The new Jesus fish for Southern Baptists.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. I’d still attend one but when you register a wordpress blog they make you start going to a non denominational church. I digress. Today I got a book in the mail that made me laugh a lot.

A talented guy named Jess MacCallum printed this. He said it was the new Jesus fish for the Southern Baptists. If you disagree, please try to go to lunch at a restaurant in the south on Sunday afternoon. Let me know how that works out for you. He actually had about 40 other designs so don’t worry that he was just picking on us. But well played Jess!


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  1. Sarah says

    Hey– I’m a baptist and we joke that if you want to get us to a prayer meeting, we require dinner first followed by an ice cream social!

  2. says

    Hi Jon! FYI, this wasn’t loading right in Google Chrome. I had to switch over to Firefox. The text wasn’t showing up at all. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or what. Normally I have no problem with Chrome.

    • joey says

      Chrome wasn’t working right because google was examining the content and didn’t like the idea of Christianity being talked about in one of its products. Prepare to have your Gmail scroogled.

      • Bethany Plemmons says

        Mine wouldn’t load, either. Apparently Google knows I once was Southern Baptist, but now I’m found.

  3. says

    Irony. Preach against drinking alcohol during the revival. Have a gluttonous dinner in the family life center after each revival service….just let that sink in for a minute.

  4. Cheryl in France says

    Speaking of Southern Baptists, how can you make sure a Southern Baptist won’t drink at your party? Invite another one….

    HA HA HA… (every denomination has its thing…)

  5. says

    I go to a church full of southern baptists who almost all love good dark beer & some dig good whiskey or wine. It’s passing away. Though my brothers at southern baptist theological seminary still can’t drink. We’ll get there someday.

    • rustypatina says

      Yeah, I hear that SBs have become so liberal that they now speak when they happen to meet at a liquor store!

  6. Jennifer says

    I was raised Church of Christ. We always joked we got out by 11:30 to beat the Baptists to lunch… Lol!

  7. Patrick says

    Hey, I am offended. The lady said drumstick. What…that is a chicken leg. We don’t do drumsticks we do legs. Also here is a question for ya. Do you think that guy can do a fish that looks like BBQ ribs cause that is also in the menu?

  8. Terri Sweeney says

    We Southerners love to eat out on Sunday…try going to a Shoney’s, Golden Corral, Western Sizzling, or some other eatery that is reasonably cheap (we don’t like expensive for Sunday, either!) around 12:30 pm on a Sunday. Go at 11:30 or wait until 2 pm…:)

  9. Cindy Modin says

    I think that some Baptists don’t believe they can get into Heaven unless they take a covered dish. I can say this because I am a Baptist.

  10. says

    I think us Lutherans need either a Lutefisk symbol or a Beer Stein. Considering the number of Lutheran pastors I know who do home brew (it borders on the cliché), maybe a fermentation tank would work.

  11. says

    The fish joke is funny, but that opening joke about “I’d still attend [a Southern Baptist church], but when you register a WordPress blog they make you start going to a non denominational church” – that just about killed me. So that’s what I’m doing wrong! Going to an FEBC church is just killing my blog! Do I have to be disenchanted too? :-)

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