Christian Music Supergroups Poised to Take the World By Storm

(It’s guest post Friday. Today’s is one from a Stuff Christians Like legend, Curtis Honeycutt. If you want to write one too, submit it here.)

As music trends come and go, everyone’s waiting for the next big thing—the next wave of artists to take the world of music into uncharted territory. Well, believe it or not, here are some Christian music supergroups poised to be the biggest things in music since the British Invasion:

I Can Only Imagine Dragons
This is actually a series of college campus lectures given by the guys from MercyMe where they tackle the peculiar passages in the Bible some have linked to dinosaurs. Was Jonah actually swallowed up by Nessie? You’ll have to buy a ticket and find out!

This straight-to-VHS documentary about a popular band from California who wants to express themselves through dance has gotten pretty mixed reviews from the online community. The best scene is when the group’s manager refuses to let them perform an interpretive dance number during their concert, so they run off into the forest and do some serious angry dancing. In the end, it’s a beautiful letdown.

The David Crowder*Experiment (DC*E)
In this new TLC reality show, The Rend Collective Experiment takes a My Fair Lady­style bet from a rival band that they can’t pass off David Crowder as their long lost banjo player from Northern Ireland. The group tries and tries to shake Crowder’s heavy Texas accent, and it almost works, that is, until he unpredictably busts out a keytar solo in the middle of “Build Your Kingdom Here”. Hey, I’d buy that album.

The World Wide Webb
Derek Webb takes his music around the world in this supergroup that combines everyone he’s ever worked with, including Caedmon’s Call, Jars of Clay and some obscure, yet cool bands from NoiseTrade. The tour also includes people he’s always wanted to work with, like Questlove. Years later, Al Gore will take credit for the idea of these guys getting together to form the World Wide Webb.

Relient K Cups
Sometimes you really only want a taste of Relient K, but don’t want to have to make an entire album full of their music. Now, you can have a single serving size Relient K song with Relient K Cups. Simply open up the cup and one Relient K song will play. After the song is over, simply toss the empty cup in the trash and start your day.

The Goo Goo Ga Ga Güngör Tour
What do you get when you combine hit rock group, the headline-catching artist who brought us hits like “Poker Face” and the band who’s bringing umlaut back? You get the Goo Goo Ga Ga Güngör Tour, coming to a city near you. This is the biggest and strangest thing to entertain kids’ ears since Yo Gabba Gabba. Make sure to stay until the very end, because you won’t want to miss the encore, where all three acts come out and sing their hits while wearing outfits made entirely out of fruit leather.

Audio News
In probably the best idea out of all these, Audio Adrenaline combines forces with the Newsboys to form this truly supergroup that includes two thirds of dc Talk. Their debut album is phenomenal, but there is one major problem: after downloading Audio News’ songs, iTunes gets confused by the band’s name and categorizes their tracks as podcasts, so no one gets around to listening to them. Oh well. That would have been an awesome band.

What bands did I leave out? What groups would you like to see take the world by storm?

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  1. says

    Audio News should be “Audio Mac News” which includes 3/3 of DC Talk. As you said, however, it only ever gets listened to by Apple Nerds since it gets categorized in the Mac section of the technology podcast.

    • Aaron says

      I was just thinking the same thing! Only, I was thinking Audio News Mac. Then, in an ever greater sad twist of plot, it’s tragically misspelled by the Apple Genius entering the artist information in to the iTunes database, making it more podcast-esque, rendering it: “Audio News Mag.” The typo that sent 3/3 of the Greatest Christian Act Ever into news-podcast anonymity.

      • Brendan says

        You may have sort of nailed that last one. Michael Tait (Newsboys 1/3 of DCT) just did an interview where he said it’s going to happen. Newsboys/AudioA/Toby Mac Tour headlined by a DCTalk reunion. I preordered my imaginary tickets 14 years ago and now I get to use them!

        • Karen says

          Yes!!! I’ve been saying they should do this for 2 years now!! Oh, I so hope it happens and I so hope they come to Cincy!

  2. says

    “The Kaja Goo Goo Ga Ga Güngör Tour” Would also include the lead singer from Kaja Goo Goo. Because he sang the theme song from “The Neverending Story”. He had cool 80’s hair that everyone is wearing now so it’s relative. OK, maybe I am the only one that has that song on tape.

  3. says

    I love the Reliant K Cups!

    You missed Toby Mac-book….instant download of all your favorite toby Mac hits to your MacBook so your hipster worship leader and the band could jam out; V-necks optional….instant best seller!

  4. 317Kevin says

    Great job Curtis!

    Jars of Big Daddy Weave

    Tired of carrying your hair extension/weave in a plastic bag? Jars of Clay and Big Daddy Weave teamed up to launch Jar’s of big Daddy Weave. “It’s hair extensions that come in an artsy jar of clay”
    Now available on etsy

  5. Chance says

    Yeah, there’s some cool verses about a Leviathan, but then some killjoy ruins everyone’s fun and says it’s only a crocodile.

  6. says

    Jars of Clay Aiken

    Dan Haseltine lets Clay remix classic Jars hits with a trendy, dance-pop-inspired twist. Probably not welcome in conservative churches.

  7. Keith says

    Cat Stephens Curtis Chapman

    One tree hill song

    Ludachris Tomlin

    John, Paul Baloche, George and Ringo

    Mxpx Rx Bieber

    Sandy patty smythe

  8. KevinS says

    Evie on the Radio
    Scottish-born singer and American art rockers join together to create the best, worst thing ever.

  9. sharptoothbarney says

    The Prayer Jesus And Mary Chain

    Billy Joel Houston

    Superchick Corea

    Twila Hawk In Paris

    Garth Brook Frasier

    John Reuben Studdard

    Third Day Blind

    Amy Grant Lee Buffalo

    Michael Bad English

  10. Dan Johnson says

    Pray For Rainn Wilson. SoulPancakes own Kid President joins PFR to croon about Dwight Schrute’s dead dog.

  11. Geoff says

    The Cruse Family and Smokey Robinson team up to form The Cruise Family Robinson. The inaugural tour is spoiled when the tour boat is shipwrecked off the coast of Houston. The family+Smokey are saved, however, when little Cindy discovers a Lake in the Woods. At the sight of the oasis of love she calls back to her family, “This will be YOUR BEST LIFE EVER!” The band is rewarded for their perseverance by winning the Dove Award for “Most obscure CCM references in an album or blog comment”

  12. Nate Horsfall says

    Carman comes back with a multi-instrumental, experimental sound that will knock your socks off and bring you to your knees. Free concerts. donations gladly accepted.

    With a new “alternative” version of “Blessed Be Your Name”.

    After the resignation of lead singer Adam Gontier, Canadian rock band Three Days Grace combines forces with remaining members of middle-aged mommy baby-boomer band, Point of Grace. The newly combined band will now be re-recording hits such as “You Will Never Walk Alone” with slashing guitar riffs, daring drum solos, and screaming positive (and uplifting) lyrics you’re familiar with.

    • caitlin.brantley. says

      Now wait… How DO you turn Coldplay and U2 into death-metal outfits?

      I have a better idea… The Cold-Pressed Play. A man with an unbearably cute falsetto brings you piano-driven electronica, along with a chick who sings ever so soulfully.

  13. says

    Google Plus One

    A new Social Network that lets you enjoy all of your old boy band favorites from the 90s. Sadly, like boy bands, it fades into obscurity after people are too embarrassed to admit they use it.

  14. says

    Guns and Moses. This band will form in the end times when the two unknown prophets return to try and make us repent one more time. This will happen during a very convincing Slash solo played on a cross shaped guitar.

  15. says

    By The Tree 63

    Caedmon’s Calling Glory

    PO-Direct Message
    Youtube video of former frontman Sonny Sandoval reminiscing of old times and free styling about the spam of direct messages on twitter.

    Shout To The Lord’s Army
    -In this sketch Darlene Zschech invades a Southern Baptist Awana night to lead the children in her version of I’m In The Lords Army
    “Yes ma’am!”

  16. says

    Bebo Norman Bates/Bebo Norman Rockwell

    This 2 Pack CD special is a musical journey from the darkness to the light, a wild ride that will have you on the edge of your seat. A reminder for sure of those hopeless days before Christ and the all sunshiny happy days of life with Christ

  17. Queen B**** says

    Looking forward to hearing that Christian/Polka fusion: punk vs. funk. I’m all ears, elephants never forget. ;)

  18. caitlin.brantley. says

    I was thinking Florence Feeds the Machine. Or the Coldplay Harmonic. (Oops… That already happened… well, sorta.) Or Martin & Martin, bringing together the worship legend of Delirious’s Martin (Smith) and the iconic voice of (Coldplay’s Chris) Martin. (No we can’t do that… We already have Shane & Shane… names are too similar…) Or, tobyMacKeith, bringing you the best of country & R’n’B.


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