Not knowing if you were supposed to have watched the creation debate.

Did we vote on that? Was there a memo or TPS report that I missed?

You guys gotta give me a heads up next time. I watched exactly 0 seconds of the debate last night about creation between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. I didn’t even read tweets about it or blog posts. Today, when they started talking about it while we were recording the Relevant podcast I was just quiet and spent some time thinking about candy.

Am I a horrible Christian for not watching it? In my defense, I absolutely crushed the Bible series. I live tweeted that entire thing, make many funny and insightful comments. Gold like, “Did that angel look like Jet Li to anyone else?” I’ll probably even go see the Son of God movie version.

But I just couldn’t get into the creation debate.

Did you watch it or are you a horrible Christian like me?

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  1. caitlin.brantley. says

    I personally think the Creation began with the Big Bang (as described with “let there be light”), and followed the exact order of the events described therein. The “days” could have been actual days, or they could have been longer time periods (remember the seventy weeks of Israel’s captivity?). God could have created either way. Also, the Bible states man and land animals have a common source (which, as it states, was the ground), and evolutionists, contrary to popular Christian belief, believe man and monkey share a common ancestor— NOT that monkey is man’s anscestor. (They may have believed that at one pint, but all the ones I’ve heard said that it was a common ancestor.) I guess that the main debate is God’s Orders vs. Random Events Absent of Divine Direction.