Cynicism is a shield. Hope is a hammer.

This is a verse I started carrying in my pocket last week.

Psalm Verse

Here are a few things I think about it.

1. “Taste,” seems like an invitation or a dare. I dare you to try. I dare you to believe for just a second. To not get wrapped up in every bad experience you’ve had with fake Christians or mean churches or any of the clutter that can accompany Christianity. Just taste.

2. “see that the Lord is good,” is one of the hardest things for me to believe sometimes. In my head I know it. I believe he is good, but there are days when I struggle to accept that. To rest in that, to let my guard down and be still in that. I think I’m often afraid that to believe he is good is to be too vulnerable. Cynicism is a shield. Hope is a hammer because it means knocking down the walls you built up to protect yourself from life’s disappointments.

3. “blessed in the one who takes refuge in him,” I like what this doesn’t say. It doesn’t read, “blessed is the one who fixes himself.” It doesn’t say, “blessed is the one with a life so perfect they don’t need refuge.” It says “blessed is the one who takes refuge in him,” as in, “You’re going to need refuge. Life is going to have situations that require you to take refuge, the need for refuge is not failure, it is reality. But be blessed, for there is a place to go.”

That’s what I read in this verse.

What do you read?

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  1. Julia says

    Got a scary diagnosis – a rare disease. Thanks for reminding me of the one true place in which my refuge – peace, contentment, security – awaits. (And of the power of the humble index card.)

  2. says

    This verse has been simmering in my heart all summer!

    And I’m awake before the birds begin to sing because this is the first day of the new school year (kindergarten teacher :-)). Thanks for showing me new things upon which to meditate with this verse!

  3. says

    To me this says to give God a chance for Him to show me that what He has planned for me is waaaaaaaaaayyyyy better than what I can plan for myself.