue twister. Why do I skip them? Because I’m not a very good Christian.

But in Matthew, we see the line of Christ. The two things that stick out are the prostitute and the adultery.

In modern culture we tend to rewrite the histories of our heroes. We brush by their mistakes, amplify the triumph and hide the scars. We manufacture bright, shiny heroes. But the Bible doesn’t.

Rahab is not skipped over. There she is loud and present. The hooker. But as dramatic as that is, it’s the adultery that seems to most boldly fly in the face of our desire for mistake free lives.

When it comes to Solomon, this is how verse 6 in Matthew 1 could have read:

“David was the father of Solomon.” Done and done. Easy verse, simple idea. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Instead, the verse does the unexpected and says, “David was the father of Solomon, whose mother had been Uriah’s wife.” They don’t even say “Bathsheba.” The verse makes a point of saying, this kid was born from someone else’s wife. Brutal.

And then we look at our own lives and think we need to cover up the lineage of mistakes we’ve made. We edit. We cut out. We rewrite our histories.


Roll your sleeves back up.

Stop hiding.

The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit.

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  1. says

    It’s funny that I stumbled upon this. I shared my scars, I showed my imperfections, I showed my lack of faith and I was hung. By the church no less. By leadership not once,twice but three times. Same channel 3 different leaders. Clearly I must have done something wrong.. I was told to stop talking about my depression.. Wow never did I think that would have come from a body of believers that I thought I could be raw with. It’s been a year , I confronted my anger towards them asked why? Answer in short was “sorry , we messed up but we’ve fixed all those things now..we don’t get mental illness, let’s pray.” Was it me? Or did I miss something… I caution Christians if they are going to be real , and u are going to show your scars, be ready for judgement, be ready for stones from friends and be ready to live in that stigma from who you choose to share with.

  2. K'tee says

    Thanks Jon. I also believe in the benefits of letting our scars show to help others. I do this quite a bit myself.

  3. Mary says

    Just wanted to share how import this quote is to me. My husband and I are beginning a marriage group at our church. We felt led to do this, even though we both have been through divorce and were somewhat apprehensive about starting a marriage group considering our past failures. This quote says it all. The scars we have will be a lighthouse to help keep others from going down the painful road we have traveled. When I saw this, I knew in my spirit that God was giving us confirmation that we were to pursue leading a marriage group. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and powerful insight,