The new Jesus fish for Southern Baptists.

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. I’d still attend one but when you register a wordpress blog they make you start going to a non denominational church. I digress. Today I got a book in the mail that made me laugh a lot.

A talented guy named Jess MacCallum printed this. He said it was the new Jesus fish for the Southern Baptists. If you disagree, please try to go to lunch at a restaurant in the south on Sunday afternoon. Let me know how that works out for you. He actually had about 40 other designs so don’t worry that he was just picking on us. But well played Jess!


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  1. Essay says

    How have I lived this long without discovering Jess MacCallum?! His cartoons are hysterical.

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  4. Bee says

    Hey truth is truth. We Baptists like our food, maybe a bit too much. Love the new fish symbol!