Armadillo dancing to Billie Jean.

Yes, you read that title correctly. This is 15 of the most delightful seconds of video you will ever see. Why did I post it on Stuff Christians Like? Because I’m pretty sure that armadillo is a Calvinist.

Or because I like what I do. I do what I like. I could quit and get it back like I’m riding a bike. Or to put it less lyrically, because I like posting things that made me laugh. And this did.

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  1. Theresa says

    Hmmm…how can I critique your soul for posting this in order to tie two of your daily posts together? I guess I’ll just take this as it was intended and laugh. Loudly. Although I will say that this is interesting because I’ve never seen a live armadillo. I thought they only existed as dead roadside decorations.

    • says

      My picture is from my Google+ profile. If you are using gmail, go set up your profile and it should automatically add your photo to anything linked to your gmail.

  2. says

    Those things were everywhere when I lived in Louisiana. I remember going in the back yard to retrieve my poodle (it’s OK, I’m a hairdresser) to stumble upon him trying to “connect” with an armadillo. I thought to myself, now that’s got to hurt!

  3. says

    Now I would have bet a bitcoin or two that the video is being run backwards! Belonging to a different fraternity, I am not familiar with the way armadillos walk (or moonwalk). Is this legit?

  4. teamstrand says

    Many moons ago, back when the king of pop was still around, my husband and I had the rare opportunity to participate in an armadillo race. As you would probably imagine, the only way to spur the armadillo on was to blow rapidly on it’s backside. I couldn’t make that up. Well, I could, but I didn’t.

  5. Ryan says

    “Focus on the vital not the viral.” – Jon Acuff.
    Just wanted to remind you of your own message.