5 things I’ll be tweeting about now that the Olympics are over.

As some of you know, saying many felt too many, I’ve been live tweeting the Olympics via @JonAcuff. Not all of them, there are only so many things I can say about the biathlon. Such as, “Have you ever noticed they don’t have those Ameritrade ads that show home footage of the Olympians growing up as kids for biathletes?”

But now that the Olympics are over, what will I be live tweeting? I have five options:

1. The Costume Designers’ Guild Awards.
Sure, they were held yesterday, but that just means I have a whole year to get ready. Right now all I have is, “Wow, that dress is pretty!” So I probably need the year to get my tweets together.

2. My search for Bigfoot.
If someone is willing to renew a show called “Finding Bigfoot” that is currently 0 for every episode as far as finding bigfoot goes, certainly I can live tweet my search. Here’s a sample tweet, “Man, I bet bigfoot is in these woods. I mean probably. He loves woods.” (I might title the show, “Bigfoot is not in this freakin’ forest.”)

3. Is that a famous person drinking coffee next to me?
This is a very popular game to play in Nashville. It involves quietly staring at people you think might be famous while they drink coffee at a hipster coffee shop. Riveting stuff really.

4. Kiss Jenny on the mouth.
My wife Jenny Acuff hates public displays of affection. So often, when we are in public, I like to play a game called “Can I kiss Jenny on the mouth without her hitting me?” It’s a dangerous game.

5. Just live my life.
This is definitely a viable option. I could go outside, let the sun land on my pale, Twitter skin, breathe fresh air. That kind of thing.

All that to say, even thought the Olympics are ending. I have options.

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  1. says

    You could live tweet the Oscars – but I’m sure you already thought of that. :) Although I would love to follow the Finding Bigfoot stuff – might even watch the show so I can follow and see the action.

    • Shari Ann says

      That might actually make it interesting. I must be the only person on the planet who finds Downton Abbey utterly boring. I’ve tried to watch it, really I have, but it’s no use. If Jon live tweeted each episode I’m sure it’d be more engaging.

  2. Kelly O says

    You could totally do the kiddie bi-athletes in Texas. Well, the shooting part at least. Shooting and running?

    Wait, okay I totally see your point now.

  3. Brian Welch says

    Funny enough, I played #3 while visiting Nashville this week. What famous person did I awkwardly stare at after spotting…Jon Acuff.

  4. Bethany says

    #4 sounds fun. Please do try that one out.

    #3 is something every nashvillian does. My friend has found several famous celebrities and has talked to them. As for me I’ve never been to a coffee shop, but I’ve seen celebs on the street. If you chose to do that option, pictures would be appreciated.

  5. says

    LOVE #3 – Play it ALL the time. Live in Franklin and I’m getting pretty good at that game. Wonder if these folks ever play “How many will stare while I drink my nonfat almond milk latte at Barista Parlor/Fido/Frothy Monkey/ Crema today?”

  6. Jeremy says

    I know, I’m a christian, so I shouldn’t be critical, but you might consider an editor. Some if your syntax and typos make. Hard to read.

  7. Sheryl says

    Sigh. I think I am going to have to get Twitter to keep up with you, Jon. And I have been avoiding the Twitter thing …

  8. says

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