Church Signs, a Blurred Lines Parody Video.

About 50 people sent me this video, but I didn’t watch it at first because I thought it would be cheesy.

I was wrong.

A brilliant guy named Dustin Ah Kuoi created this. The thing I loved about it was that it parodied church signs perfectly. It was like a parody inside of a parody wrapped inside an enigma. Like Newman.

All that to say, enjoy.

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  1. lee says

    So this song is like Russia, huh?

    That was really well made. Not just funny, but good production value, etc.

    “We ain’t to scholastic.”

  2. Justin Meier says

    Saw the video on Ed Stetzer’s blog, but didn’t watch. You just made Laura Beth’s and my morning. Thanks J!

  3. Brian says

    There was a church just down the road from my church that really took offense at our use of New King James & contemporary music in our services. One week I drove by and their sign said “KJV ONLY”. The next week it said “NO CONTEMPORARY MUSIC”. I think I almost had our pastor convinced to put up “NO HORSELESS CARRIAGES” on our sign.

    • Vikram says

      Your comment almost made me spit coffee all over my laptop. When we were planning our contemporary service years ago, we had a guy stand up during a business meeting and say, “If all we’re trying to do is get people to come to church, we should put in a roller coaster and call ourselves Six Flags Over Jesus!”

      I thought it sounded like a wonderful idea.

      • Candace says

        Now THATS funny! My church where I used to live actually has a full-size carousel inside. It was awesome. Kids and adults loved riding it and taking pictures in front of it. But people didn’t come for the carousel, they came because of the atmosphere at my church – so joyous! But I will have to remember Six Flags Over Jesus…

  4. Casey says

    Ok I had to restrain from facepalming a few times. It was EXTREMELY well done. But why O why do we feel we have to redo a Robin Thicke thing to fit in.

  5. says

    LoL. One of my friends at church was showing us this in Choir practice last night. It made me think of this church I pass on the way to one of our company’s other offices. Their signs are mostly like these, but every now and then, they’ll put something CRAZY on them…

    One time I drove past and the sign said, “Slow down! The cop hides behind this sign.”. Another time it said, “Don’t yell at your kids.. Lean in for a quiet whisper, it’s much scarier” or something like that..

  6. Michael says

    Not only was it funny, but it was well sung and crafted. There are a lot of parodies out there (Thrift Shop-Christian Remix). It was so amazing in fact that I am afraid to repost it for fear of getting in trouble at my church.

  7. Lynnie says

    OMG, this is awesomeness wrapped up in three blankets of awesomenimity!! Ha ha ha thanks for sharing and I am totally posting this to my page. Love it!!!

  8. says

    Thank you to all involved. This made my day perfect. !! I literally will close my eyes when I past the church by our house because the stuff they put on their sign is so stupid!! I’d rather crash than read it. LOL

  9. says

    Considering that the original version gives me really awful panic attacks, this version is a loooooooooooooot better.

    Seriously, this may actually help me deal with when I hear this in public. Funny and useful. :)

  10. Jo Fick says

    I saw a huge church sign in Montgomery, AL once that said “go to church, or go to the devil!” Complete with a gigantic red devil, pitchfork and all. It kind of creeped me out. We did not accept the job transfer. I guess there really are churches out there like that. They would not like this video, but I loved it :)

  11. CG says

    In reply to Jo Fick:

    Nice try…I’m from Montgomery-the sign is actually N of the city off I-65 in a suburban county/rural area. A wealthy road builder who owned that land put it there decades ago…I don’t think it was meant to be totally serious. We’ve all laughed at it forever.

    What’s not funny is to say you turned down a job transfer linking an entire region to religiousity.

    That’s as bad or worse than ANY of these signs…

    Don’t mean to bring the blog down, but that’s just plain stupid…

    Nice try…carry on…

    • Shari Ann says

      Well now you know what your “not meant to be serious” sign says about your area to people visiting from out of town.

      It’s okay. Most of us who do not choose to live in Alabama have a number of reasons, not just a creepy sign.

      • Shari Ann says

        Wanted to add that the same could be said for any region.

        It’s tough to get a feel for a new place when you’re considering relocating, and something that locals all but ignore–like a weird billboard–can make the difference between “I like it here” and “No way am I moving here.


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