Amazing car.

My friend Josh Taylor, who blogs at sent me this photo.


He’s brilliant and pointed out that it’s funny that the windows are tinted. I imagine if you’re going to put this on your car you’re going to want to make sure people can’t tell who you are. And you’re going to want a Prius so you can make fast getaways.

I like to think that maybe this isn’t a gospel message, this is actually just two signs denoting who is sitting where.

In the front seat? That’s the sinner’s seat.

In the back seat? That dude repented.

Seems a little extreme, but I bet it helps each person remember where they are supposed to sit. So not judgmental, it’s actually helpful.


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  1. LJ says

    That’s kind of like the hell van that’s in my town’s Fourth of July Parade every year, except way cooler. Mr. Hell Van Guy drives this creepy, dilapidated selling-candy-by-the-river van that’s covered with verses about sinners, hell, and repentance (in the Apostle Paul’s one and only version, the KJV), with an unintelligible stereo system blasting hellfire and brimstone sermons out its open windows.

    I’m sure he’s been quite successful drawing people to Jesus. #snerk

  2. says

    I don’t think the driver is any danger. It’s like the guy who spoke to the preacher after his sermon: “You sure gave it to THEM this morning, Pastor!”
    Most of us see a sign and rarely go: “Who? Me?” Repentance is for those who have sinned, right out in front of everybody, surely not me!

    • says

      Now that is a funny take on this. The best part is I continue to see this car around town. I am not sure if I should tell them they are kind of a big deal now.

  3. Allen says

    Wow, this is too good. Yeah, tinted windows were a good idea for this car.That takes some serious guts to drive around in that car- extremeist or not.

    Hilarious points, Jon. The car makes total sense now.

  4. Janis says

    Thinking this guy just might be ever so slightly, just a tee-tiny bit on the judgmental side (but I could be wrong). Did anyone else notice he is parked in a handicapped parking spot (note the blue line). Hoping he has a handicapped tag on that little car of his, or he’ll need to do a bit of repenting of his own.

    • says

      Funny part is I never even thought about that part. For the record, I cannot verify whether or not this person is handicap. I took this picture on my way IN the Chick-Fil-A.

      I was trying to go unnoticed. If I slipped around to see if there was a tag I may have run into trouble.

  5. Jeremy says

    I drive a Toyota but the only way I would drive a Prius is with tinted windows. My first thought when I saw the picture was the same as Jon, The sinner is in the front seat.

  6. says

    I don’ think that anyone wants in that car.The back seat is better than the front seat but it is humiliating. Even better would be to have a police car. You could but either sinner or unrepentant on the back door.