What to do if someone doesn’t use enough Bible in their communications.

Sometimes people will tell me they switched churches because they “weren’t being fed enough meat.”

Other times people will tell me a book they read didn’t include enough scripture.

Occasionally I’ll hear people criticize friends’ blogs for not talking about God explicitly enough.

Whenever someone tells me something like this I immediately think to myself:

“You would have hated Jesus.”

Seriously, have you read the parables? Talk about lacking meat! Talents? You’re telling me about talents? Give me some OT! And don’t get me started on the good Samaritan.

The worst of all is the prodigal son. God doesn’t even make a cameo. Sure, I guess I could infer the father is like our father God, but I don’t do “infer.” Inferring is a slippery slope to storytelling. And storytelling might lead to art which is usually pleasing to the eye first and functional second, which is horrible and kind of exactly what God did with the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:9.

The truth is, we have a God who loves art and storytelling and subtlety and directness and the swirl of honest communication. Will there be times when we have meat and Bible verse after verse? I sure hope so. Will there be other times when we have art? I sure hope so.

Don’t fight the idea of poetry and beauty and storytelling. There’s a guy in the Bible who didn’t and I really like him.

His name was Jesus.


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    This post has changed the way I see things. This has stuck with me and inspired my outlook on ways to express God’s love through art