Why it’s hard to be a Christian online.

For the last 3 years I’ve been writing about two distinct topics:

1. Christianity.

2. Business.

The weird thing is that I’ve found it’s a lot easier to write to a business audience. The ideas I share are received with more grace, acceptance and discussion in the business world than they are in the Christian world. That’s a strange thing to me. You would think that if someone had the corner on grace, it would be us Christians.

I think I figured out why it happens, particularly online.

When the business world disagrees with your idea, they critique your idea.

When Christians disagree with your idea, they critique your soul.

Case in point, I recently wrote a post that said I didn’t think tracts that were disguised as money were the best form of evangelism. A Christian band then went online and said, “@JonAcuff I’m sorry you think spreading God’s Word to those otherwise totally uninterested isn’t worth your time.” They tweeted a lot of other things, but that was the one that struck me.

For a faith called to live out the great commission, deeming that I have declared spreading God’s Word isn’t worth my time is a fairly weighty accusation. Had I said that in my post? No. If anything, dropping a fake money tract on the ground is an incredibly effective use of my time. That saves me all that hassle of actually having a relationship with someone and telling them about God in that context. Relationships take forever, ugh.

But when we as Christians attack each other’s souls we forever lose the ability to get better. When we can’t debate without it turning into a soul attack, we can’t grow.

I’m not saying I have the answer, and to be honest, there have been times when I’ve been the passive aggressive loser in a conversation. I’d love to say I’m great at focusing on the idea and not the individual. But I get it wrong too.

My fear is that we’re missing something pretty powerful in this type of situation. My fear is that no one in the history of mankind has ever said, “I saw two Christians on twitter attacking each other and that made me want a lifelong relationship with their Christ.”

And that should matter to us.

Have you ever been attacked by a Christian online?

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  1. says

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    the opposite experts of this sector don’t notice this. You should proceed your writing.
    I am sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  2. Dixie says

    Just found this site and really enjoyed this post. It is true that we seems to get a kick out of kicking one another. The problem is that it is a self perpetuating behavior. We saw our parents do it, in the car, at the store, on the street, around the dinner table. And then, we do it, in the car, at the store, on the street, around the dinner table. Behavior is changed by the individual and our children’s behavior is affected by us. It doesn’t matter how “they” treat me. It matters how I treat them. If we live by that, change starts with us and spreads. And if we can instill than in the next generation, then the world might actually be changed.

  3. says

    I’ve not been attacked on my blog yet (give it time, it’s new), but I’ve been attacked on Facebook and in person. I hold political opinions that are taboo in many church circles, and expressing how I reconcile those opinions with being a Christian has gotten me condemned to hell (literally – a former pastor of mine said, publicly on Facebook and singling me out by name, that because of my political view it was obvious I had no real relationship with Jesus and was destined for hell). Of course, in their minds they were just speaking the truth in love.

    I’ve also been accused of being the bully. When I get into a debate with someone and they repeat points I’ve already responded to, my answer gets louder and louder, more and more frank, and less charitable and gentle. That’s not a good way for me to be – but there is a reason for it. I perceive repeated talking points, especially from people I know to be intelligent, as attacks of a kind. When someone asks me the same thing over and over again (doubtless hoping they’ll make me change my answer because the one I’m giving will send me to hell), it comes across to me as a passive-aggressive way of saying “Jen, you’re not worth listening to.” If you don’t like or agree with my point, and you’re not budging any more than I am, just say you don’t agree and leave it there if there’s nowhere new to go. If you’re asking again because I wasn’t clear, say I wasn’t clear and give me the chance to say it better.

  4. says

    Yes. I have this Youtube Channel where I talk about current events in the Christian world. My big thing is “Here is my opinion but I want to know more.” I’ve learned that no matter what I say, I’m wrong and probably a terrible person.

  5. says

    Yes! What is even more weird to me is that the more likely the site you are writing for is to reach people who are not Christians, the more likely you are to get blasted by Christians in the comments! I recently wrote a post that basically said “God loves you no matter what” in 500 words and was sated for being a universalist. The comment stream ended with an atheist saying that these people (Christians posting in the comments) are the reason he can’t believe… Ugh.

  6. TheBigOne says

    One thing I always find very strange is that despite the two dominant beliefs being Christian and Islam I hardly ever find those subjects on the internet.

    Instead I find Atheist trolls seeking blood and go crazy over the slightest drop and can smell the blood a mile away. There ARE trolls that pretend to be Christians but they are actually few and far in between.

    What you stumbled upon was the lucky or unlucky few but in reality you are going to have to defend yourself against Atheist who cover their ears screaming to the top of their lungs. *GOD DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST!!! GOD DOESN’T FUCKING EXIST! LA LA AL LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!* and won’t even read what you have to say if they don’t like you.

    The internet IS going to be the weapon of the AntiChrist as soon as they figure out how to install a kill switch like they have in China to scrub everything they don’t like WITHOUT Americans going in arms against it. It will be a subtle effort and likely disguised under a false flag unless Oh Liar decides to just do it after one of his vacations like he did with the executive orders to take over key infrastructure ignoring and trashing Congress which disapproved of it.

    This is all part of Agenda 21 to force us into controlled communities and they have plans to make certain areas deemed inhabitable but I think they are holding back until the World War 2 Baby Boomers die off so their won’t be any resistance.

    Right now there are still too many smart people that now Article 1 section 1 on the US Constitution.

    Sources. I am a fallen angel myself and even I can see the crap being spewed.