The Frozen Jesus Juke.

Whenever I see Jesus Jukes like this, there are only three words I think in my head. They are the same three words you’ve had in your head for six solid months if you have kids who have seen the movie Frozen. I believe you know them. They go something like this, let it go.


Let it go


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  1. lee says

    “Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go. Turn away and slam the door.”

    Wait, what? Slam the open door? So no more love?

    I’m also surprised that they used that picture – making out with the woman on top? The complementarians will be outraged!

      • Carole says

        There’s another Jesus Juke in there somewhere, I’m just struggling to find it.
        Something about her misadventures with the villan NOT being the TRUE open door. BAM! How about that?
        P.S. I love that Jon coined this phrase! So spot on!

    • Donna says

      Lee, thanks for setting me on a Wiki-Trek through the articles on Christian complementarians vs egalitarians. Yes, I can see how that would be offensive to the former group. And I love a good Wiki-Trek.

  2. Kreine says

    I see your 3 words, & respond to the jukers with 2: Just. Stop.

    I mean, sometimes Jesus jukes are funny, but this one is too much of a stretch.

      • Cheryl in France says

        (Jesus said ‘Amen’ a lot too)

        The following is an actual, serious comment: While I am in awe of Jesus and worship Him, I do often wonder if he had/has a sense of humor (like would Jesus 0ever put salt in an Apostles’ drink when they left for the bathroom….)

  3. Michael Sherman says

    I’ve admired and respected you for many years. Then you went and planted those lyrics in my head this morning. I am praying for the grace to forgive you. ;)

  4. Keith says

    The worse part of this is taking a fantasy cartoon and a real event and then making the comparison. Kids will be like so The Jesus story is like Frozen?? Huh.

  5. says

    Funny, but it’s a shame. Disney’s Frozen is such an amazing Reel Parable and a fun way to share God’s story with kids of all ages.

    (Spoilers ahead… you’ve been warned…)

    There is a curse that is only cured with a sacrificial death. Elsa plays the prodigal wile Anna plays the Christ figure. So much so that she offers herself as a sacrifice to save Elsa and all of Arendelle.

    We even see a very good on screen representation of the Devil in Hans, a man that wants a position that is not his and is willing to lie, deceive and kill to get it.

    Instead of using Frozen as a way to jab, we should use it as a way to share God’s story.

    • Chance says

      You touch on a couple of things I REALLY like about the movie.

      1) Like you said, the evil character in the movie isn’t obvious. It’s not like an Ursula or Scar type of character. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just nice to have something different
      2) Although there is romantic love in the movie, the “act of true love” isn’t the predictable true love’s kiss or whatever, but it’s the love between two sisters.

  6. Dan says

    “Someone’s knocking at the door someone’s ringing the bell.” We all know it was Jesus standing at the door knocking.

    • says

      Why a window? Why not another door? Is God so against doors that He only opens windows? And what am I supposed to do with this open window? Climb through it? Is that part of the exercise? And what happens if God closes that window? Then where do I go? The chimney? The ventilation? Are we going to move around the building like Die Hard?

      Actually, that sounds kind of cool. So when God closes a door, life turns into Die Hard. Now there’s a sermon illustration.

  7. Jason says

    Non believers don’t care if it’s a cave or tomb or if it even has a door. They care about how you love others.

    Also, I doubt there’s a salvation quiz for believers that asks about this. Jesus said his followers would be known by how they loved.

    • says

      No, no. There is a quiz. And the first question you’re asked is what side of the opening did the stone roll. Then you’re asked how many angels were actually there at the tomb. Finally, you’re asked the difference between a raven and a writing desk.

      And don’t even get me started on the math portion of the quiz. Just a heads-up: learn what a cubit is.

  8. Jean Betters says

    I am sitting in my office laughing so hard about the Jesus juke of the Jesus juke of the Jesus Juke…etc….wow!!!

  9. Mikey says

    I can’t believe I just read all of these conversations. I am now left encouraged to try and Jesus Juke all of my friends whenever possible. What a perfect name for it.

  10. Sandy says

    Real Christians would avert their eyes from Disney movies. Of course you heard that Frozen promotes homosexuality and, in context, the song is an abomination to Christian values.

  11. says

    The comments in this post are giving me whiplash, and the giggles. The first comment and replies afterward made such a hard left turn I think I sprained my eyes.

  12. says

    That’s a rather elaborate place to bury a guy who would have been considered garbage: an enemy of the Roman state and a heretic against the Jewish religion. Just saying ;)

      • says

        Sorry, but I’m not one of those people who automatically accepts that something is true because it’s written in the Bible. None of those events are corroborated.

        • Mike says

          You accept that he was an enemy of the state and a heretic against Judaism, but not that someone who liked him would buy him a tomb? I know you have rejected the Bible as a whole and all, but isn’t it at least a little believable that someone who thought someone was unfairly killed might give him a place to be buried, even if it’s “rather elaborate?” Just saying. ;)

          • says

            No, I don’t accept that those events took place. What I’m saying is that if a guy was crucified at that time, it’s not too likely that he would get a special place of burial.

  13. Rob says

    So, why are you all so mean to each other?

    If I were a non-believer and this is what I saw believers doing, I’d be out the door in a heartbeat.

  14. says

    Um….isn’t anyone offended that cartoon characters laying on top of each other is equated with “love” when it’s actually shameful animated lust? I’m sure that if this image was an advertising image for Easter, Jesus would have fired the creative director….or maybe this is just a failed Jesus Juke of an existing Juke….

    • says

      Uhhh … you never watched the movie, did you? She fell on top of him. It was a stereotypical “Meet Cute” scene. They’re not having sex, or about to have sex.

  15. Gracie Lou Freebush says

    What if we all spent as much time reading our Bibles as we did in trying to formulate a witty response to this post?

  16. HN says

    I’m sure this angle of the Jesus Juke has been covered before, but is it so wrong to express enthusiasm over the resurrection, even if it is done out of context? Generally speaking though, I believe Jesus Jukes are expressions of religious pride, i.e., pharisaical.


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